It took until The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 8, but at long last, Jane finally came face to face with "Red John," the killer at whose hands his family was slain.

After six seasons of chasing the infamous serial killer, Patrick's quest culminated in an episode that will no doubt fans of the series with the resolution.

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For the second straight week, The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 backtracked to show us just what the Governor had been up to since the end of Season 3.

As a result, Rick stepping back into the fold, Carol being kicked out of the group, the flu outbreak and other developments remained on the back burner.

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Thanksgiving came to The Big Bang Theory a week early, and despite portraying our beloved Penny as a bit moronic, was a pretty hilarious installment.

"The Thanksgiving Decoupling" featured plenty of Elvis-based wedding discussion, Zack proving Penny is better off with Leonard, and Sheldon getting drunk.

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Glee honored Billy Joel this week with Season 5 Episode 6, entitled "Movin' Out." The installment featured some terrific music, as you no doubt expect.

As for the acting and plot development? Somewhat marginal.

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Last night on Scandal Season 3 Episode 8, "Vermont is For Lovers Too," Olivia and her associates did their best to mitigate another crisis in the Josie Marcus campaign.

Meanwhile, Olivia's newly-revealed mother demanded to see her daughter, then went to some surprising extremes to make her point when that request is denied.

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Nashville Season 2 Episode 8 saw Luke Wheeler's tour open up in Tampa with young Scarlett opening for the big time country star and Gunnar writing for him.

After Gunnar writes a hit duet with an assist from Scarlett, Rayna performs it on stage with Luke and uses the performance as leverage in her feud with Jeff.

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Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 9 dealt with some "Strange Fruit," indeed.

The latest installment of the CBS procedural centered around a sad, emotional and gruesome (as always) story dating back to race relations in 1960s Virginia.

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