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Jimmy Kimmel likes to mock the weather in Los Angeles, especially when reporters FREAK OUT OVER THE RAIN.

On last night's edition of Jimmy Kimmel, however, the host prepared viewers for a forecast of sun, clouds and a definitely chance of.. male genitalia?!?

"There's actually someone at this show whose job it is to keep track of penis-shaped weather patterns," Kimmel told the audience. "His parents are very, very proud."

Kimmel then aired clips from Good Morning America and KCAL, among other shows and stations, which depicted meteorologists drawing penis-like shapes on their weather maps.

Why? Because penises are funny!

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Think the weather is making it tough on your job these days?

Consider the NBC Nightly News correspondent who got stuck in the mud on Friday, and then consider Fox29 reporter Steve Keeley, who was giving viewers a look at the snowy conditions in Woodstown, New Jersey Monday when he got totally destroyed by a plow.

This GIF speak for itself:

Steve Keeley Gets Destroyed by Snow Plow

Fortunately, Keeley escaped unharmed and with his sense of humor intact.

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In case you didn't hear the Apocalyptic news, it rained in Los Angeles last week.

A lot.

But that didn't prevent NBC reporter Miguel Almaguer from doing his job, as the journalist ventured into mud four feet deep in order to depict the dangerous conditions and to warn viewers about getting stuck in the mud as the rain poured down.

Almaguer then got stuck in the mud.


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Another creative soul out there is helping us smile through the pain of a never-ending polar vortex.

With one awesome family in North Carolina having devised their own snow day song, and two school administers parodying Ice Ice Baby for their cancelation announcement, WKRC Cincinnati reporter Bob Herzog is now having some fun with this awful weather.

In the following footage, Herzog explains that he's seen the animated hit Frozen twice and that he's watched "YouTube videos of the songs from the movie several thousand times" with his daughter at home.

Enter the track "Just Don't Go," something Herzog says  "really speaks to what a traffic man has to deal with when you have weather conditions like we've had this winter."

Watch this impressive take on "Let It Go" now.

Looking for more great moments in news?

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It's nice to see that the latest Snowpocalypse isn't killing people's senses of humor.

Earlier this week, two administrators at the Durham Academy in North Carolina announced a snow day by doing their best Vanilla Ice impression.

And now a totally awesome family in that same state has put together "Snow Day: The Musical," a song that demonstrates just how much kids adore days off from school...

... and how much parents feel the total opposite.

If this is what happens when Raleigh experiences its biggest storm in a decade, forgive us residents; we're cheering on Mother Nature going forward.

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