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Melanie Amaro has forced many comparisons on The X Factor.

Over the last few weeks, our favorite contestant has covered Beyonce and paid tribute to Michael Jackson. Last night, Amaro performance a R.E.M. ballad, "Everybody Hurts," prompting Simon Cowell to compare her to a pair of other mega stars.

"That reminded me of Adele and Alica Keys," Melanie's mentor told her. Is the praise too strong at this point in the competition? Or is it spot on? Listen to the finalist's latest below:

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Marcus Canty took to a fire-filled stage on The X Factor last night, delivering one of the more enjoyable performances during a rock-themed evening of auditions.

L.A. Reid kept his critique short and simple ("You rocked!"), while Simon Cowell joked about the women on stage, telling Marcus: "You say you were going to be a good boy, and you looked up the skirts of 10 girls. Too much temptation."

But we're serious when we say Canty has a legitimate shot to go far this season. Perhaps even all the way? Grade the rendition for yourself now:

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Lady Gaga lost her head on Sunday night on X Factor UK.

Talking the stage to perform "Marry the Night," Mother Monster was decked out in a gown that made her appear headless as she emerged from a crypt (obviously).

As torches burned around the stage, her dancers did most of the acrobatic movements, allowing Gaga to stick to the middle of the stage in her unusual costume.

When the song closed out, the MTV Europe Award winner went back in the box and reemerged in a black bodysuit, immersing herself in the gothic dance number.

Watch vintage Gaga in action below!

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The X Factor features a pair of very young, very talented contestants in Rachel Crow and Drew Ryniewicz.

But this 13-year old and this 14-year old are practically hardened veterans when compared to Willow Smith, 11, who took to the stage last night during a results show that sent a second straight group home.

Watch Smith's performance of "Fireball" now and let's hope Crow and company are taking notes. Yes, it helps to have a very famous father, but Willow is also an impressive performer. See for yourself:

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The Stereo Hoggz survived one appearance in the bottom two on The X Factor last week, successfully singing for their lives and avoiding elimination.

But the second time was not the charm for this talented quintet: earlier tonight, they became the second consecutive group to get the boot.

The Stereo Hogzz

The elimination of another one of her charges was too much for Paula Abdul to take. After L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger cast votes to send the Hoggz packing, Paula teared up and refused to participate.

"I can't do this," the emotional judge said, until being informed she had to do this or else the Hoggz would definitely go home.

Abdul then selected Lakoda Rayne, in order to avoid being the deciding voice, leaving Simon Cowell to reject the Hoggz and leaving the show with its top 10.

What do you think? Did the right group go home?


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Marcus Canty may have covered "I'm Going Down" on The X Factor last night, but this hopeful artist put on a performance that had his fortunes going way up. Just consider this praise from the panel:

Nicole Scherzinger: Two words: Ma. Gic. You are a classic. You are a superstar.
Paula Abdul: Everything about you from head to toe resonates star.
Simon Cowell: 1000% better than last week. Thank God you threw that jacket halfway through.

Was the rendition worthy of such positive words? Judge for yourself:

Visit our X Factor video section now for a look at numerous performances from last night and the entire first season so far!

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Is Chris Rene back?

Following what the judges considered an off-week for this X Factor contestant, the aspiring artist took to the stage during the show's movie-based episode yesterday and went all Coolio on the audience. That's right, he put his own spin on the classic "Gangsta's Paradise!"

Simon responded to the performance by welcoming Chris back, while Paula gushed: "It’s glorious see you in your element." Weigh in with your take now...

... and the compare it to one of Rene's competitors on the male side, Josh Krajcik's "With a Little Help from My Friends."

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Give Melanie Amaro credit: The X Factor front-runner is unafraid to tackle history's most iconic artist.

For the second time this season, the aspiring singer belted out a Michael Jackson cover, following last month's "Will You Be There?" with last night's "Man in the Mirror." How did she fare?

Simon Cowell found his protege to be "bloody fantastic," though L.A. Reid was a bit more pointed in his critique. He praised Melanie's voice, but referred to the song itself as not "that inventive." Watch the rendition now and then sound off: is Amaro still the favorite? Or is Rachel Crow making major progress?

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You don't often see an X Factor contestant compared to both chicken soup and the world's most famous vampire. But those were both descriptions bestowed on Josh Krajcik last night, following a strong rendition of "With A Little Help From My Friends."

What engendered such responses, the former from Paula and the latter from Simon? Josh's growls. His faces. His overall expressive demeanor.

Does Krajcik remind you of Dracula, too? Check out his latest audition now:

Among other impressive movie-themed covers last night: Rachel Crow on "I'd Rather Go Blind" and Drew Ryniewicz on "Fix You."

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Are we looking at the next Beyonce Knowles?

Yes, it's early on The X Factor. And, yes, Simon Cowell is known for hyperbole. But it was hard to really argue with that judge last night after he compared 13-year old Rachel Crow to one of this generation's most iconic artists. Too much praise far too soon?

Perhaps. But hold off on your judgment until you view Crow belting out this version of "I'd Rather Go Blind," during the show's fun movie-themed night of auditions. Did we mention she's only 13?

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