Kylie Jenner certainly appears to be publicly showing her support for her father Bruce Jenner and his gender transition in a new video posted on Vine.

His loving 17-year-old daughter put together a collage of Bruce Jenner photos through the years, set to Drake’s fittingly-titled song “How About Now" ...

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Nash Grier, a 16-year-old who is somehow the most followed person on Vine, is seen in this video yelling a gay slur. And we mean full-on yelling, angrily.

It's pretty shocking. The video, which he posted in April and quickly deleted, surfaced only after Tyler Oakley, another social media star, posted it online.

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Talk about a modern break-up.

A Vine user named "Khoaliti" posted a seven-second clip to the video-sharing service this week, which depicts him being yelled at by his girlfriend for liking another woman's posts on Instagram. BIG MISTAKE, dude.

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