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Hey, remember Paris Hilton?!?

She had a sex tape a long time ago? She was the best friend, and actually the boss, of Kim Kardashian? She then got overtaken by her former personal assistant when the Kim Kardashian sex tape hit and when that star learned how to master social media.

Yup. Now you remember right. Paris Hilton!

Well, it looks as if the celebrity is trying to make a comeback of sorts by doing what she does best: not much at all.

Hilton posted a new picture to Instagram last night, one of her in black lingerie and one that includes the caption "#SexySelfie." Check it out here:

Paris Hilton Selfie

Combined with the seductive Carl's Jr. ad in which she also now appears, it's clear Hilton is attempting to make a move off the D-List.

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Tara Reid lost a hand in Sharknado 2, but the actress doesn't think she's lost her ability to seduce. That much was made clear this week on Instagram.

The actress, whose body was recently slammed by Jason Biggs, posted the following two photos online, including with them a caption that reads:

"Playing in the sun! #gooddays."

  • Tara Reid in a Bikini
  • Tara Reid in a Two-Piece

Reid has also admitted that she's been butchered by plastic surgery, but hey ... she still might get more! Second (third, fourth) time is the charm, right?

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Kathy Griffin is known for making crude jokes and going to extreme lengths for attention ... sort of like the Joan Rivers of her generation, minus plastic surgery.

You can always count on good ol' Kath when it comes to parading around with Levi Johnson or pretending to fellate Anderson Cooper on New Year's Eve.

She has never been known for posting bikini selfies, however ... until now:

Kathy Griffin Bikini Selfie

Kathy will never be confused for Kate Upton, but for a 53-year-old, damn, girl.

Naturally, the raunchy comedian was posing here half-naked while preparing for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Standard operating procedure.

So would you ... you know? Vote below, then check out other classic selfies:

Kathy Griffin: Would you hit it?


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So Tara Reid went to the beach Friday, and the notorious hot mess actually looked ... more hot and less like a mess than usual. It's rather striking.

Tara Reid Bikini Pic
Tara Reid poses in a bikini on the beach, and lo and behold, she looks amazing.

Don't get us wrong, the 38-year-old is still a little bit off.

Tweeting that she'd "never felt so happy" in her entire life, Reid shared, "me and the sand became best friends. We started talking to each other!"

"I love you," the actress wrote to the sand, in the sand.

Touching, really. While at the beach, Reid prepared for Sharknado 2, writing "WTF the sharks are trying to kill me!" she wrote in a photo with invisible sharks.

As we said ... a little off. But she looks great, right?

Tara Reid: Would you hit it?


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Paris Hilton is the latest star to pose provocatively for V Magazine.

In the same issue that features a hot Jennifer Hudson and a half-naked Lea Michele, the former A-lister tries to be all sexy by showing some nipple and cleaning a car.

She also says she's nowhere near a "breakdown" because she has a "loving and supportive family" and is focused only on "creative ways to improve" herself and her work.

Paris Hilton V Magazine Photo
Paris Hilton poses here for V Magazine and... ummm... is that a nipple?!?

What about the critics? What about those people who scoff as Paris Hilton as a DJ?

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For Cher, 67 is the new 27.

The legendary singer unveiled two new covers for her September 24 alnum, "Closer to the Truth," writing as a caption to one via Twitter that it features "Playboy Centerfold effects."

And it's pretty easy to see what she means.

With her bleached blonde hair and her lack of clothing, it would be easy for one to mistake this legendary artist with Courtney Stodden. Stil... we should all look this good at 67, right?

Listen to Cher's recent duet with Lady Gaga, then gaze upon her:

  • Cher Album Cover
  • Cher Nearly Naked

Cher: Would you hit it?


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Pamela Anderson still has it and still very much wants to flaunt it.

Unfortunately, Great Britain does not want to see this veteran actress flaunt very much, as the nation has banned an Anderson ad and dubbed it degrading to women.

But men can still get their fill of the former Baywatch beauty in the June issue of Vogue Brazil.

Photographed by Mario Testino, Anderson is featured in the magazine, keeping both her head and her chest held high:

  • Pamela Anderson Vogue Pic
  • Pamela Anderson in Vogue

Pamela Anderson will turn 46 next month, but ogle away now and decide: Would you still hit it?


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Ke$ha has posted a new photo to Twitter in which she removes her glitter...

... and nearly all of her clothing as well!

The VERY revealing shot is the second raunchy picture released this week by the artist, as she flaunts a new, slim figure.

Might this be a view Harry Styles will see someday soon? Ke$ha recently said the two are texting and the relationship could develop into something more...

Ke$ha Nude?

So, Harry and all others: Would you tap Ke$ha?


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Just a few months ago, Tori Spelling had a lot more serious concerns than the numbers on a scale.

The actress nearly died soon after giving birth to her fourth child in August, spending four months on bed rest with a dangerous form of placenta previa.

But the reality star has now fully recovered and has even lost 45 pounds since becoming a mother once again - and she's showing off the results in the latest issue of Us Weekly:

Tori Spelling Bikini Photo

"I feel like I took off the weight safely, and I'm totally happy here," Spelling tells the tabloid, avoiding talk of a rumored divorce from Dean McDermott.

What do you think of Spelling's look? Would you hit it?


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