That IS, today's life and times of Hollywood for you, get married, then get divorced right away, so you can marry someone else, and create your own novel of LOVE and HATE, and CORRUPTION within Hollywood.

And A-LOT of normal people these days, live their lives to the way that a LOT of actors and actresses of Hollywood do.

Give me, the SINGLE LIFE any day, much rather that, then all the Hollywood marriage and romance corruption of today.


My gawd, from JAIL BIRD, to PLAYBOY front cover girl.

Like WHAT NEXT, will this SICK broad stoop to, for the all mighty ATTENTION.

Oh well, guess good ole Hollywood is loaded with A-LOT of these kind of attention seeking SICKO'S.

Also, glad to NOT, hear anymore about that SICKO broad, who was after Justin Bieber for child support for her baby.

It never ceases to amaze me, how many of those kind of SICKO broads are out, who ARE looking for FREEBEES. Kind of amazing how FAST these kind of broads FADE in the end, all because it is BULLSHIT, that THEY had made up in their corrupted mind in the first place.


With some of the BULLSHIT, coming OUT of Hollywood, DO ya really know the REAL TRUTH, of WHO, is SCREWING WHO????? BUT, isn't that what Hollywood is made up ALL about, of NOT, knowing the REAL TRUTH, just a bunch of BULLSHIT, for people to talk about.


Ya, her past history, is NOW, proving how much of a FUCKED UP BITCH she is, and how FUCKED UP in the head she is.

Those kind of broads need to be SHOT, and put out out the pasture, where the rest of the FUCKED UP BITCHES are.

And they blame a-lot of this kind of SHIT on guys, for gawds sakes. A-LOT of woman are just as guilty of the same or similar thing, and a-lot of woman are also guilty as sexual predators as men are. The only difference is, woman are more sneakier, where as men are usually more open about it.


Good gawd, CANNOT people RECOGNIZE, that HE, is dealing with some chick who IS, ALL FUCKED UP in the HEAD.

It IS, ONLY in her FUCKED UP imaginary mind that that HE is the Father, and NOTHIG MORE. SHE,is just making this UP, so that SHE can get people to feel sorry for her, and ALSO, a means to get FREE LEGAL MONEY from him through the courts system for child support.

So that SHE, can live a FREE and EASY LIFE, at HIS EXPENSE.

And DO NOT, try and tell that a-lot of FUCKED UP chicks don't pull this kind of SHIT, now a days.

IF, there is FREE LEGAL MONEY to be had, these FUCKED UP chicks will do whatever it takes to get it, even going to the extent of making up false allegations, that SHE FUCKED some guy, and HE, is NOW on the hook for child support payments.

These kind of FUCKED UP chicks just make me SICK, and THEY are a MAJOR PROBLEM, to todays society.


Man, the things that SOME EXTREMELY HORNY woman will stoop to, to get a GIANT SIZED COCK, stuffed up inside, and stretch their TIGHT, HOT, and DRIPPING WET PUSSAY to the MAX LIMIT.



Ok, fine, you want to gwt your mind off of everything, so you head to Auzzi, but, BUT, IS that ANY need for a DIVORCE, to be able to do all that.

Like good gawd, I REALLY have to QUETION, what the HELL goes through some of these broads heads, from Hollywood.

No wonder so many guys down there, go crazy, when dealing with some of these broads.

Thank gawd I am still SINGLE, and LOVING IT, and my PEACE and SANITY.


Good gawd, and HERE is yet ANOTHER, FUCKED UP BITCH, who is ALL FUCKED UP in the HEAD.

LOCK her up PERMANTLY, and throw the key away.

Kind of makes you wonder, WHAT kind of FUCKED UP things go throgh SOME, I said SOME, of these FUCKED UP BITCHES minds.



Ok, lets get this OVER and DONE with, once and for ALL, instead of allowing it to turn into BULLSHIT DRAMA.

Go do the DNA tests.

WHEN the DNA tests comeback, and it PROVES that HE is NOT the legal
Father AS SHE CLAIMS him to be, then the FUCKED UP BITCH can take a

Good gawd, SO many of these FUCKED UP BITCHES make me SICK, pulling this kind of SHIT, thinking that they can get away with it all, ALL so that they can get FREE legal MONEY, though child support and an easy way of living, without having to work for it.

GO and FIND the REAL TRUE Father of your baby, and leave these guys alone, who are just ONLY imaginary Fathers in your FUCKED UP BRAIN, BITCH.



Well, like a LOT of Hollywood marriages, lets HOPE, that it works for them BOTH, in the long run, WITHOUT it ending in DIVORCE in the short term.

Funny how, so MANY people use DIVORCE as an easy way out, instead of REALLY making a marriage work. All because, the thinking that a lot of people have these days of, well, there is ALWAYS DIVORCE, IF it does NOT WORKOUT.

Make it WORK, for gawds sake, instead of DIVORCE, and ALL the expenses and hardship through that, it especially effects any children involved the most when Mom and Dad DIVORCE. Think of THE CHILDREN FIRST, before you decide to hit the DIVORCE BUTTON.