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You've seen the Teens.

You've listened to the Young Adults.

Now it's time to judge the older generation on The X Factor, as Vino Alan went all romantic ballad on viewers last night; Tate Stevens did his best Bon Jovi impression; and Jason Brock aimed to inspire.

Who succeeded? You tell us!

Which over-25 performance was your favorite?


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The Top 13 - yes, 13! - took to the stage on The X Factor last night, with four Teens battling it out for very young supremacy.

In the next age group up, meanwhile, viewers were treated to the vocal stylings of three beautiful, hopeful women: Jennel Garcia, Paige Thomas and CeCe Frey.

One went rock. One went Top Gun. One went Rocky III.

But who did the best? Who might go home tonight? Watch each of the trio perform now:

Which Young Adult was most impressive?


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The X Factor took viewers by total and complete surprise last night, bringing back Diamond White after supposedly eliminating the 13-year old last Thursday.

Just kidding. This supposed twist was easier to see coming than the t-shirt Simon Cowell wears every week.

Still, White did make things interesting last night, turning a battle of three Teens into a showdown between four.

Which young hopeful performed the best? Watch the renditions now and then vote.

Which was your favorite teen performance?


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The X Factor hosted a party in Beverly Hills last night in honor of the show's final 12 contestants.

Who will come out on top and win Season 2? That's a question for another time.

But which of the show's three female participants - Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and Khloe Kardashian - looked hottest on the event's red carpet. That we can determine right here and now!

Study their fashion choices and vote now:

And the Winner is?

Which of the three X Factor women looked best at the show's Top 12 party? View Poll »

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The X Factor went from 16 to 12 tonight, as four contestants - one from each group - were sent packing. In somewhat complicated fashion.

First, each judge deemed two singers from his/her troupe to be safe; they went straight to the next round. Then, the remaining pair of hopefuls sang against each other for their X Factor lives.

Take CeCe Fry, for example, who belted out this beautiful version of “Out Here On My Own."

So, who got the axe? The following quartet was eliminated:

  • Willie Jones
  • David Correy
  • Diamond White
  • Sister C

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You've seen the Teens in action. And the Young Adults.

You've watched the Groups perform and judged the over-25 crowd.

But Khloe Kardashian also made her debut as The X Factor host last night, looking every bit as boring and awkward as we imagined she would be.

With the exception of her much buzzed-about nipples, that is.

The X Factor Hosts

Did you tune in? What did you think of Kardashian on stage? Grade her as a host now:


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Do the groups stand a chance this season on The X Factor?

Eliminated early on last year, the remaining contingents have Simon Cowell in their corner this time around, as each made its case to advance to the Top 12 last night.

Were you impressed by Sister C's vocals? Lyric 145 going boom and shaking the room? 1432 making like Taylor Swift? Or Emblem3 keeping their collective shirts on?

Review the performances above, check out the live auditions by the show's Teens, Young Adults and Over-25 males and then vote:

Which group was most impressive?


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You've watched the Young Adults.

You've marveled at the Teens.

Now, following last night's first live show of The X Factor Season 2, it's time to focus on the over-25 group of contestants. Which made the most impressive impression?

Tate Stevens going country? Jason Brock dancing again? David Correy making like Whitney? Or Vino Alan being a rocker?

Watch the video and vote now for the top over-25 performer of the evening:


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The X Factor went live last night, as the all 16 of the Top 16 performed for fans at home and in attendance.

We've already rundown the performances of the Young Adults, and now it's time to get a bit older.

Which of Britney's charges made the best impression yesterday?

Arin Ray going old school? Diamond White mixing up a pop smash? Beatrice Miller slowing things down? Or Carly Rose Sonenclar turning them back up?

Vote now: Which teen put on the best live performance?