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Welcome, celebrity gossip and news readers, to The Hollywood Gossip Week in Review. Below, we take a look back at some of the top stories in what was possibly the most exciting week of Hollywood news since ... last week. Some highlights were ...

  • A 17-second trailer of New Moon was released. Millions of 'tweens shrieked.
  • Almost as much as when they learned Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart got cozy at a concert. Or when they Robsten spent the night together at a hotel afterward. Or when reports said they were totally back on! OMG!!!
  • In other Twilight news, the latest photo scandal involving a hot young star hit the web as Ashley Greene nude photos leaked. New Moon? Try Nude Moon!
  • On a similar, but far less sexy note, the much-hyped Heidi Montag Playboy pics were finally released by the magazine ... and are less revealing than an average Victoria's Secret catalog, while featuring a less-attractive girl.
  • Some dude got Kourtney Kardashian pregnant. Our money was on Scott Disick, who she later ID'd as the dude who put an illegitimate baby up in that.
Knocked Up!

Kourtney Kardashian is ready to take Miami. Just not birth kontrol.

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Welcome, celebrity gossip fans, to The Hollywood Gossip. Below, we take a look back at some of the top stories in what was quite possibly the most exciting week of Hollywood news since ... well, last week. Here were some highlights ...

  • A controversial Joker poster likening Barack Obama to The Dark Knight character surfaced. Maybe it comes with the job, but everything the President says, does and promotes seems to generate controversy. Even his health care logo.
  • Speaking of presidents, Bill Clinton helped secure the release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee from the North Korean prison were they were sentenced to 12 years.
  • Paula Abdul has bid farewell to American Idol. Or not. It's unclear.
  • Despite gushing praise from Kate 2.0 (Kate Major), and rumors that he is nailing Stephanie Santoro, Jon Gosselin says he's still with Hailey Glassman and always has been. Wait, what? Either, way, he is tired of being blamed!
  • Two women - Bethany Steffen and Lindsey Johnson - are accusing Ed Swiderski, winner of The Bachelorette, of having sex with or "sexting" them after getting engaged to Jillian Harris, and are warning the Canadian cute to run for it.
Jillian Picture

Vanessa Hudgens and Jillian Harris both say they are targets - the former of hackers exploiting her personal naked pics, the latter of haters jealous of her happiness.

  • A new set of leaked photos of Vanessa Hudgens nude surfaced. Lawyers say they are from the original batch of pictures leaked in 2007. At which point the High School Musical hottie was underage. Either way, she was very naked.
  • Just when you think you've seen it all, a Lady Gaga hermaphrodite picture surfaced, claiming to prove the singer is both a man and a woman. Hot.
  • Robert Pattinson allegedly spent the night with Kristen Stewart! OMG!!
  • The Heidi Pratt Playboy cover was revealed. And it was a disappointment. 
  • Mark McLeod was arrested for stalking Miley Cyrus. Again. What a creep.
  • Director John Hughes died at age 59. His '80s movies pretty much rule.
  • Cameron Douglas, Michael Douglas' son, is a big-time crystal meth dealer.
  • Javier Bardem got Penelope Cruz pregnant. Hottest. Celebrity. Baby. Ever.
  • Katherine Jackson got full custody of Michael's kids. It's what he wanted.

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Happy weekend, celebrity gossip fans. Below, The Hollywood Gossip reflects on the week that was in the world of news, rumors and gossip.

Below are some of the week's top stories ...

  • Jude Law knocked up someone named Samantha Burke.
  • Eminem just will not quit knocking Mariah Carey in his songs.
  • Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush kalled it quits. You know, since she's too busy. Filming a reality show. About her life. Which involved her dating ... him. Makes perfect sense. As does her useless sisters getting their own show.
  • Joe Jackson said Omer Bhatti is, in fact, Michael's secret son, even though everyone has pretty much denied it, including Omer Bhatti. Joe? Nuts.
  • After starring in the first two installments of the Twilight saga, Rachelle Lefevre will be replaced in 2010's Eclipse as her character has been re-cast.

