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Family Guy promised a significant death this fall, and Sunday, it delivered.

Sadly, and incredibly, Brian died in Family Guy Season 12 Episode 6.

Seth MacFarlane and the Fox series' writers not only went there, but they also dismantled Stewie's time machine so he can't go and rescue his friend.

Stewie even replaced poor Brian with Vinnie. It was a lot to take in.

Did you catch the episode? Do you want to watch it again for the first time? Just click below to see it in its entirety, and prepare for it to get dusty at home:

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It took until The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 8, but at long last, Jane finally came face to face with "Red John," the killer at whose hands his family was slain.

After six seasons of chasing the infamous serial killer, Patrick's quest culminated in an episode that will no doubt fans of the series with the resolution.

This storyline was as intricate and complicated as it was long-running, and The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 8 did not answer every single question.

Were you satisfied with how everything played out on the CBS drama? Did you find Sheriff McAllister a fitting Red John, one worthy of such major hype?

Click the photo to see the episode from start to finish below …

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For the second straight week, The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 backtracked to show us just what the Governor had been up to since the end of Season 3.

As a result, Rick stepping back into the fold, Carol being kicked out of the group, the flu outbreak and other developments remained on the back burner.

Whether that's a good thing or not depends on how invested you are in the Governor, and whether it plays a role in his development down the line.

As for the Governor, he grew a beard, bedded a newcomer, killed someone, took over a new group, felt conflicted, and pretty much reverted to his old ways.

So was The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 entertaining? Or did taking time away from Rick and the prison make it pure "Dead Weight," to use the title?

Click the pic above to watch the installment from start to finish!

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Thanksgiving came to The Big Bang Theory a week early, and despite portraying our beloved Penny as a bit moronic, was a pretty hilarious installment.

"The Thanksgiving Decoupling" featured plenty of Elvis-based wedding discussion, Zack proving Penny is better off with Leonard, and Sheldon getting drunk.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 9 would've been a hit with only that last item, if you stop and think about it, but overall it was one of the season's best.

Relive the best moments and quotes from the episode, or watch it for the first time if you missed it on CBS Thursday night, with a single click below ...

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Glee honored Billy Joel this week with Season 5 Episode 6, entitled "Movin' Out." The installment featured some terrific music, as you no doubt expect.

As for the acting and plot development? Somewhat marginal.

Given that Glee's timeline is all over the place these days, it's sometimes hard to keep track of events from that standpoint ... not that you need to care.

Glee Season 5 Episode 6 was all about Blaine auditioning for NYADA, Sam hitting the male modeling circuit, Santana snark and hints of a Sam/Rachel hookup.

Please, let it be so, Glee. Please.

What did you think of "Movin' Out" and are you enjoying the season so far? Want to see last night's show again, or for the first time? Watch it in full below ...

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Last week's Grey's Anatomy was an intense, character-centric installment that kept you riveted from start to finish, this week's was more of a lighthearted episode.

"Somebody that I Used to Know," Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 10, brought the focus back to the drama at GSMH and the doctors' personal lives.

In other words, classic Grey's, with a lot going on, plenty of laughs, some serious interludes and tons to discuss as we look ahead to the midseason finale.

Did you miss it? Want to see it a second time because it was totally worth it? Just click on the cute image of Jolex below to watch Grey's Anatomy online:

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With Silas, Amara and Tessa finally biting the dust last week, Elena and Caroline tried to throw a party to celebrate on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 8.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before that all fell apart.

Damon found out about Whitmore's secret society in "Dead Man on Campus," and as we saw at the end, it's one that will reveal a lot about him personally.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 8 reset the CW series with a mysterious new twist, while Stefan and Bonnie struggled to deal with their new realities.

What's up with Katherine, Matt and Nadia? And which character bit the dust just as he started to get interesting? There's a lot to discuss, that's for sure.

Which is what brought you here, so let's get down to it. Catch up with the Mystic Falls gang right now by clicking on the picture above for the full installment!

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Last night on Scandal Season 3 Episode 8, "Vermont is For Lovers Too," Olivia and her associates did their best to mitigate another crisis in the Josie Marcus campaign.

Meanwhile, Olivia's newly-revealed mother demanded to see her daughter, then went to some surprising extremes to make her point when that request is denied.

Elsewhere, Cyrus and Mellie moved ahead with their plot to use James to seduce Daniel Douglas, a plan that Cyrus later finds out he may have mis-gauged.

Later on Scandal Season 3 Episode 8, Quinn tried to cover her tracks regarding the guard's murder, and the President summoned Olivia to the Green Mountain State.

Want to see it from start to finish? Just click the image below ...

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Nashville Season 2 Episode 8 saw Luke Wheeler's tour open up in Tampa with young Scarlett opening for the big time country star and Gunnar writing for him.

After Gunnar writes a hit duet with an assist from Scarlett, Rayna performs it on stage with Luke and uses the performance as leverage in her feud with Jeff.

Elsewhere, Avery, ever the good friend, helped Juliette deal with the Wentworths and the surprising situation she found herself in at the end of last week.

Also, Peggy pretended to miscarry the baby she used to lock down Teddy, making for an eventful, musical and soapy Nashville Season 2 Episode 8.

Want to see it for yourself? Or watch it again if you already saw it last night? Just click the image of Scarlett below to watch "Hanky Panky Woman" ...

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Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 9 dealt with some "Strange Fruit," indeed.

The latest installment of the CBS procedural centered around a sad, emotional and gruesome (as always) story dating back to race relations in 1960s Virginia.

Unlike some episodes, we saw no over-the-top criminal or fictitious-seeming motive. The complex issue of interracial dating and the historical context hit home.

It was this true-to-life dynamic that stood out and made Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 9 particularly powerful, even for a show where that's to be expected.

Watch the episode in its entirety by clicking below and see for yourself:

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