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Darn you, Frozen.

Every time we think we're over you, every time we believe we'll commit homicide if we ever hear another song or cover based on your soundtrack, the Internet proves us wrong.

First, there was this duet between a nurse and a cancer patient.

Then, the most adorable mother and daughter on the planet lip-synched to "Love Is an Open Door."

And now Joey Boyes has gone viral with his very own version of the classic "Let It Go," putting an original twist on the track and receiving a well-deserved standing ovation at the end of his wedding speech.

Now that is true friendship!

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Remember the time that wedding cake literally blew up in that bride's face?

Or when that guy came flying out of nowhere to tackle that little girl and steal the tossed bouquet?

Or when that bridal party fell into that lake?

Such memories may be ones those involved in these ceremonies wish to forget - but they're captured for eternity below, as the awesome folks behind the YouTube channel FailArmy have compiled a Best of The Worst when it comes to weddings.

Did they include this groomsman kicking this bridesmaid in the head? Find out now!

Some folks, of course, want you to laugh WITH them on their big day, as opposed to laughing AT them.

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Tucker Blandford is alive and well.

And very, very sorry.

The 23-year old was set to marry Alex Lancaster, who Blandford met when the two attended college in Connecticut together in 2012, on August 15.

However, Blandford got such cold feet prior to the big day that he pretended as if he had perpetually cold feet... by faking his own death!

Lancaster - who described her fiancé as “such a gentlemen” and told The Daily Mirror she had “never been in love” like she was with Tucker - says she got a call a few months ago from a man claiming to be Blandford’s father.

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We already know that wedding photos can be beautiful, especially when a tornado is about to hit.

We also know they can be very wet, especially when a wave crashes on top of the newlyweds.

Heck, as evidenced by this amazing wedding GIFs, they can also be animated.

But did you also know they can be silly? Hilarious? Creative? Photoshopped?

We understand your big day is meant to be taken seriously, but that doesn't mean there can't be room for some humor, for some originality, for some... dinosaurs and marshmallow men.

Consider the following examples of couples and wedding parties that came up with ways to make their photos not just last a lifetime, but also provide a lifetime of laughter:

Yup, that's actor Jeff Goldblum and this is an awesome reenactment of Jurassic Park.

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Crashing waves are beautiful until they become wedding crashers.

Just ask newlyweds Gina Pageot and Sergio Capozzi, whose recent wedding photo shoot in La Jolla, Calif., took a surprising, soaking turn as a result.

The only problem with that backdrop? Its unpredictability ...

Wave Crashes Wedding

Despite the initial shock, the couple's photographer, Belinda Mayberry, told The Huffington Post that the pair were really good sports when the first wave hit.

"They just laughed and said 'screw it, let's keep going'. So as photographers, we were super excited and let them do their thing with the waves!"

Hey, after that first one hits, you might as well get more pictures, right? This guy who suffered the ultimate marriage proposal wipeout can relate.

Check out more memorable wedding photos after the jump that do not involve walls of water pummeling couples, but will certainly have you smiling ...

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We've learned a lot about wedding photos over the past few weeks. 

To wit:

Now, Jeffrey Lewis Bennett of JLB Wedding in Detroit has given us another lesson: The future of the wedding photo is the GIF.

Over the last few years, Bennett tells The Huffington Post that he has perfected this unique style of wedding photography because he believes the “best GIFs communicate the feeling of the infinite.”

Cycle through a number of Bennett's more impressive examples and you'll quickly agree. These are beautiful.

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Wedding planning can be stressful, and we know you may not welcome tips from complete strangers (although one Facebook user has a great idea for how to explain invites), but allow THG to offer up one piece of advice:

Perhaps your dog should not serve as your ring-bearer.

We say this after watching Jethro do anything except lie still and face the camera while his owner tried to pose for her wedding pictures. Even though, as she tells him, master and canine talked about his behavior prior to the shoot.

It didn't appear to have much of an effect, however:

Still, the bride-to-be can hopefully can some solace.

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Is there anything worse in life than wedding planning?

From the flowers to the band to the gold toilets to the guest list, organizing the details of one's big day is nearly enough to prompt one to simply elope.

But one awesomely honest bride-to-be has made her life easier in at least one of these regards, posting a message on Facebook that makes it very clear why you may not be invited to her wedding.

Anyone care to object to these perfectly valid points? If so... sorry. You're probably off the invite list as well.

Bride Explains Wedding Invitations

See, planning for a wedding doesn't need to be such hard work.

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Wedding photos may never get more epic than a groomsman kicking a bridesmaid in the head while jumping high in the air or newlyweds walking in front of a tornado.

But the following image sure makes it close.

An unidentified couple got married in Normandy Park, Washington on July 19, with the husband telling Reddit readers that his wife asked him to take “only take serious pictures with my groomsman.”

So he obliged. And this was the result:

A Serious Wedding Photo

How did she react?

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The viral story of a wedding invite a bride accidentally texted to a stranger who showed up anyway to crash the thing has been revealed as a hoax.

The wedding photo is real and the real story behind it is pretty darn good, though.

  • We Still Coming
  • Wedding Photo With Rappers

This Instagram text exchange between newlywed "Kristen" and a stranger who told the bride, "We still coming," was made up by some random web user.

That user based on this real photo of the wedding party with their new friends that was posted to Reddit by the newlyweds, Ian and Amy Hicks.

"The text is pretty funny. The #westillcoming? That's hilarious," Ian said. "But this is really such a great story, because it's true."

"It happened to us."

The Hicks' wedding took place in June at the Colony Club in Detroit, after which the duo drove around the city in an antique trolley for photos.

Photographer Adam Sparkes suggested they stop by the abandoned Michigan Central Station for a few shots, and there, they met rap group 7262.

Filming a new music video, complete with custom Monte Carlos.

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