As if it didn't dominate news enough, the popular Twilight saga is now embroiled in a casting scandal involving the role of Victoria and ousted actress Rachel Lefevre.

  • In the dramatic season finale of The Bachelorette, Kiptyn Locke gave it his all and Reid Rosenthal staged a dramatic return, but Jillian Harris picked Ed Swiderski.
  • The two are still together, engaged and getting married in 2010.
  • Speculation over who should be the next Bachelor is underway.
  • Memorable American Idol castoff Alexis Cohen was killed in a hit-and-run. A man named Daniel Bark has been arrested by police. In other news, Ju'Not Joyner said the show is rigged. Yes, someone named their child Ju'Not.
  • Jon Gosselin says he is not seeing anyone, even though he is dating Kate Major ... and Hailey Glassman. In any case, he is a large douchebag.
  • Reports say Tony Romo cheated on Jessica Simpson with younger, hotter, less clingy Natalie Smith, even taking her to a Jessica concert!

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Happy weekend, celeb news fans. Below, The Hollywood Gossip reflects on the week that was in the world of celebrity gossip, news and rumors.

These were some of the week's top stories ...

  • Some perv secretly videotaped Erin Andrews nude at a hotel and the video leaked onlne. The gorgeous ESPN sportscaster proceeded to lawyer up in a major way, but the perp behind the peephole video is still on the loose.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was accused of sexual assault by Andrea McNulty, an employee of a Nevada hotel where he stayed. She claims it happened a year ago, while the NFL star denies everything.
  • Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, enjoys bong hits, tag team action and gushing about the prize catch that is her Ed Hardy-wearing beau.
  • Then he apparently started dating Kate Major instead. Player. The Star reporter even quit her job over the liaison (which he now says did not happen).
Kate Major, Jon Gosselin

The world's most unlikely player, Jon Gosselin, and Kate Major.

  • New Moon hype is totally off the chain as two new sneak previews were revealed at Comic-Con, giving screaming 'tweens heart attacks, while tabloid obsession with Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart romance rumors raged on.
  • Speculation grows that Omer Bhatti, 25, is Michael Jackson's son after pictures surfaced of him sitting in the front row at his memorial service. Meanwhile, Dr. Conrad Murray is likely going to face manslaughter charges.
  • As the finale looms, The Bachelorette spoilers still have everyone guessing as to which of the final two - or three - ends up with Jillian Harris.
  • Chris Brown finally apologizes for beating Rihanna.
  • Is Demi Lovato cutting herself?
  • Hayden Panettiere is too sexy.

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Happy weekend, celeb gossip fans. Below, The Hollywood Gossip staff takes a look back at the week that was in the world of gossip, celebrity news and rumors.

Some of the week's top stories ...

This class act is Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend. Yay, Facebook!

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Happy weekend, celebrity news and gossip fans. Below, The Hollywood Gossip takes a look back at another eventful, sometimes sad week in the celeb world.

Some of the week's top stories ...

  • Michael Jackson was laid to rest in a moving memorial service in L.A. The most poignant moment in a day full of them: A speech by daughter Paris Jackson.
  • The late icon will not be missed by everyone, though. U.S. Rep. Peter King called him a child molester, while Bill O'Reilly lambasted the "adulation" of MJ.
  • Meanwhile, Dr. Arnold Klein sort of denied he is the father of Jackson's children ... to the best of his knowledge. Whatever that means. The LAPD says the investigation of Jackson's death may still be ruled a homicide.

The body of Michael Jackson (1958-2009) was carried by his brothers.

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Happy Fourth of July, celebrity gossip fans. Below, The Hollywood Gossip staff takes a look back at what was a tragic, eventful week in the celebrity world.

As you all know, one story dominated the news ...

