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We've seen some unexpected wedding photos in our time, such as this look at a dog husband and wife or these hilarious pictures snapped on a couple's big day.

But we still didn't see the following story coming.

Lauren Adkins, a 25-year old Brit, is such a big fan of Robert Pattinson that she owns a cardboard cutout of the actor and often takes it out with her in public.

Her friends often joked that Adkins should marry this object... so she did!

Adkins and her piece of Pattinson memorabilia exchanged vows at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, with the bride paying $3,200 for the ceremony and reception, which was held at an art gallery and which included 50 guests.

Married to Robert Pattinson!

“I’m sure we're happier than most newlyweds," Adkins tells The Mirror. "We had our honeymoon in LA and I wanted us to climb up to the Hollywood sign together. I had to carry him, and we had to do it at night because he can’t be in the sun."

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We've heard some impressive wedding speeches over the past several months.

Remember that special rendition of Ice, Ice Baby? Or the Best Man who belted out an original version of Let It Go? Great stuff all around.

But now it's time to witness some impressive moves on the dance floor, from a very unlikely source: a nine-year old who doesn't need Cat Deeley to offer any words of encouragement.

This guy already knows he can dance!

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Blissful, stunning newlywed Jessica Simpson has penned a column for Glamour in which she revealed her wedding vows, but with a bit of a twist.

These aren't just the vows she exchanged with Eric Johnson at the altar, but the vows she's taken for herself, as they pertain to nurturing a happy marriage.

Remember Who You Are
"When I was younger and starting out in the music business," Jessica writes, "I always felt like I was being defined by other people ... industry executives, fans, the media, and so on. It took a while, but now that I'm in my 30s, I’ve grown into myself and established my identity on my terms. I embrace my strengths and celebrate even the small victories. I'm certainly not perfect, but when I look in the mirror, I'm proud of the woman I see. I'm not only a mother, wife, and daughter. I'm me."

While a wedding is "one happiest days of your life," she says "the love you are walking toward is most rewarding when you have that love coming first from within."

"It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends as you vow to build a life with your soulmate. These are the vows that I've made toward a loving marriage."

Now that the wedding has passed, "I've had some time to reflect on how life’s challenges and accomplishments have brought me to where I am right now. "

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We may need make an addition to this awesome wedding fails video.

A Reddit user recently posted a shot of himself standing alongside an ice sculpture at his buddy's wedding.

The piece of art was originally made in the shape of a dolphin, but, as this guest points out, it looked a lot like a certain male body part after the fins started to melt.

Someone shield the bride's eyes! She isn't supposed to see this thing until the wedding night!

Wedding Ice Sculpture Fail

It could have been worse for the newlyweds, of course.

A dog could have served as their ring bearer... and we all know how that often goes.

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It's a good time to be a rescue dog.

First, we posted this moving gallery that depicts some amazing before-and-after pictures of canines found on the street.

And now we're excited to present a look at Teddy and Lucy, a pair of rescue dogs owned by Connecticut  native Kathryn Yeaton. She's a wedding photographer and the owner of Brave Hearts Photography and she recently came up with a great way to promote her business:

A dog wedding!!!

"It was only a matter of time before I realized I had a white dog and black-and-white dog, and they looked too perfect as a bride and groom," Yeaton told, explaining how she bought outfits off Etsy and even ordered invitations, flowers and a wedding cake.

Check out the totally adorable images here and, if you're curious where Lucy and Teddy are registered, we're guessing the answer is... anywhere that serves peanut butter.

We now pronounce you..
... the cutest canine couple we've ever seen!

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Earlier this month, an unnamed woman decided to live the rest of her life as the loyal bride of her loving fiance.

She then partied, got drunk and decided to Live Más!

Indeed, an awesome photo recently went up on Reddit with the caption "my drunk wife trying to order Taco Bell after the reception."

And when someone asked why the couple was at Taco Bell after their nuptials, the husband responded with, "because we like to party. And it was next to the hotel."

Seriously, commenter, how is that even a question?!?

Drunk Bride at Taco Bell

It's safe to say this was definitely NOT a wedding fail.

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Darn you, Frozen.

Every time we think we're over you, every time we believe we'll commit homicide if we ever hear another song or cover based on your soundtrack, the Internet proves us wrong.

First, there was this duet between a nurse and a cancer patient.

Then, the most adorable mother and daughter on the planet lip-synched to "Love Is an Open Door."

And now Joey Boyes has gone viral with his very own version of the classic "Let It Go," putting an original twist on the track and receiving a well-deserved standing ovation at the end of his wedding speech.

Now that is true friendship!

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Remember the time that wedding cake literally blew up in that bride's face?

Or when that guy came flying out of nowhere to tackle that little girl and steal the tossed bouquet?

Or when that bridal party fell into that lake?

Such memories may be ones those involved in these ceremonies wish to forget - but they're captured for eternity below, as the awesome folks behind the YouTube channel FailArmy have compiled a Best of The Worst when it comes to weddings.

Did they include this groomsman kicking this bridesmaid in the head? Find out now!

Some folks, of course, want you to laugh WITH them on their big day, as opposed to laughing AT them.

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Tucker Blandford is alive and well.

And very, very sorry.

The 23-year old was set to marry Alex Lancaster, who Blandford met when the two attended college in Connecticut together in 2012, on August 15.

However, Blandford got such cold feet prior to the big day that he pretended as if he had perpetually cold feet... by faking his own death!

Lancaster - who described her fiancé as “such a gentlemen” and told The Daily Mirror she had “never been in love” like she was with Tucker - says she got a call a few months ago from a man claiming to be Blandford’s father.

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We already know that wedding photos can be beautiful, especially when a tornado is about to hit.

We also know they can be very wet, especially when a wave crashes on top of the newlyweds.

Heck, as evidenced by this amazing wedding GIFs, they can also be animated.

But did you also know they can be silly? Hilarious? Creative? Photoshopped?

We understand your big day is meant to be taken seriously, but that doesn't mean there can't be room for some humor, for some originality, for some... dinosaurs and marshmallow men.

Consider the following examples of couples and wedding parties that came up with ways to make their photos not just last a lifetime, but also provide a lifetime of laughter:

Yup, that's actor Jeff Goldblum and this is an awesome reenactment of Jurassic Park.

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