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Fresh off her X Factor elimination, Jennel Garcia faced the press last night and looked forward to what she hopes will be a very bright future.

Jennel Garcia Pic

"It's time for me to show the world who I am," Garcia told reporters backstage. "Coming into this competition I lost myself. But I was looking for a place to grow and someone to guide me. And I feel like [Demi Lovato] guided me."

Garcia, of course, was stuck in the bottom two last night along with Paige Thomas. She fought back tears after the bad news was announced.

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Yes, those two acts really were sent home on last night's X Factor results show.

Are you still reeling from the decisions?

While fans debate the merits of whether a certain female performer deserved to be eliminated, we can all likely agree on one thing: Taylor Swift is as awesome of an artist as Khloe Kardashian is terrible as a host.

The former proved so once again by taking to the Fox stage last night. Watch her belt out "State of Grace" now:

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We are down to 10 contestants on The X Factor.

In between Khloe Kardashian flubbing more lines tonight and Taylor Swift performing "State of Grace," viewers watched a pair of acts get sent home.

FIRST, Lyric145 received the bad news.

Was anyone surprised? Does anyone care about the groups? That's what we thought.

SECOND, Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas found themselves as the final two, with the former singing "The Reason" and the latter choosing "Paradise" as their survivial singles:

After the typically lame and forced judge bickering, Garcia was given the axe, fighting off tears and telling the audience: "I'm just happy that I made it this far."

Should she have gone farther? Did the right hopeful go home?


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The X Factor Top 12 took to the stage last night and sang for their lives.

In a countdown of crooners, we've already posted performances by the four remaining teens; the three remaining women; and the pair of older men.

Now, a trio of groups are here to vie for your vote:

Which audition was your favorite?


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A dozen contestants may remain on The X Factor, but only two elderly men.

Indeed, it's down to Tate Stevens (who sat atop the first-ever X Factor Power Rankings last Thursday) and Vino Alan.

Can you decide between the pair? Review the four teenage performances from last night's episode, along with those of the three women managed by Britney, and then watch/decide:

Which of these hopefuls impressed you most?


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It was Divas Night on The X Factor Wednesday, as contestants took to the stage and belted out songs by famous women.

But which female contestant will enjoy the most success once Season 2 is said and done?

We've already asked readers to compare the young adults who performed. Are you on Team Jennel, Paige or CeCe?

Now we're back with the youngest remaining singers: Diamond White, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Beatrice Miller and Arin Ray. Compare these charges now and cast your vote...

Which performance did you like best?


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Forget the much-hyped war on women that permeated this year's Presidential election.

We were treated to a war of women last night, as The X Factor Top 12 took to the stage and Jennel Garcia took on Paige Thomas and CeCe Frey.

Which of these contestants will advance? Compare performances below and then let your voice be heard...

Which hopeful's audition did you enjoy most?


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SPOILER ALERT: Jason Brock was eliminated from The X Factor last night.

The contestant lost a sing-off with CeCe Frey for the final spot in the Top 12, as the judges were split on who to save, but America made its voice known.

After receiving the bad news, Brock spoke to reporters and said he wasn't sure why he got the boot... but wondered if his flamboyant style played a role.

"I think that being gay is a wild card in itself," he said. "When you're gay, some people still aren't okay with you being gay. So there are actually people in the country - I don't know how many - who think it's actually wrong. So I wouldn't doubt it if that does hurt in a way."

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The X Factor handed itself over to the viewing public for the first time this season, as America had to send one contestant packing from the remaining 13.

Who was the unlucky hopeful?

X Factor Crew

Not Arin Ray, Paige Thomas, Diamond White, Vino Alan, Jennel Garcia or Emblem3. Following a performance by One Direction, these six were quickly deemed safe.

After that, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Tate Stevens, Beatrice Miller, Lyric 145 and Fifth Harmony received similar good news.

So that left CeCe Frey and Jason Brock to sing for their X Factor lives.

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We're back with our final rundown of last night's live performances on The X Factor.

Were you a fan of the Teens? What about Demi Lovato's Young Adults? Or L.A. Reid's older generation of singers?

Or perhaps Simon Cowell and his Groups are most up your alley? Compare Emblem3 with Lyric 145 and the newly-named Fifth Harmony below and then vote on your favorite from the evening...

Which performance stood out from the others?