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Someone is pregnant. Some young girls have vanished. And there's something new and promising (and funny!) on ABC on Wednesday nights.

Indeed, it was a busy evening of programming across the small screen yesterday, but don't worry if you didn't see everything: The Hollywood Gossip is here with a rundown, along with some very easy ways to watch TV online and catch up on all you may have missed.

Starting with the Nashville Season 3 premiere! It featured both a pregnancy AND a marriage proposal acceptance, along with a live performance. That's a whole lot to squeeze into one hour.

You can relive it here:

On Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 1, meanwhile, we picked up months after events on the May finale went down, with Olivia now mother to an orphaned baby.

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This week, on Bring It Season 2 Episode 6, the Baby Dancing Dolls took on the Baby Prancing Tigerettes, and the parents also got in on the action.

Yes, the parents. With a full routine no less!

If you watch Bring It online above, what you'll see on the latest episode of this Lifetime hit is Miss D getting the Baby Dancing Dolls ready to go up against their rivals.

Not just any rivals, either. Their biggest.

In fact, the Baby Prancing Tigerettes are the zenith of competition for them in many respects, the squad against which all others will forever be measured.

Meanwhile, the Dancing Doll Parents showed off their skills in a full routine they prepared for the competition. That was certainly not what a lot of us expected.

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After a month of waiting, Mila Kunis guest appearance on Two And a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher finally happened! And it was so worth the wait!

Kunis played Vivian, a traveling camper who just happened to show up on Walden Schmidt's doorstep and cause him to question whether or not he really loves his girlfriend, Kate.

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't seen the episode, you might be in for some spoilers if you keep reading.

My parents got it from that '70s show. What was it called? Oh, Maude!

My parents got it from that '70s show. What was it called? Oh, Maude!

Mila Kunis on Walden Schmidt calling her character's name, Vivian, "beautiful."

The episode contained reference after reference to both Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's romance off-screen as well as their on-screen turns as Jacki and Kelso from That 70s Show.

They also mocked rumors that a Mila Kunis-Ashton Kutcher sex tape exists. I mean, they did make a baby together, so we at least know they've gotten horizontal.

But have they filmed it?

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 concluded the show's fourth season in dramatic fashion, as a tour guide took the survivors (and us) inside Terminus.

The long awaited reunion of the survivors at the end of the train tracks posed as many new questions as it answered, however, and set the stage for Season 5.

Flashbacks of Rick and Carl as farmers at the prison contrasted ominously with the dark episode that was unfolding, as Rick broke bad like never before.

Seriously. What he did to those two ... wow. Just wow. Even for this show.

Titled simply "A," The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 was jarring at times and suspenseful throughout, from the onset to the closing moments.

Why were they ushered into the train car? And who will make it out alive?

Take your first look inside Terminus, tell us whether it's really a cannibal community and share your theories after you watch The Walking Dead online:

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Family Guy is back, and as awkwardly hilarious as ever. Even by Family Guy standards, Seth MacFarlane and his team outdid themselves this time out.

The crux of Sunday night's Family Guy Season 12 Episode 13 was Peter's mom passing away. This could have been a tragic and emotional experience.

This is Peter Griffin, though, so we saw something different: Him forming a special bond with one of her friends, an older woman, Evelyn voiced by Lauren Bacal.

Eventually, she tries to kiss Peter in a turn of events that could not be more uncomfortable or funny at the same time. In other words, it was vintage Family Guy.

The events did take a toll on Stewie, however, as the young one grew distraught at the inevitability of death (Brian "dying" earlier this season notwithstanding).

Want to see it for yourself? Just watch Family Guy online at TV Fanatic now!

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Ah, The Bachelor: Women Tell All special. How we love/abhor thee.

Instead of showing us the gripping conclusion of a season that just started getting good, ABC forced us to rehash the previous eight weeks last night.

For two hours. We're not new here, but man, that is a tough blow.

Not as tough as the ones absorbed by Juan Pablo Galavis, at least. It's comforting to know that as much as we suffered to get through this, so did he.

He was put through the ringer by Andi Dorfman once again, as well as others he has offended (if you watch The Bachelor online, you know why) this winter.

The guy is kind of a putz, but that's okay. What did you expect? And we're all still curious who he picks next week and whether he's engaged to Clare or Nikki.

We're guessing not, regardless of who he picks. Call it a hunch.

Anyway, The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 10 is online and available for cringe-worthy, awkward, almost all filler viewing! Just follow the links above to do so!

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The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 9 saw Juan Pablo get sent packing ... in a manner or speaking. Andi Dorfman left the show, but she did the dumping.

To call it trouble in paradise would be the understatement of all time.

If you read any of The Bachelor spoilers, you knew Andi was outta there.

Still, nothing could've predicted exactly whta that played out Tuesday.

Even promises of "Fantasy Suite nightmares" and teases from Chris Harrison that Juan Pablo can't handle being The Bachelor didn't prepare us.

Andi Dorfman took Juan Pablo to TASK the morning after their overnight date, calling it a disaster and calling him out personally for his actions.

We didn't see exactly how this about-face occurred ... but wow.

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The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 8 saw Juan Pablo send Renee Oteri packing, narrowing the field down to three ahead of tonight's special Tuesday installment.

Did his rocky hometown dates just foreshadow trouble in paradise?

It sure felt like it, as Juan Pablo battled hard, sometimes in vain, to win the approval of the ladies' families. In Andi Dorfman's case, boy did he come up short.

If you read The Bachelor spoilers, you know what's coming next.

Or at least what supposedly does. You can never totally trust the spoilers until you watch the events play out on ABC for yourself, but they're usually on point.

It's also been pretty much stated by Chris Harrison himself that the tables are turned on El Bachelor tonight, as one of the women decides to peace out.

Thus, the promise of Fantasy Suite nightmares on the horizon.

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Last night on FX, Justified Season 5 Episode 3 saw Daryl Crowe play a major role, Boyd continue to let down Ava and Raylan get close to a social worker.

Hard to blame Raylan for being blinded by Amy Smart's good looks?

Might her character be up to something that's more than meets me eye? That hint was dropped, but it remains to be seen what becomes of her character.

That wasn't even the half of it from this acclaimed drama, either.

Click the photo to watch Justified online from start to finish!

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Supernatural Season 9 Episode 11 provided fans of the long-running CW cult smash with a new twist, as the Winchester brothers were split up and partnered with others.

Not to fear, though. Both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki got plenty of air time, and the Winchesters each got their man (spirit?) at the end of the day.

In one storyline, we saw Castiel try to extract grace from Sam to help him find Gadreel. In another, Dean and Crowley sought the weapon that could off Abaddon.

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 11 also introduced fan to father of murder, Cain, who offered Dean a pact and revealed the truth behind his brother Abel's death.

It was an eventful night, to say the least, and you can watch Supernatural online below to relive the emotion, action and hotness from start to finish:

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