Following last night's rather quick elimination of Carlos Guevera, two finalists were sent home this evening on the first official, full-length, live X Factor results show.

And the axe came quickly for Sweet Suspense, who learned of their fate at the start of the installment and who received the lowest number of overall votes.

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Last night's new episode of The X Factor kicked off with disappointing news for one of the 13 remaining contestants.

Following Thursday's special performance show, Carlos Guevera was told by host Mario Lopez that he recieved the lowest number of votes and was therefore eliminated from the competition.

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The X Factor took a trip to Motown last night.

The struggling Fox competition surprised viewers by bringing back Josh Levi as a wild card - and, although the singer received solid praise for his rendition of "Who's Loving You," it was Khaya Cohen who stole the show.

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The X Factor returned from a baseball-induced hiatus last night with a two-hour live episode that narrowed the Season 3 field down to 12 contestants.

Oh, no, the show isn't messing around, people!

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And then there were 16.

The final 16, that is, as The X Factor has spent the last two weeks narrowing its Season 3 field down to four sets of four acts each. Who stands the best chance at winning it all?

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