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Might the strongest challenge to Melanie Amaro, our presumed X Factor favorite through one month, be a 13-year old girl from Boulder, Colorado?

Rachel Crow continued to display poise and talent far beyond her age last night, auditioning for Simon Cowell with a cover of "I Want It That Way," one of The Backstreet Boys' most popular tracks.

Simon loved the crooner's deep tone and referred to the performance as simply "unbelievable." Does this mean Rachel is through to the next round? We'll find out tomorrow night. For now, just sit back and marvel at the 13-year old sensation:

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Melanie Amaro covered a Michael Jackson classic on The X Factor last night, a track whose title asks a simple question: Will You Be There?

Following another sterling audition, this 18-year old from Sunrise, Florida has certainly made one thing clear: yes, she'll be there. In the next round of the singing competition, that is.

It's still very early, but Amaro has emerged as the favorite through two solo auditions, first wowing the judges with a Beyonce number and here leaving Simon Cowell practically speechless. Watch the talented young singer in action now:

Also impressive last night: Brennin Hunt and Josh Krajcik.

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While Brennin Hunt aims to be the biggest music superstar on the planet, fellow X Factor contestant Josh Krajcik has a far more modest goal:

He just wants to get out of the burrito-slinging game.

A fast food employee and father of a 13-year old girl, let's face it: Krajcik doesn't look the part of a commercial artist. But he sang for his X Factor life last night in front of Nicole Scherzinger and Enrique Igelsis and would have done Johnny Cash proud with his version of "First Time I Ever Saw Your Face." Will it be enough to advance him to the next round? Let's hope so...

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I want to be the biggest superstar on the planet. I want to be bigger than Lady Gaga.

Yes, it's safe to say 26-year old Brennin Hunt is a confident young man. The Nashville native, who auditioned for The X Factor with an original song and told viewers at the time he believed he was the total package, sang for LA Reid and Rihanna on last night's edition of this Fox competition.

He covered "Like a Star" and reminded us a bit of John Mayer, but Rihanna had less flattering words for the hopeful. She thinks he's a bit "corny" and compares him to a "90s boy band." Ouch. Judge for yourself, readers;

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Stacy Francis set a very high bar for herself on The X Factor last night: in front of Nicole Scherzinger and Enrique Iglesias, the single mother of two covered one of Prince's all-time classics, "Purple Rain."

Did this talented, emotional hopeful do enough to move on? Decide for yourself:

Among other standouts that we hope move on to the Sweet 16:

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Give Phillip Lomax this: the 21-year old from Seattle has unique style. And a large set of testicles.

This X Factor contestant didn't merely audition last night with Rihanna's hit "Please Don't Stop the Music." He did so in front of Rihanna herself, who was a guest on the show and at LA Reid's house.

Lomax put his own spin on the dance track, making it sound more like Frank Sinatra and the sultry pop artist who made the single famous. It was an impressive performance, but is Phillip commercial enough? Reid and Rihanna aren't so sure.

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On last night's visit to the home of Simon Cowell, X Factor hopeful Tora Woloshin covered a Rolling Stones classic.

But it wasn't entirely accurate: this 21-year old most definitely can get satisfaction, and it's all in the hands of the British judge who sat back and seemed unsure what to do with someone who looks and sounds like Woloshin.

Will she advance? How did she compare to other contestants in her all-girl group, Drew Ryniewicz and Caitlin Koch? Watch and see for yourself:

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Drew Ryniewicz adores Justin Bieber.

But will Simon Cowell express equal affection for this 14-year old X Factor contestant?

The Arizona native sang her heart out for her group's mentor last night, covering a song by Roxette that came out before she as born. Simon seemed impressed by the vocals, but concerned over Drew's age. Is she too young to advance? Watch the audition now and sound off: Should Ryniewicz make it to the next round?

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Yes, Caitlin Koch we will still love you tomorrow.

The X Factor took viewers to the homes of each of the judges last night, as each group of eight was assigned a song by his/her mentor and then proceeded to sing said song for said mentor, whose job it now is to narrow his/her group down from eight to four.

Follow all that? Simon Cowell at least has it somewhat easy. One clear member of the final 16 should be Koch, the blonde rugby coach with the beautiful voice. Check out her latest cover below and prepare yourself. It's seriously good.

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Leroy Bell has advanced to the final 32 on The X Factor.

What makes this an impressive feat? The singer is 59 years old!

Of course, there's an entire group of remaining contestants dedicated to this age group, that's one way The X Factor separates itself from American Idol. It will be coached by Nicole Scherzinger and it includes other hopefuls such as Stacy Francis. Does Bell have a good chance to win? Probably not, but it's pretty cool he's even in the running.

Enjoy his initial audition now:

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