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It's safe to say Castle did not ring in the new year with one of its lighter episodes.

Quite the opposite, in fact, as Castle Season 6 Episode 11 featured an arsonist-turned-murder, a majorly charred corpse and the seemingly real possibility that Espo would miss the birth of his child.

Because he'd be dead.

"Under Fire," in fact, featured both Esposito and Ryan fighting for their lives, engulfed by flames in the basement of warehouse. A secret, sub-basement, that is.

How did they get out? We'll never tell. Watch Castle online now for the reveal:

Crime Scene on Castle

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27 women. One handsome single father. A world of hilarious craziness.

The Bachelor Season 18 kicked off last night with Hispanic hottie Juan Pablo Galavis front, center and often shirtless.

Instead of the regular 25 aspiring wives from which to choose, Juan Pablo was gifted two more desperate suitors, one of which brought her dog and another a stethoscope. You know, to be sure his heart was beating for her.

Was this the craziest move of the night? Come on. Of course not.

Sit back, watch The Bachelor online and take it all in now:

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The new year got off to an exciting start on MTV last night, as Teen Wolf Season 3 kicked off its back run of episodes.

With a narrowed focus that returned the main cast members to the forefront, "Anchors" was the ideal way to get back into the scary swing of things.

Forget outside forces attacking favorites such as Scott, Alison and Stiles. In this case, the actual sanity of these individuals was called into question.

Stiles had nightmares within nightmares. Alison saw some frightening stuff. And Sheriff Stilinski reopened some unsolved cases to take a look at them from a supernatural point of view.

We also met some new characters on the 2014 premiere, a couple especially intriguing ones.

Sit back and watch Teen Wolf online right now to catch up on anything you may have missed:

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It was a night of tattoos and awkward dinners, dog returns and cat fights.

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Carlton admitted she can be trampy and the awkward dinner at SUR concluded.

Kyle and Joyce took a golf lesson. Brandi kept saying stupid things. And Joyce couldn't stop complaining about how she's being treated. Is it possible she had never seen an installment of the series prior to signing up?

What else went down? Who is driving us the most crazy this week?

Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online now for the answer:

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Forget the Sister Wives.

Last night's installment of this TLC hit focused more on the the brotherly buds, as Kody spent time with a couple pals in Las Vegas.

One of them used to be especially close to the reality star, until they had a difference of opinion over Mormonism awhile back and actually went five years without speaking.

But, hey, that's nothing that a skydiving trip won't fix!

Elsewhere on the episode, Meri broke down over her place in the family once her daughter departs for college. Watch Sister Wives online now and watch her shed quite a few tears:

Sister Wives, Husband

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This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta...

  • Chuck acted like a total imbecile, first bringing up events from eighth grade (yes, eighth grade!) with Phaedra and then accusing Kandi of being a cheater.
  • Porsha realized that her marriage to Kordell could not be saved.
  • Cynthia started to maybe realize the same about Peter, especially when he pushed for a "man cave" in the face of the couple's financial and communication issues.
  • There was a stop at Dairy Queen.

What else went down on the installment? Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online now for the answer:

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American viewers returned to Downton Abbey last night.

But even though six months had passed since Matthew's tragic death, the mood around the estate was more dour than ever. Especially for poor Mary.

She finally lost it in the arms of Mr. Carson, having herself a "good cry" about life as a single mother.

Will she be able to move forward on Downton Abbey Season 4? It's hard to say, but Mary will have something to distract her: Matthew did not leave a will, meaning the residence is open to new ownership.

Will Robert make his move to take over again? Where did Miss O'Brien go? And who returned as a maid to take her place?

Watch Downton Abbey online for the answers to these questions and many more:

Sad Lady Mary

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The Good Wife kicked off 2014 with the answer to one question and the raising of another.

In regard to the first issue, we discovered the identity of Marilyn's baby daddy on the eleventh episode of what has been amazing fifth season.

In regard to the second, we were left to wonder: just how low will Will and Alicia stoop in order to defeat the other in court? There's no answer at the moment, but Alicia broke out an old dress this week in order to get inside the head of her ex-lover.

Did it succeed? Yes. And who is the father of Marilyn's impending child? Watch The Good Wife online now for that reveal:

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Let's face it: amnesia has been done before.

It's been done to death before, in fact, across pretty much every daytime drama that has ever existed.

So we were skeptical going into Revenge Season 3 Episode 11, afraid that Emily Thorne not having any kind of memory would cause this ABC drama to officially jump the shark.

Instead, however, the 2014 premiere reinvigorated the series. It set it on a new path, one that leaves us anxious for next Sunday night.

For what reason? Watch Revenge online now and find out for yourself!

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Brian is alive and well on Family Guy. So all problems for the Griffins are in the past, right?

Not exactly. Peter ran into a pretty big problem on Family Guy Season 12 Episode 9. A pretty big personal problem, that is.

The patriarch couldn't perform behind closed doors. Or, as he put it at one point, his "hog" could not "partake in the slop this evening" when it came to action between the sheets with Lois.

So what did Peter do? He turned to Quagmire and Joe for assistance. And they eventually helped Peter get his job back, which helped him get his mojo back.

Where did he and Lois end up doing it? Watch Family Guy online now for the answer:

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