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It was the most emotional scene of The X Factor season: Rachel Crow, 13, falling into sobs as soon after she eliminated from the competition this week... while the crowd booed Nicole Scherzinger for not casting a vote that would have saved the contestant.

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After the show, however, Rachel was far more calm than many in the audience.

"I am not feeling the greatest, but I will be fine," the singer told the press, adding of Scherzinger: "She told me that she was sorry. I don't know why she said that... I told her it was okay and not her fault."

Considering the hate-filled messages directed at Nicole and Paula Abdul last week, Crow also issued this plea to fans:

"I want to say to all those people, 'Stop, Please.' [Scherzinger] is the nicest person and the most beautiful person inside and out... She is amazing, and I don't understand why people are taking it out on her. It's no one's fault. It's not even America's fault. It's no one person's fault. It's just what God had in store for me. And I will be okay."

Do you think Rachel should have been voted out?


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Another young contestant got sent home this week on The X Factor.

A week after Drew Ryniewicz was reduced to tears, the same fate befell 13-year old Rachel Crow, who fell into the bottom two and then got eliminated after the judges deadlocked and the show left the final decision up to viewers.

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After falling into her mother's arms following the reading of the verdict, Crow - whose Tuesday night performances you can watch HERE - composed herself and said:

"I love you so much, everybody, for voting for me and thank you for giving me this because without you I am nothing. I hope this is not my ending. I know it's not and I will go so far. I promise you!"

What do you think? Did Rachel deserve to go home this week?


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Did Marcus Canty do enough last night to avoid another placement in the bottom two on this evening's X Factor results show?

The singer/dancer gave viewers twice the Marcus during an episode that featured a dance hit and a choice by each of the contestants. First up, Canty covered "Ain't Nobody." From there, it was on to "A Song For You" and mixed reaction from the panel.

Paula Abdul referred to Canty as a "storyteller," while Nicole Scherzinger said the second rendition reminded her of why she fell in love with him. Simon Cowell, however?

"It was good, I’m not jumping out of my chair. It was a bit boring," he said.

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Did Rachel Crow earn your vote on The X Factor last night?

The young singer took to the stage twice, first doing an impression of Bruno Mars and then covering "Music and Me," and earning strong, weird praise from the judges.

"I’m waiting for the Rachel Crow doll to come out complete with your own bathroom," Nicole Scherzinger said, for example.

But are these performances enough to keep Rachel around for another week? Compare her most recent versions to Melanie Amaro's (HERE) and Josh Krajcik's (HERE) and decide for yourself...

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For the second time this season, Chris Rene broke out an original song on The X Factor.

The performance followed a cover of Rihanna's "Live Your Life," and received nothing but praise from the judges. Nicole Scherzinger told Rene the sky is "the limit" for him, while Paula Abdul told him to "trust the universe" for some reason. As for Simon Cowell?

"You’ve got $5 million at stake and you decide to sing your own song," the panelist said, waiting a beat for dramatic effect: "That was a stroke of genius."

Visit our X Factor video section now for a look at all the performances from last night and watch Chris in double action now:

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Adele was all over The X Factor last night.

First, Melanie Amaro sped up the Grammy winner's "Someone Like You," turning the ballad into a dance track. Elsewhere, Josh Krajcik belted out a version of "Something" and was told by Nicole Scherzinger that he's akin to a "male Adele."

High praise? Absolutely. Deserved praise? You tell us. Watch both of Krajcik's performances from this week below, first the aforementioned "Something" and then his cover of "We Found Love." Which did you like better?

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Viewers were treated to a double dose of Melanie Amaro on The X Factor last night.

With the show asking contestants to perform a pair of covers - first, a dance remix; then, a song of their own choosing - the season's favorite took full advantage of her time in the spotlight, mixing up Adele's smash "Someone Like You" and then slowing it down for a version of "When You Believe."

Even LA Reid has to give props for the former, telling Melanie: "The only thing that bothered me about it was that it was really good."

He's just so encouraging, isn't it? Watch both performances now and sound off: How can Amaro not win?!?

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Drew Ryniewicz is only 14 years old, but she's clearly a lot more mature than a handful of her fans.

In response to this singer's elimination from The X Factor last week, a few supporters took to Facebook and didn't merely blame Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger for Drew's ousting... they directed vicious death threats at the panelists.

Now, Ryniewicz has spoken out against these misguided souls, telling TMZ "that's not what I represent and that's not what I want my fans to represent," concluding simply: "No one deserves death threats."

Preach on, Drew! The X Factor continues on Wednesday night with the remaining five contestants singing two songs each.

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Drew Ryniewicz was eliminated from The X Factor on Thursday night, a result that left Simon Cowell clearly angry at his fellow panelists for voting off one of his charges.

But Simon's wrath is nothing compared to the words left for Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger by fans of Ryniewicz on Facebook.

Among the passionate, frightening, misguided messages posted by Drew supporters over the last few days:

  • "F**K you paula you dumb c**t you voted off the most talented person on your f**king show. i hope you die you DUMB B***H."
  • "I hope you die, you selfish----------"
  • "@NicoleScherzy @paulaabdul go die"

These folks would be well-served to heed the words of Drew herself in this interview: she made it all the way to the final seven. That's pretty darn impressive, and she has many bright years ahead of her. Chill, people.

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Astro was eliminated from The X Factor last night and, to the young rapper's credit, he did not throw a temper tantrum like he did in a similar situation two weeks ago. Heck, he barely even cried.

That's because, as the teenager told reporters on a conference call soon after his ousting, Astro knows this is merely his start in the business.

"This is a stepping stone. This is just the beginning for my career," Astro said. "I’m going to be doing original material every day. Releasing a song almost every week, if I can."

Adding that he loves writing his own lyrics, Astro made it clear that he has high hopes for himself. The aspiring star hopes to perform with Jay-Z and Kanye West on The X Factor finale.

"I’m going to be everywhere."

Read Drew Ryniewicz's reaction to her elimination HERE and then vote: Did the show boot the right finalists this week?


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