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The final 16 are set. The real competition can now begin on The X Factor Season 3.

Following episodes that revealed the top four over-25 contestants... top four girls... and top four boys, this Fox series finalized its remaining contestants last night by announced the final four groups.

Did you agree with the selections? And which has the best shot at winning it all?

Restless Road sang “Somebody Like You” and caused us to wonder: is there really a market for a country-themed One Direction? Probably, considering the crowd response. Still, the vocals here weren't exactly top notch.

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The X Factor was back at it last night.

A week after announcing the final four over-25s and final four girls, the Fox competition turned its focus to the young men hoping to bring home a million grand prize dollar.

Do any of the quartet who advanced to the next round stand a chance of standing alone at the end? Scroll down for their identities and vote below...

Carlos Guevara sang “Ain’t No Sunshine” and the 16-year old may have included too many runs in the rendition. But the emotion came through and he put a nice twist on the ballad.

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A night after naming its Final 4 contestants over the age of 25, The X Factor was at it again last night:

Via another Four Chair Challenge, the competition narrowed down its group of Girls to an impressive quarter. Who made the cut?

Rion Paige once again blew the judges away, this time with her rendition of “I Won’t Let Go."

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One group down, three to go.

The X Factor introduced its inaugural Four Chair Challenge last night, as contestants competed to land a spot in the final quartet of hopefuls among the Over-25s assigned to Kelly Rowland.

So, who made the cut?

Lillie McCloud impressed once again with a rendition of "A House is Not a Home." She may be the show's overall front-runner.

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Lillie McCloud has done it again.

Following an impressive season premiere audition, this aspiring singer received the only standing ovation of last night's special "Four-Chair Challenge" on The X Factor, blowing the judges away with a rendition of "A House Is Not A Home.”

“Without even singing, standing on this stage, you look like a superstar. I’m honored to be on a panel in front of you," Demi Lovato gushed over the contestant, while Simon Cowell said simply: "I just love you."

As you might expect, McCloud advanced to the Over 25 Final Four. Watch this video now and you'll understand why:

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The X Factor can name all the new judges it wants, but the success of this competition will come down to one thing on Season 3:

Its level of talent.

And through two weeks, contestants have definitely impressed on stage, partly for their voices, and also for their backstories.

There's Victoria Carriger, a mother of eight and lover of Kelly Clarkson; Ashly Williams, who dedicated a Whitney Houston track to her late mother; and Rion Page, 13-year old who has overcome a major disability.

Click through an assortment of the top performances below and then vote on your favorite member of the Top 40:

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Victoria Carriger is a mother of eight.

But somewhere in between parenting, the Missouri native found some time for voice lessons… because she blew The X Factor panel away last night with her cover of Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You."

"I thought that was extraordinary," Simon Cowell said simply, while Demi Lovato added: “It was very unique. I feel the pain in your voice, and I’m rooting for you.”

This audition was enough to move Carriger on to the Top 40.

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Lorie Moore took the field stage on The X Factor last night.

The 34-year old professional women's football player donned a jersey and belted out a cover of Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing," impressing all four judges and easily earning approval for the next round.

“You started to open up your mouth to not sing, but sang," Kelly Rowland gushed. "You been on the football field too long, girl!”

See, this is how you overshadow an on-air proposal from earlier in the show. Watch Moore score a musical touchdown now:

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Lauren Waguespack made quite the impression on X Factor viewers last night.

No, her vocals weren't as impressive as Stone Martin. Or Rion Page for that matter.

But Waguespack did come out to cover Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream," only to complete her performance and be shocked by her boyfriend, who had earlier taken the stage and bombed his audition on the show.

He got this proposal right, however, dropping to one knee and telling Lauren: “I love you forever, and I’ll support you with whatever you do… Will you marry me?”

What did Waguespack say in response? Hurry up and watch the following video now!

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If Stone Martin made X Factor viewers squeal in delight last night, Ashly Williams made them cry in sympathy.

The 24-year old California native took to the stage and delivered a powerful rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," one made even more moving by the fact that she dedicated it to the memory of her mother, who was murdered in 2003.

“Oh my god, I was just captivated by your talent," said Paulina Rubio in response. "That was an amazing performance."

Demi Lovato was left "speechless" by the cover and Simon Cowell said he brought The X Factor to America specifically to find "somebody like you."

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