  • The cause of Michael Jackson's death is looking more and more like an overdose of dangerous prescription drugs. An LAPD and DEA investigation continues.
  • Meanwhile, Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe wants custody of "her" kids, while speculation persists that he was not the biological father of his own children. Dermatologist Arnold Klein, who treated MJ, is rumored to be the actual dad.
  • Media coverage of Jackson's demise has run the gamut. The OK! cover pic showed him dying, while Life & Style alleges he someone killed him. Amazing.
  • In a new interview, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag say birth control is a conspiracy, think September 11 was an "inside job," abhor fame, etc. 
  • As some Bachelorette spoilers predicted, Ed returned, while Wes Hayden's "girlfriend" Laurel Kagay has been broken up with him for a year.
  • In other Bachelor news, Melissa Rycroft is engaged to Tye Strickland!
  • Sarah Palin abruptly calls it quits as Governor of Alaska.
  • Former John Edwards campaign aide Andrew Young is allegedly writing a tell-all book. One rumor? He has a Rielle Hunter-John Edwards sex tape.
  • Kendra Wilkinson wedding pics: Not at all cheesy or tacky.
  • Kevin Jonas gets engaged to girlfriend Danielle Deleasa! Yay!
  • Robert Pattinson's aunt offers him some helpful dating advice.
  • Speaking of dating, check out this Jon Gosselin profile.

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Happy weekend, celebrity news and gossip fans. Below, The Hollywood Gossip staff reflects on both an eventful and tragic week in the celebrity world.

All of this crazy stuff and more happened ...

  • Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest at age 50. The cause of death remains unknown but rumors say a Demerol overdose may have contributed. Also unclear? Whether ex-wife Debbie Rowe will take custody of his kids.
  • To the surprise of no one, Jon and Kate Gosselin officially separated after 10 years of marriage and two months of non-stop tabloid attention. Mistress Deanna Hummel may join the show when it returns from its hiatus.
  • A fight with the Black Eyed Peas left Perez Hilton assaulted, as you can see on this video and this photo. Polo Molina, the Peas' manager, was arrested. Perez eventually apologized for using a gay slur to rile up the Peas.

The iconic Michael Jackson (1958-2009).

  • Actress Farrah Fawcett passed away at 62 after a well-publicized battle with cancer, while showbiz legend Ed McMahon also died this week at age 86.
  • South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford went AWOL, lied about hiking on the Appalachian Trail, then admitted an affair with Maria Belen Shapur.
  • Danielle Staub sued Steve Zalewski to block the release of her sex tape.
  • Terrell Owens finally met his match (Joanna Krupa) and shuts his yap.
  • Stephen Moyer called out Robert Pattinson as the Slim-Fast of vampires.
  • Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart sizzle on a redesigned New Moon cover!

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Happy weekend, celebrity gossip lovers. Below, The Hollywood Gossip staff reflects on what was probably the best week ever in the history of celebrity news.

Okay, maybe not quite. But still, all this crazy stuff happened ...

You knew it was coming at some point.

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Happy end of the week, celebrity lovers. Below, The Hollywood Gossip staff reflects on what was in all likelihood the best seven days in the history of celebrity gossip.

Okay, maybe that was a slight exaggeration. Still, all this happened ...

  • Better late than never, Carrie Prejean got fired. Then fired back.
  • Chastity Bono is becoming a man.
  • Sarah and Todd Palin get caught up in a war of words with David Letterman, who they say exploited their daughter with off-color jokes.
  • Women everywhere rejoice: it's over for Tameka and Usher.
  • Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt also split. And he is apparently a douche.
  • Chris Brown is getting death threats, and his preliminary hearing is still set for June 22, when Rihanna will likely testify. Fortunately, none of this has stopped him from important palling around with BFF Omarion ...
  • A David Carradine death photo, allegedly showing the late actor in lingerie, and published by a Thai newspaper, has sparked outrage and controversy.
  • Following months of speculation that she was giving her agent more than the usual piece of her assets, Britney Spears is dating Jason Trawick for real.
  • Was Kiptyn paid to pursue Jillian Harris only to position him as the next star of The Bachelor? That's what these Bachelorette spoilers imply.
  • Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett goes deep in a different way than we're used to seeing, resulting in a pregnant Kendra Wilkinson.
  • Kate Gosselin is a conniving, grating monster with a terrible, reverse-mullet weave thing on her head; Jon Gosselin is a pot-smoking dirtbag.
  • Kristen Stewart wants Robert Pattinson to choose her!
  • Is Miley Cyrus dating Steve Rushton?
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