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Zsa Zsa Gabor was rushed to the hospital today after blood began to spill out of the feeding tube in the 94-year-old Hollywood legend's stomach.

In a familiar pattern, her husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, called 911 approximately earlier this afternoon as soon as he noticed the bleeding.

It's been less than a month since Zsa Zsa was hospitalized the last time for the same reason, but Prince says that once again, she's going to be okay.

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Gabor has been hospitalized repeatedly since July 2010, when she broke a hip falling from bed. Most of her right leg was amputated in January after an infection.

With her health worsening, von Anhalt has been forced to list the pair’s palatial mansion - valued at a remarkable $28M - in order to pay for her medical fees.

“I just want to settle my wife’s debts and keep her comfortable,” Von Anhalt told the Los Angeles Times. Here's wishing her comfort in all aspects of her life.

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Following yet another hospitalization, 94-year old actress Zsa Zsa Gabor is in critical condition, her publicist tells The Los Angeles Times, adding that doctors at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center are "guardedly optimistic" that Gabor will recover a couple days after losing consciousness at her Bel-Air residence.

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Husband Frederic von Anhalt, who called 911 on Saturday morning, Gabor has opened her eyes and squeezed his hand. She is yet to move or speak, however.

"She's a big fighter," von Anhalt said. "I always feel optimistic because I know her."

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Zsa Zsa Gabor has been hospitalized once again.

The 94-year old actress lost consciousness at her Bel-Air home Saturday morning, according to husband Frederic von Anhalt, who says his wife has been struggling with a high fever and has been bleeding from a tube in her stomach.

"It doesn't look good," von Anhalt tells E! News.

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Sadly, Gabor has made numerous trips to the hospital since breaking her hip in 2010. She fell into a coma in May and had her right leg amputated in January due to gangrene.


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Zsa Zsa Gabor may be slipping away.

The actress fell into a coma after she was rushed to an L.A. hospital yesterday for emergency stomach surgery, her husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, says.

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The Prince reports that the 94-year-old star has been unresponsive since 2 a.m. Wednesday after being treated for a problem resulting from a feeding tube.

Zsa Zsa was rushed to the hospital yesterday where doctors performed emergency surgery to repair a "major infection." But it appears she may not recover.

More details to follow as the story develops ...

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Acting legend Zsa Zsa Gabor received some bad news after returning to the hospital on Sunday. Doctors had to amputate the lower part of her right leg.

The 93-year-old was rushed by ambulance to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. There, doctors ordered that the surgery be performed on the actress.

"They wanted to do this before the holiday, but now the doctors have forced us," the actress's husband, Prince Frédéric von Anhalt, said of the surgery.

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There's no positive spin to put on this sad story, expect to wish Zsa Zsa the best, and hope recovers quickly and remains in otherwise perfect health.

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