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Drew Ryniewicz grew a bit serious on The X Factor last night.

On an episode where the remaining 11 contestants selected songs from various movies, this 14-year old covered a Coldplay classic, "Fix You." She was praised by Paula Abdul for the "honest" performance, while Nicole Scherzinger used the rendition to take a swipe at Simon Cowell.

"Unlike your mentor you are a slice of heaven," the former Pussycat Doll gushed/slammed.

Try to ignore Drew's ugly dress and enjoy the performance now:

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The first night of X Factor live results made one thing rather clear: group acts are in trouble on season one.

After millions of votes were tallied, the two bottom performers were Stereo Hogzz and InTensity... with InTensity the first X Factor finalist of 2011 voted out.

InTensity on Stage

Both groups had one final shot at winning over the panel, with the Hogzz covering "Emotion" and InTensity going with "My Life Would Suck Without You."

It was then down to the judges, as Simon selected the Hogzz; Paula voted for InTensity; Nicole reluctantly also chose to send InTensity home; and L.A. swooped in to make it a 3-1 final tally.

Did the right group get eliminated?


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Might The X Factor come down to its two youngest contestants?

The judges had nothing but positive things to say about Rachel Crow last night, but they also gushed over 14-year old Drew Ryniewicz after she put on an artistic rendition of "Just a Dream."

"I live for the last note that you sing," Paula Abdul told the very young woman, while L.A. Reid tried to start a tiff with mentor Simon Cowell but still had to admit Drew has the "spirit of a superstar." Watch her latest now:

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Marcus Canty did he best to make Bobby Brown proud last night.

The X Factor hopeful busted out a few dance moves while covering "Every Little Step," getting the crowd on its feet and eliciting the following critique from Simon Cowell: "You were just honest. You were the epitome of grace, and poise, and beauty, and you're fulfilling your purpose."

What did you think of Canty's performance? Compare it now with that of Chris Rene and Josh Krajcik. It's totally on between these male contestants!

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Every reality show needs a villain, right? To many, Stacy Francis fits that role on The X Factor, stemming from a series of apparent lies of her background. In short:

Francis claims she has never released a CD and has little to no experience in the music business. This appears to be a gross misrepresentation, but whatever. We're here to judge the contestant as a performer, right?

And based on her vocal talent, Paula Abdul thinks Stacy would go all the way. She referred to last night's "Up to the Mountain" cover as the crooner's "shining moment," while Nicole Scherzinger added: "You were just honest. You were the epitome of grace, and poise, and beauty, and you're fulfilling your purpose."

Do you agree, THGers?

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The battle is on between the top men on The X Factor.

While Chris Rene received strong praise from the judges last night, his performance was filled with fire and dancing and the kind of energy that Josh Krajcik simply does not bringing to the talented table.

Instead, this famous burrito slinger simply stands in one spot and belts out one winning note after another. The result, following a cover of "Jar of Hearts?" Tears from Nicole Scherzinger and just one word from Simon Cowell: Incredible.

Watch for yourself:

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Dear Nicole Scherzinger: Chill.

Following a strong performance on The X Factor last night by Rachel Crow, this judge remarked: "You are America's sunshine. Even though you're only 13 years old, you have a classic recording voice. Kind of like Michael Jackson in the Jackson 5?"

Let's maybe save the MJ comparisons until Crow at least reaches the top 10, okay?

Still, there's no denying this young singer's talent, along with the diversity she brings to the competition. Do you prefer a simple, a capella performance from Melanie Amaro? Or a fun, energetic cover of "Walking on Sunshine" by Rachel? These are the kinds of choices fans will have to make as the weeks progress.

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Wait, why was there fire surrounding Chris Rene on The X Factor stage last night?

'Cause he's hot, L.A. Reid explained about one of his performers, after Simon Cowell questioned the cheesy nature of placing this finalist amidst the flames.

No matter where you stand on the use of this prop, there's no debate over Rene's talent. The young man seriously brought it on "Superstar" last night, breaking down into a bit of a rap and earning praise across the panel. Nicole Scherzinger has "mad love" for this singer.

But will voters? Watch now:

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The X Factor has been renewed for a second season, so allow us to make a suggestion: Can we just fast forward to that second season now? The first season title is wrapped up!

Melanie Amaro Promi Pic

Okay, we exaggerate, but not by much. Once again, Melanie Amaro put on the best performance of the week last night, standing still on center stage and belting out an a capella version of "Desperado" that received nothing but praise from every judge. How good is Amaro?

Even Paula Abdul makes sense when gushing over the singer, saying in this case that her voice is akin to "fine china. Just bring it out for the most special occasions."

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It hasn't garnered the American Idol-like ratings Simon Cowell had hoped for, but The X Factor has shown steady improvement each week, while featuring such promising acts as Melanie Amaro and Stacy Francis.

As such, FOX picked up the competition for a second season today.

“I am absolutely thrilled with the news,” said Cowell. “I have loved making the show and I want to thank FOX, our sponsors and most importantly, the fans for supporting The X Factor.”

Adds Mike Darnell, President of Alternative Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company:

The X Factor is a monumental success. It’s won every night it’s been on the air, the talent is phenomenal, the live shows are spectacular and picking it up is a complete no-brainer. Simon and his team have done an incredible job with the show, and I’m absolutely thrilled to bring back The X Factor for another fantastic season."

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