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Wendy Williams thinks Britney Spears' new beau Charlie Ebersol, with whom she went public recently, may be a toxic influence she's slipping under.

The talk show host was chatting with the Huffington Post and was asked about Charlie Ebersol and Britney Spears, who confirmed their new romance.

"I saw," the comedienne said disapprovingly of their selfie.

"People were saying it's too soon," she added of the couple. "Britney's been with him for three weeks. I'm chalking this up to her being a girl, soft and pink."

Williams said she gets where Spears is coming from, but that the pop star needs to be more careful about flaunting her love life on Twitter and Instagram.

"Here's where she needs to grow up and perhaps think twice about stuff like that, because she's got kids," she said of the mom of two sons, Jayden and Sean.

"When I was 34, I was still able to make stupid decisions."

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Talk show host and despicable human being Wendy Williams has a long history of shouting offensive BS in order to help her remain relevant.

For example earlier this month, Williams told Jennifer Lawrence to "shut up" after the actress spoke for the first time about the nude scandal that affected hundreds of female celbrities.

Classy stuff. On Monday, Williams set her sights on another celeb in the midst of a traumatic crisis, and she has yet to respond to the outrage that's resulted from her latest comments:

As you've likely heard, reports that Bruce Jenner is undergoing a sex change seemed to be verified this week after Jenner was spotted wearing what appeared to be red nail polish.

Williams addressed the Jenner rumors and the delicate issue of gender identity with her trademark tact and compassion:

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As as a human who lives on planet Earth, you've probably heard that nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence were leaked online a few weeks ago. 

Earlier this week, Lawrence spoke to Vanity Fair about the hacking scandal, revealing for the first time the emotional trauma that she suffered in the wake of the incident.

Most readers sympathized with Jen's plight, but the always outspoken Wendy Williams has apparently taken issue with what she perceives to be Lawrence's plea for sympathy:

"Don't sweat this, young lady," Williams said on her talk show today. "You're the one who took the pictures."

"In my opinion, if she would just stop talking about the Cloud and the naked pictures, it would all go away!"

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Give Wendy Williams for putting her money really gross animal where her mouth is.

On an episode of her God awful talk show last year, Williams said she'd eat crow if the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West marriage lasted longer than the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries marriage, giving the couple a very low bar to clear.

And clear it Kimye did, hitting the 73-day mark on August 4 of this year.

Therefore, on the season premiere of The Wendy Williams Show today, the host said she's a "woman of [her] word" and she actually, literally, truly ate some crow.

Way to stick to your principles? Sort of? We guess? Watch this pretty disgusting act now: 

Of course, Williams found another way to irk Kardashian and West in July.

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Wendy Williams has never exactly been shy about expressing her opinions, but she have may outdone herself when discussing Kanye West's GQ interview on her talk show recently.

Yes, Kanye said some truly moronic things to the magazine (as he so often does), but Wendy went full Joan Rivers in response, referring to Kanye as a "mad man," and criticizing the way he raises his daughter. 

We're sure Yeezy will react to Wendy's comments with the even-tempered, level-headed disposition for which he's famous.

Discussing a quote in which Kanye says he wants more freedom for celebrities so that his daughter can live a "normal life," Williams remarked:

"How about if you spent more time with you daughter, at home, with your wife, doing normal people things. Your daughter might grow up with a normal life, but the fact that she's got you as a daughter, all bets are off."

She continued:

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Oh, it is so very much on between NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams.

Last week, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star posted an Instagram picture of an unusual Birkin bag with the caption: "#personalized #birkin #neneisms #hermès custom by me & my husband had a fit."

The purse (which can cost up to $10,000) had "Neneisms" written all over it, such as "I'm a very rich bitch" and "close your legs to married men!"

Williams responded to this item in a manner NeNe didn't appreciate.

  • NeNe Leakes in Vegas
  • Wendy Williams Red Carpet Pic

The radio and TV personally asked a “Hot Question” to followers on Twitter, asking them: What do think about @NeNeLeakes defacing her Birkin bag?

Suffice it to say, Leakes did NOT take well to this couched criticism.

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis won Dancing With the Stars earlier this week, but the personal nature of the questions they've faced on their victory-lap press tour may make the partners wish they'd never taken home the Mirrored Ball.

For example, Maksim and Meryl appeared on The Wendy Williams Show today and Wendy asked the duo point-blank if they were "smushing."

After pretending they didn't know what she was talking about (In fairness, Wendy is clinging to Jersey Shore slang from like five years ago), Maks and Meryl both dodged with question, with the latter insisting, "We are not dating...we prefer to keep the private lives private."

That's certainly not gonna help put the rumors to bed! 

Nor is the fact that when Wendy turned the topic to Maksim's nude photo shoot for the latest People magazine, he and Meryl anxiously held hands. 

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Unimpressed with their reunion show shenanigans, Wendy Williams has her opinions on which members of The Real Housewives of Atlanta should be fired:

All of them. But in particular, NeNe Leakes.

With the conclusion of its sixth season, the number of people who watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online and live on TV have hit a new peak.

The show boasted its most-watched episode in franchise history with 4.3 million viewers last Sunday night. But not everyone is happy with the cast.

At all.

Media maven Wendy Williams candidly shared her feelings about the latest season and why she thinks the whole cast should be given the pink slip by Bravo.

“I’m turned off and I don’t consider myself a 'high brow' person. I’m just Wendy from New Jersey, but I’m also a grown woman,” the Garden State native explained.

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Break out the violins, THGers.

During her segment on her talk show today, Wendy Williams brought up the recent controversy surrounding Madonna referring to her son as a "nigga."

This somehow segued into Williams saying 13-year old Rocco is a "big of his mother" and totally losing it because her teenage boy doesn't like her anymore.

Is there some big crisis at home? Some serious family issue Wendy and her child are facing? No.

He's just 13. He's simply going through a phase in which he dares to sometimes ask his mother why she acts "pissed off" and in which he prefers to do guy stuff with his father.

If this isn't cause for a major breakdown on national television, we have no idea what is...

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Wendy Williams is joining the Julianne Hough hate parade.

The former Dancing with the Stars professional has come under fire for donning blackface as part of her Halloween costume over the weekend.

And, despite Hough's apology, Martha Plimpton has called out Julianne out as a moron and Williams took to the air yesterday to blast the beauty and ignorant and unintelligent.

  • Julianne Hough Halloween Costume
  • Wendy Williams Image

"Who does that?" Williams asked her talk show audience while blasting Hough. "Who walks out of the house in blackface? Like, wow, Julianne...

"You have to figure this: This was, like, an intentional move. This was not something that happened all of a sudden and she was like, ‘Oh, is this racist?' You put thought into your Halloween costume... You don't just show up in blackface. Which means she's not just less than smart off the cuff - she's less than smart even when she thinks about it."

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