That was just embarrassing. They had to bleep her filthy language so many times you could hardly follow what she was saying. O.K. Gaga we know you like to shock people but Annie Lenox did the same thing back in the 80s. You suck!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Broke!

"Once the loudest, proudest fame whores around"
That says is all. Nobody believed they were more famous than
Spencer Pratt himself, readily volunteering to inflict misery on his wife when joining the cast of "I'm a celebrity get me our of here" when the majority of Americans wondered who the hell they were to begin with. All that plastic surgery had to be mostly his idea. I believe they will break up soon and she will be seeing shortly dancing at the Wimplash Lounge off route 60.


Ladies, try showing up at a major league baseball game wearing nothing but a bra, panties, and a leather jacket and see how long it take you to get arrested or at the least thrown out. Gaga did it and got away with it. Just once I'd like to see that stupid woman led away in handcuffs and arrested for indecent exposure.
I have the feeling that the number of people who hate lady gaga far outnumber her fans.

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