Just how many people will die protecting Red Reddington?

The first half of a two-part episode of The Blacklist had fans asking that question last night, as viewers met Anslo Garrick, a man with serious motivation to take him down.

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With Friday's Nikita Season 4 Episode 1, the final mission of the CW series is underway. A mere five more installments remain before the series finale.

The fourth season opener, "Wanted," combined emotion, action and intrigue in typically strong fashion, no doubt leaving fans upset that this is the end.

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The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Episode 5 marked a major installment in the life of the CW series and its titular character, who lost her v-card to Weaver. O.M.G.

Between this event and the fact that he's reading the literal Carrie Diaries, fans are on pins and needles regarding what comes next for that young/old couple.

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