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Sorry, Ashton Kutcher and Ne-Yo, you've been busted.

Same for you, Michelle Rodriguez and Keith Urban. You too, Orlando Bloom.

And, really... Tom Hanks?!? Is no one immune to the allure of famous cleavage?

Apparently not, not based on the following collection of photos, which make it clear that you don't even need to have really big boobs in order to be ogled.

And you don't need to have a penis in order to do the ogling!

Click through many examples of stars who have been caught sneaking a peek and other stars who have caught those sneaky peekers...

Zac Efron
In Zac Efron's defense here, he was at least dating Vanessa Hudgens at the time. But, still, couldn't he have waited until they got home?

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Wyclef Jean's "April Showers" video has been banned from YouTube, and Tupac Shakur is to blame. As in the image of a dead Tupac's corpse that haunts the video!

The track, featuring Mobb Deep, features what sure looks like a shot of the rapper's autopsy at one point, resulting in its removal from the video sharing website.

An infamous photo of Tupac's corpse, partially cut open during his autopsy back in 1996, was published in Cathy Scott's book, The Killing of Tupac Shakur.

Scott was convinced the image was the real deal and had Wyclef's video yanked from YouTube as a result; she's the one who lodged the complaint.

However, 2Pac impersonator Richard Garcia says it's him!

Garcia says he was hired to re-create the autopsy for the video - which actually has an anti-gun violence theme, despite its grisly imagery - and obliged.

Makeup artist Autumn McHugh also confirms personally to THG that she was behind the (incredible) makeup work you see in "April Showers." It's not 'Pac.

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Rumors are swirling that Amanda Bynes will launch her rap career (yes, seriously people) with the potential help of some pretty big names in music.

Wyclef Jean won't be one of them, though. Now, or ever.

  • Wyclef Jean Picture
  • Amanda Bynes on Twitter Pic

The musician made it clear that he has no intentions of joining forces with the embattled/retired actress, nor have they ever even met or spoken.

Bynes was recently offered a record deal from NYC-based music group Chinga Chang Records, after she announced plans to launch a music career.

Chinga Chang CEO Daniel Herman reportedly said Wyclef was collaborating with Amanda, but it looks like that was premature ... or just a full-on lie.

Anyway ... more Amanda Bynes pics on Twitter, please!

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Aspiring rapper Amanda Bynes is meeting up with Wyclef Jean to discuss a possible album collaboration, according to reports that bizarrely look to be true.

"I think that it would be perfect," says Chinga Chang Records CEO Dan Herman, who confirmed this. "The two of them will be something major."

The positive connotation of "major"? That remains to be seen.

  • Wyclef Jean Image
  • Amanda Bynes Piercings

Wyclef was "receptive" to the idea of meeting with Amanda Bynes to brainstorm, Hermon says, noting that he's confident such a pairing would be "great."

"This album is going to shock the world," he adds, insisting that "she has such a great voice. Singers wish they could hit the notes that Amanda does."

Amazingly, this isn't the first time she's been offered a record deal. Though we're guessing Miley Cyrus and Drake won't be making cameos on this.

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Wyclef Jean has spent the past couple years calling attention to Haiti.

But the singer took a break from such humanitarian causes on Wednesday and called attention to his nearly naked body instead.

Wyclef Jean Underwear Photo

"TODAY I AM 43 YEARS OLD!" Wyclef wrote alongside the above Twit pic. "I look And feel 26! U cant keep a good Man down! Keep a smile when they want you to frown!"

Words to live by, folks.

Now study the image and decide: Would you hit it?


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In a new commentary for CNN, Wyclef Jean makes a very simple plea to citizens of the world: don't forget about Haiti.

With Hurricane Isaac bearing down on the nation this week, Wyclef wrote of his native country:

"As we face this latest potential disaster, I find myself asking an uncomfortable question: Where has Haiti been in the national and international news? After the devastating earthquake in 2010, the people of the world opened up their hearts, minds, and wallets and pledged help to Haiti... but lately there's been next to nothing."

