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Nash Grier, a 16-year-old who is somehow the most followed person on Vine, is seen in this video yelling a gay slur. And we mean full-on yelling, angrily.

It's pretty shocking. The video, which he posted in April and quickly deleted, surfaced only after Tyler Oakley, another social media star, posted it online.

The Vine clip features a TV commercial about HIV, in which several men seek to debunk the notion that the disease that leads to AIDS is "a gay thing."

Grier clearly does not agree with the message of the PSA:

Play it yourself if you want to see exactly what he says.

It's not clear how Oakley got his hands on Nash Grier's stunning Vine reaction to the HIV ad - whether he was kidding or not - and was appalled, blasting it out.

TMZ then shared the clip as well.

Grier, owner of some of the most-viewed snippets in the history of Vine as well as the most followers, has yet to address the controversy on his account.

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The shovel attack on Miranda Fugate has prompted a criminal investigation, according to reports, and her attacker could end up in serious legal trouble.

Shovel Girl GIF

Miranda, a.k.a. "Girl Hit with Shovel," became a sensation on Vine two days ago after the clip of her getting destroyed by the airborne metal object surfaced.

The hit was so bad, there was even a hoax that the punishment left Miranda Fugate dead; this is not the case, and a good thing to for alleged assailant Emily Powers.

The two girls were fighting when one grabbed a shovel and charged the other, who tried to flee. Miranda was nailed her in the back of the head as she peaced out.

The Miami County Sheriff's office in Ohio says they're looking into it, assigning a deputy to investigate after they were contacted by the girls' high school.

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As we ring in 2014 in a matter of hours, now is a perfect time to pause and reflect on the year that was ... by wasting time looking at the Best Vines of 2013.

"Best" is a term used loosely in this case, of course.

Designed to spread viral clips spanning six seconds or less, Vine has transformed social media into even more of an ADD-inducing haze. But a fun one!

Check out hundreds of rapid-fire highlights below!

From Slap camming (a more harmless Knockout Game) to BatDad-ing, getting hit by cars and everything in between, Vine was weird, lame, hilarious and embarrassing.

All at the same time. It's like a microcosm for the Internet. A lot of animals and cute little kids made the above montage at least, so that's good. Everyone likes those!

As we bid adieu to 2013, check out what is probably our favorite Vine (Zombie Prank) as well as the best news bloopers from the past 12 months. They're classics:

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A disabled New Jersey high school student not only turned his disability into a hilarious Vine account, he may end up with a cameo on The Walking Dead.

Nick Santonastasso, 17, was born with only one arm and no legs ... a tragedy, but one he turns into instant comedy with a string of viral prank videos.

His "Zombie Prank" account features himself in zombie mode, full-on terrorizing people, Walking Dead style, in situations such as this one. Pretty hilarious:

Nick's fan base has grown on Vine and a petition with more than 1,500 signatures is circulating to get the teenager on AMC's hit zombie cable series.

He hasn't received a call from the show's producers yet to make it official, but says he's optimistic it will happen, given the groundswell of support.

His online notoriety is not without critics, however.

Nick takes a lot of heat from people saying he reduces his disability to an object of mockery ... but it seems like he's just making the best of it, don't you think?

Ponder that thought and sound off in the comments ... and watch The Walking Dead online if you haven't seen it, then picture Nick's dream coming true.

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Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" music video was recreated using a pendulum statue at Grand Valley State, which was not happy with its students' antics.

The Allendale, Mich., college boasts a pendulum statue comprised of a 42-inch steel ball hanging on a 50-foot cable. It's one serious "Wrecking Ball."

Used by numerous drunk students to produce naked Vines.

This got so bad that the school intervened. The campus landmark, which has been up for years, has since been taken down. According to reports:

"After several naked Vine videos imitating Miley Cyrus, Grand Valley State University has taken down the pendulum structure better known as the GV Wrecking Ball."

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Talk about a modern break-up.

A Vine user named "Khoaliti" posted a seven-second clip to the video-sharing service this week, which depicts him being yelled at by his girlfriend for liking another woman's posts on Instagram. BIG MISTAKE, dude.

The girlfriend then slaps this 19-year old in the back of the head when she sees him filming their exchange. Khoaliti's subsequent message? "You guys just witness my break up... #Damn."

Doesn't sound like he's too broken up about the split, huh? Watch now:

We somehow doubt there will be a divorce cake in this couple's future.

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Ever wondered what Super Mario Bros. would look like if it were recreated with food? If so ... you probably smoke more pot than Justin Bieber and should cool it.

If not, behold, a Vine user has brought this concept to fruition!

Hunter Harrison used Vine to reenact the 8-bit NES classic, making a red fruit snack Mario sprints through a delicious land of graham crackers and Cheez-Its.

In a follow-up video, Mario deftly dodges a Koopa Troopa shell, ascends the Cheez-It wall and leaps to grap the flagpole and reach the Chex castle at last.

Hopefully for his next video, Hunter makes one with healthy recipes. But for now, this is another testament to the greatness of the web. And a stocked pantry.

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