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Forget Black Friday.

For two X Factor finalists, last night became Black Thursday after they were given the boot from Season 3 of this Fox competition.

Goodbye, Lillie McCloud

The hour kicked off with Mario Lopez announcing Lillie McCloud had received the least number of overall votes and - poof! - she was simply gone from the show.

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Happy Thanksgiving, THGers, from our entire family to yours.

What would this uniquely American holiday be without family, food, football and appreciation for the things that matter most and what we've been given.

In THG's case, that means turkeys ... in more ways than one.

On this 28th of November, we're paying tribute to celebs we had the honor and the burden of covering in 2013. We're talking fowl individuals. Bird brains.

You get the idea. Here are our Top 10 Turkeys of 2013 ...

Spencer Pratt is a Turkey

Who will win THG's 7th Annual Spencer Pratt Thanksgiving Turkey Award!?

10 (tie). Donald Trump. It's not a matter of whether he'll make the list. Just where he falls on it. After a relatively quiet 2013, the Donald takes the #10 spot.

10 (tie). The X Factor. So much hype. Such a mediocre show.

9. Teresa Giudice. Mortgage fraud was so 2005. Who gets in trouble for that anymore? Reality stars who live beyond their means? Okay, makes sense.

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The Top 10 has become The Elite 8.

Following a mediocre performance show on Wednesday, two more contestants were sent home on the Fox competition this week.

First, Khaya Cohen was given the bad news, as Mario Lopez told her at the outset of the hour that she garnered the least number of overall votes.

  • Khaya Cohen Pic
  • Tim Olstad Pic

From there, it was down to a pair of Paulina's charges, Carlito Olivero and Tim Olstad, and it was time for the duo to sing for their survival.

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The X Factor Top 10 took to the stage last night, with contestants covering a wide range of artists.

There were takes on Elton John… One Direction… Queen… and The Beatles, just to name a few. But were any of them actually any good?

That's the question we'll try to answer below...

Tim Olstad sang John's "Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word" and seemed to lose all control when he stood up and walked away from the keyboard. Not much originality or emotion here.

Jeff Gutt went all "Bohemian Rhapsody" on viewers, after talking about his son once again in his introduction video. It was okay. But the songs requires the right kind of theatrical performer - and Gutt isn't him.

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The X Factor eliminated two aspiring acts and featured another very prominent one last night.

First, to open the hour, Sweet Suspense was given the boot.

But while that group was recovering from the bad news and fans were mourning their exit, Selena Gomez took to the stage and belted out (lip-synched) a version of her hit "Slow Down."

How did she on the live results show? Watch now and decide for yourself:

Not long after Selena sang, Rachel Potter was also eliminated from the competition.

Did you agree with the singers voted off The X Factor this week?


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Following last night's rather quick elimination of Carlos Guevera, two finalists were sent home this evening on the first official, full-length, live X Factor results show.

And the axe came quickly for Sweet Suspense, who learned of their fate at the start of the installment and who received the lowest number of overall votes.

X Factor Elimination Pic

Following a performance by Selena Gomez and a few names who were sent to safety, it came down to Khaya Cohen versus Rachel Potter as the remaining contestants forced to sing for their survival.

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Last night's new episode of The X Factor kicked off with disappointing news for one of the 13 remaining contestants.

Following Thursday's special performance show, Carlos Guevera was told by host Mario Lopez that he recieved the lowest number of votes and was therefore eliminated from the competition.

The X Factor Finalists

With Guevera given the boot, the remaining 12 finalists were left to cover songs from the 1980s.

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The X Factor took a trip to Motown last night.

The struggling Fox competition surprised viewers by bringing back Josh Levi as a wild card - and, although the singer received solid praise for his rendition of "Who's Loving You," it was Khaya Cohen who stole the show.

This 16-year old sang the Temptations classic "My Girl" and did it well enough to earn a major compliment from Demi Lovato ("Your voice could be the best in this competition.") and a serious comparison from Simon Cowell.

It was "like listening to Amy Winehouse," Cowell told Cohen.

So, are we looking at the Season 3 favorite in Cohen? Probably.

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The X Factor returned from a baseball-induced hiatus last night with a two-hour live episode that narrowed the Season 3 field down to 12 contestants.

Oh, no, the show isn't messing around, people!

Did your favorites make the cut? Or were they sent home after performing in front of thousands in the studio and millions at home?

Here's a look at the remaining finalists and the tracks that helped them advance to the next round:

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And then there were 16.

The final 16, that is, as The X Factor has spent the last two weeks narrowing its Season 3 field down to four sets of four acts each. Who stands the best chance at winning it all?

Let's break it down group by group, shall we?


  • Ellona Santiago Picture
  • Danielle Geimer Picture
  • Khaya Cohen Picture
  • Rion Page Pic

Rion Page has to be the front-runner here. She's only 13. She has overcome a disability - and she can really sing! She's one of the top contenders overall.

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