Wyclef Jean Image

Wyclef, who actually tried to run for President of Haiti two years ago, acknowledges the $2.1 billion raised in the earthquake relief, but says it's not enough. Not when there was "total destruction of Haiti's minimal infrastructure."

The task of rebuilding remains "gargantuan," he tells the world.

"This week, Haiti has returned once again to the national and international consciousness. This time, let's not forget... that things don't change unless we remain active and continue to bring attention to the causes we believe in... The hardest part is always rebuilding - and Haiti cannot effectively rebuild if she doesn't get the attention she deserves."

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The controversial Trayvon Martin case has inspired protests, PSAs, debate, anger, prayer and vigils for the slain 17-year-old from coast to coast.

Now Wyclef Jean has penned his own musical tribute to Trayvon.

The Fugees musician teamed up with Prescribed and J. Williams to create a track titled "Justice (If You're 17)" in dedication to Martin. Listen:

Some lyrical excerpts from Wyclef's call for "Justice" include:

"If you're 17 / And you're wearing a hoodie / You're on the phone / Talking to your shorty / Make no mistake / There's one like you / In every city / You know the story."

"If you're 17 with a hoodie on / Watch out for the neighborhood watcher / If you're at the right neighborhood at the wrong time / Neighborhood watcher / This might be your last call to your girlfriend / The neighborhood watcher / Man I feel for you if you're 17."

This past week saw George Zimmerman charged with murder in the February 26 shooting of Martin, following more than a month of unrest.

Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain in Sanford, Fla., claims he killed Martin in self-defense and that the teen was the aggressor.

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Hip-hop star and activist Wyclef Jean has been released from a hospital in his native Haiti after being treated for a gunshot wound to the hand Saturday.

Joe Mignon, a director of Jean's Yele Foundation, says Jean was shot in the hand after 11 p.m. in Delmas, outside the capital of Port-au-Prince.

Jean's brother, Samuel, confirmed the musician was shot. Neither he nor Mignon had additional details regarding why, but he will recover fully.

Wyclef's shooting comes on the eve of presidential elections in Haiti.

Jean, who planned to run for the presidency before being disallowed due to Haiti's residency requirement, is supporting fellow musician Michel Martelly.

A spokesman for the Haitian National Police could not be immediately reached for comment regarding Wyclef's shooting. But, fortunately, he's alright.

"He is doing well," Jean's publicist Cindy Tanenbaum tells CNN, also describing the wound suffered by the former Fugees member as "superficial."

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Trying to run for President of Haiti and feuding with Sean Penn can be really tiring.

The musician has checked into a New Jersey hospital as a result of major stress and fatigue.

“Wyclef Jean has had an extremely grueling three months - truly an exhausting eight months, since the earthquake when he recommitted himself to our homeland and his passion for our people,” his family said in a statement. “He is currently suffering the effects of lack of sleep and stress, global travel, even the endless public eye, and has asked that his fans and supporters bear with him for the next several days as he regains his physical health and stamina. Then he will be back out in front of the crusade to rebuild Haiti and his pledge to make it even better for business.”

Hopefully (wait for it....), the singer will be back by November.

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The bid of Wyclef Jean to become the next President of Haiti has officially come to an end.

Following the ruling by country officials that disallowed the singer from entering the election, due to a lack of residency in the nation, Wyclef said he'd challenge the decision and follow through on his political dream.

But he told CBS News today:

Wyclef Jean Image

“After weeks of quiet but painstaking reflection with my wife and daughter, I have chosen to end my bid for the presidency of Haiti. This was not an easy conclusion to reach; but it is one that was thoughtfully made, taking into account many, many competing factors and weighing the course that will best advance the healing of the country and help it find the quickest path to recovery.

“Though my run for the presidency was cut short, in this way, I feel it was not in vain. It’s something we can use to improve conditions for my Haitian brothers and sisters.”

Now Wyclef will have more time to write mean songs about Sean Penn

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