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In terms of winning the Internet, it's hard to beat a naked Justin Bieber selfie.

But Tom White may have accomplished the feat yesterday just by strolling around his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.

Because look who the young man ran into there: Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett!

Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett Selfie

An excited White is giving a thumbs-up in the snapshot he posted to Instagram, which raises multiple questions:

  1. What were McCartney and Buffett discussing?
  2. Has there ever been two photograph subjects with a greater combined net worth?
  3. Did White need his parents to tell him who Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett are?

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Warren Buffett is now on Twitter, ladies and gentlemen.

The 82-year-old sadly did not select the handle @OracleOfOmaha, opting for the simpler @WarrenBuffett when he joined the service this morning.

His entire, awesome Twitter history to date:

Buffett on Twitter

"Warren is in the house." Enough said.

The handle has not yet been verified by Twitter, because it's only been about an hour and fifteen minutes, during which he's gained 73,000 followers.

However, it was confirmed by Fortune, which hosted the Berkshire Hathaway CEO and one of the world's richest people on a live webcast Thursday.

Other recent big-name converts to the social media site include Rupert Murdoch (@RupertMurdoch) and the Big Dog himself, Bill Clinton (@BillClinton).

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Warren Buffett turns 82 years old today, and the Oracle of Omaha marked the occasion by donating $100 million to his three kids' foundations. Yes ... $100 million.

The Berkshire Hathaway founder made the generous gift to his offspring via stock in his conglomerate. The extra amount would be worth a shade over $102 million.

Far from shabby. Here’s Buffett's letter to the kids, signed “Love, Dad.”

Warren Buffett Photo

Dear Susie, Howie and Peter:

It’s been six years since my pledge of 17,500,000 Berkshire B shares (adjusted for a 50 for 1 split) to each of your foundations.

I knew you would apply your considerable brains and energies in order to make the most of the funds from my gift. However, you have exceeded my high expectations.

Your mother would be as proud of you as I am. I see her influence in what you are accomplishing.

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