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When Robin Williams died unexpectedly last week, the outpouring of emotion from the beloved actor's millions of fans was unlike anything the Internet has seen in recent years.

Mork (Mork & Mindy)
The role that started it all. Robin Williams starred as an alien on the late 1970s sitcom Mork & Mindy.

Horrible as it was to learn that the world had lost such a kind and gifted man, the near universal reverence for Williams made for a welcome silver lining.

The flood of fond memories from admirers of all ages was a refreshing change from the bitter divisiveness that usually characterizes online comment boards. 

So naturally, the folks at the Westboro Baptist Church took one look at all this genuine affection and figured out a way to make it all about hate.

Yes, the horrible bigots who celebrated the death of Cory Monteith and encouraged his girlfriend Lea Michele to kill herself are up to their old tricks.

The picket-happy fundamentalists announced over the weekend that they plan to protest Williams' funeral as a result of his portrayal of a gay man in the 1996 film The Birdcage.

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Another country music superstar has taken another shot at the Westboro Baptist Church.

Unlike Blake Shelton, however, Brad Paisley didn't tell these religious nut jobs to blow him.

Instead, the artist came across a bunch of protestors in Bonner Springs, Kansas and decided to snap a selfie in front of signs that read “God Hates Drunks” “Sin Breeds Violence.”

The resulting image definitely wins the Internet this week:

Westboro Baptist Church Selfie

Last year, Vince Gill also confronted Westboro Baptist Church members when they picketed his concert in Missouri.

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Fred Phelps, the controversial preacher who founded the Westboro Baptist Church, passed away this week at the Shawnee County facility in Topeka.

He was 84 years old.

Phelps’ son, Tim, confirmed the death to Kansas First News.

Fred Phelps Pic

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church are infamous for protesting at funerals of soldiers with signs with messages such as “Thank God for dead soldiers,” and “Thank God for 9/11."

They believe these deaths are God’s punishment for American immorality and tolerance of homosexuality and abortion.

The organization has also celebrated Cory Monteith's told, telling Lea Michele to kill herself, and referred to Taylor Swift as a whore.

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Suffice it to say Blake Shelton and the Westboro Baptist Church don't see eye to eye, and the group's tactics don't exactly faze the country superstar.

Blake slammed Westboro recently for threatening to picket one of his shows. The other night, leaving Usher's birthday bash, he offered a similar take.

Asked about the hateful religious organization that has urged a boycott of his concerts, Shelton repeatedly said the so-called "Church" could "BLOW ME."

Seriously. Check out the direct quotes below:

Members of WBC have serious issues with the 37-year-old, because he supports gay rights and because of his relationship with Miranda Lambert.

Miranda is his second wife, who he allegedly had an affair with while he was still married to his first wife, so he's a major sinner all around in their eyes.

Doesn't seem concerned, though.

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Blake Shelton did not hold back, or mince words, when he learned that the Westboro Baptist Church will be targeting his upcoming concert in K.C.

The group, known for vehement anti-gay protests, says the country star's marriage to Miranda Lambert, his second, makes him a "vulgar adulterer."

As such, they plan to protest on October 3, and The Voice coach hit back:

Blake Shelton Live

"Hey WBC.. I've got one more sin for ya... Blow me," Blake Tweeted.

The response came after the group accused him of leading his "4 million plus followers to hell w/you" and claiming his "sin" is to blame for gay marriage.

How being remarried to another woman relates to gay marriage - or frankly why the WBC does anything it does - remained unclear at press time.

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Country singer Vince Gill confronted the Westboro Baptist Church head-on as the group decided to protest his Missouri concert over the weekend.

The controversial church apparently decided to protest Gill's concert because he's a divorced man who remarried, according to media reports.

So on Sunday, Gill stepped out of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, Mo., to face down some WBC members on the sidewalk.

The 56-year-old was once married to Sweethearts of the Rodeo singer Janis Oliver. After his 1998 divorce, he married Christian singer Amy Grant in 2000.

Grant, who has offered support to her gay fan base, was also married before. Amy, 52, divorced Christian musician Gary Chapman in 1999.

Apparently, their union doesn't sit well with the WBC, best known for its anti-gay rhetoric, views on marriage and unwanted appearances ... everywhere.

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Ke$ha's dancers put on quite a show this week, as the pop star sent her crew to respond to a Westboro Baptist Church protest taking place outside.

In Nebraska, WBC members were belting out lyrics to "God Hates Who U R" - their an anti-gay parody of her anthem of acceptance, "We R Who We R."

The Westboro Baptist Church protesters didn't seem to quite know how to react as Ke$ha's crew began grooving to their intolerant, auto-tuned beat.

Most. Ineffective. Protest. Ever.

Gotta hand it to Ke$ha here. Instead of being intimidated by their anti-gay and anti-Obama signs, she hit back - and in a non hate-filled way.

And yes, "God Hates Who U R" is a real song these people recorded. You can compare it with Ke$ha's 2010 smash hit side-by-side after the jump:

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Setting up a lemonade stand for peace is one way to protest the Westboro Baptist Church.

Holding a rally in which gay couples kiss over the grave of the founder's mother is another.

Gay kiss at grave

And that's exactly what went down on July 14 when the Satanic Temple - an organization that looks to foster "benevolence and empathy" among all individuals - took members to the very cemetery in which Catherine Idalette Johnston is buried.

She's the parent of WBC founder Fred Phelps Jr.

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While the entertainment world mourns the death of Cory Monteith, the Westboro Baptist Church has taken this opportunity to spread more messages of hate and intolerance.

WARNING: The following Tweets are especially heinous and revolting.

Cory Monteith Close Up

"@GLEEonFOX’s Cory Monteith found dead in Vancouver hotel room," the organization wrote yesterday. "STRUCK DOWN BY GOD!”

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The White House was forced to respond to a recent petition asking it to designate the Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group, which it declined to do.

The Obama administration did, however, include this passive-aggressive GIF in its response, showing where all the anti-WBC signatures came from:

White House Petition GIF

The official "We the People" site guarantees a response to any petition with 100,000 signatures, no matter how much it wants to ignore something or someone.

The takeaway? Even if the White House can't really do or say much of anything about them, a lot of people all over the place really dislike the Westboro Baptist Church!

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