Happy 29th Birthday Ms. Jessica Simpson!!!! Yur totally AWESOME!!!!!!! Although yur almost outta yur 20s and into yur 30s yu still look like yur only in yur early 20s and maybe even still in yur teens!!!!!! Ain't that just SWEET!!!!!? I wish tha nothing more but the best for yu!!! I think yur a really awesome, sweet, fun, cool person and I want yu to be happy in life!!!! Also one other thing... Don't let these tabloid assholes get yu down regarding yur weight!!! Yu look like and ARE a real woman!!!! Real women are supposed to look beautiful and curvaceous!!!! Anyways, I hope yu enjoy yur 29th birthday, I also plan to meet yu someday and I think yur a wonderful person!!! GOD BLESS YU!!!!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!