This is just disturbing. Where are this girls parents?!


Just hire Michael Holmes Khourtney and have him remove the mold and clean up the place for good. You certainly can afford it. What happens to "It never rains in CA"

Jill Duggar: PREGNANT With First Child!!

No physical contact before marriage and pregnant so soon after? No time to really enjoy married life each other? hum! Well to each his own.

Justin Bieber Uses Wheelchair at Disneyland: WHY?!?

. Oh My GOsh :)
Super Fan po ako ni JustinBieber ?
, I want To Kiss Him , Jowk .
He sO SuperduperCute ;) .

Jaden Smith and Selena Gomez

Hi ,
Jaden Smith
iLove You ;) , Im YOu Forever Fans :D :) .


You guys are a clearly biased against her. She's clearly stated in the past that she had breast implants, and she's admitted to having her nose and lips done. She's not ashamed of it. Get your facts right and stop bashing her unless you're talking about her racist Latina caricature video or her support of PETA, a horrible organization. Seriously.

Lindsay Lohan and Tina Fey Snap Unexpected Selfie: This is So Fetch!

Good lighting, soft lens, Tina fey lovely. Lindsay Lohans make up artist poor thing... Putting lipstick on a pig!!!!

Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 3 Recap: Secrets of Kody Brown REVEALED

His a first, words fail me.......... Ew


All about sleazy Kody! He dances like goat with epilepsy, truly disgusting man

Kody Brown and Sister Wives Photo

Photos with Robyn and Kody? Anyone have a dart?

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