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Ouch. Len's words, as expressed in the headline above, summed up Wendy Williams' performance on Dancing With the Stars, which will likely lead to her ouster.

On a Personal Story Night that featured a touching dedication by Hines Ward and the fall and rise of Kirstie and Maks, Wendy wasn't able to inspire quite as well.

Her foxtrot to "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" was subdued, lacking emotion and not particularly smooth, despite how hard she worked. Check it out below ...

With her score of 15, Wendy sits at least five points behind the entire field, all of whom scored between 20-25. Think the voters will eliminate her this evening?

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Talk show host Wendy Williams is being sued by a concert promoter who claims her conduct at a paid appearance "was best described as ... ungrateful."

According to the lawsuit, Williams was supposed to make a two-hour appearance at The Pool at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City, N.J., but peaced out early.

The suit claims Williams, who was also supposed to take the mic on state but did not, "disappointed fans who came out expecting her to host the party."

SO ungrateful. Almost as much as the judges after her Dancing With the Stars debacle this week. Yikes, 14 points, that's pretty terrible ...

Furthermore, she allegedly demanded four bottles of champagne and two bottles of wine at her cabana, where she and her husband asked to be left alone.

When part of the gig is mingling with guests, probably not the best move.

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