Sister Wives returns from hiatus tomorrow night.

Season 4 of the TLC hit, which kicked off back in July with the Browns settling into their new lives in their new homes, comes back with an episode whose title would scare off any husband: "Mother-in-Law Invasion."

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Wow. What a series finale!

Following three seasons, The CW agreed to a special arrangement for Maggie Q and the cast of Nikita: they could return for six concluding episodes, finishing off a fun run with a proper, fitting ending.

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It was a season that mocked Kim Kardashian and George Zimmerman.

It also parodied the craziness that sweeps the nation every year on Black Friday, while bringing religious leaders to Colorado and bringing viewers close to a taping of Yo Gabba Gabba.

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It's a season that began with a new companion and will conclude with a new doctor.

The premiere featured the return of a sworn nemesis, while subsequent episodes dealt with an unnamed spaceship… a visit to a Western town… and an underwater battle.

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