Oh REALLY now.

Yet another Hollywood romance, makes me wonder how long IT will REALLY last, as far as Hollywood romances go.

At least the good part is, is there is NOT that much age difference between the two of them, compared to a 51 year old man, who marries a young woman of 16 who is young enough to be his daughter or granddaughter.

As far as how long Hollywood romances last, I would say that Paul McCartney's and his wife Linda Eastman's marriage lasted the longest, and the ONLY reason WHY, it ended, was because Linda Eastman unfortunately passed away from breast cancer. And YOU BETCHA, Paul was by her side ALL the time during her illness.

Paul and Linda were into each other so much, that you couldn't even separate the two of them. And IF, Linda had not passed away from cancer, you betcha they would still be together today.

NONE of this modern day romance of, hopping from partner to partner to partner.


Good gawd, ALL this is good for of a 51 year old man, marrying a 16 year old woman, is ARM CANDY and SEX for HIM, and FINANCIAL SECURITY FOR HER.

Nothing long term, and should there be a divorce, then SHE will make a BUNDLE off of HIM.