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The wildly popular iPhone app game Candy Crush Saga is making headlines lately because its creator, King, hopes to take his company public.

Not surprising, given its insane, infuriatingly addictive nature.

Candy Crush Saga

If you've never tried Candy Crush Saga, we recommend either turning back now or conducting a thorough assessment of your life before you kiss it goodbye.

Why do we say that? There are so many reasons ...

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Fun fact: Michael Bay has only had two films reach above a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

But when it comes to giant action flicks, there's nobody....not better...what's the word I'm looking for?

Let's go with "Explodier."

That's why Bay is working with Ubisoft and Warner Bros. to develop a movie adaptation of the Ghost Recon video game.

Ghost Recon Image

The director, who is currently working on Transformers 4, may or may not direct the film. That all depends on what direction the screenwriter--yet to be found--decides to go with the project.

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Industry executives, analysts and press are headed to L.A. today for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 2013, the #1 U.S. gaming trade show.

With the imminent release of two new consoles - the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One - this year's E3 promises to be especially noteworthy.

Sony Controller

There are also likely to be huge innovations in games, gaming technology and accessories on display at E3. Here's a rundown on what you can expect ...

Microsoft will be showing off a whopping 20 games today. The company behind XBox One released a teaser trailer for its E3 2013 showing last week.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is expected to be announced for Xbox One during Microsoft’s E3 conference, following confirmation of PS4 and PC versions.

Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay will be shown during Microsoft’s E3 conference, care of Activision; the publisher gave gamers an early glimpse of footage.

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A man in New Zealand would rather spend time behind bars than in front of his television.

Senior Constable Paul Nicholas confirms that a Whangarei resident told police on Tuesday that he's "run out of Xbox games to play" and would therefore prefer to spend the final month of his 11-month detention sentence in jail.

Xbox Pic

The unidentified individual is 19 years old and made it clear that he would violate the terms of his house arrest if authorities did not take him in.

They abided and he is now an inmate at Ngawha prison.

For some, it's clear Xbox One cannot arrive quickly enough.

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Microsoft brought out the heavy hitters this afternoon for a press conference that introduced the world to Xbox One.

Following Sony releasing a teaser for PlayStation 4, Microsoft aired a retrospective video from its headquarters that featured Bill Gates, Cliff Bleszinski, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and J.J. Abrams all touting the pop culture importance of Xbox.

Xbox One Picture

From there, Entertainment Business President Don Mattrick unveiled the Xbox One console.

It's a black and silver component with a Kinect seeing eye on the left and "i's built to amaze on day one and continually approve in the generation ahead," Mattrick said.

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Sony has given fans their first look at the console of PlayStation 4.

Sort of.

The following teaser video is brief, blurry and features many quick cuts, mostly teasing the real first look that will take place on June 10. But the company clearly wanted to get something up prior to Microsoft making an Xbox-related announcement later today.

So watch now and prepare for PlayStation 4 to be available in time for the holiday season:

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Google is commemorating the 37th anniversary of the classic Atari game Breakout with an awesome Easter egg, so to speak, within its Image Search.

All you need to do is run an image search on "Atari Breakout."

When you do, your results will be displayed and organized into a Breakout-style game, which requires the player to demolish brick walls with a ball!

Atari Breakout

The 1976 game was a takeoff on the 1972 game, Pong.

Yes ... Pong. The single-bit mother of all video games.

The best part? Google's tribute is playable. And as addicting as the Atari version. We recommend checking it out two minutes before you have to go somewhere.

That way you won't waste hours playing.

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The Detroit Lions may not win very often on the field.

But the team has now gone back-to-back where it really counts: The Madden video game cover!

Following in the cleat-steps of Calvin Johnson last year, legendary running back Barry Sanders was voted the cover star of this wildly popular video game's 25th edition, beating out an impressive field in the process.

Madden 25 Cover

Sanders triumphed over Ray Lewis, Marcus Allen, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice on his way to the finals, defeating Adrian Peterson in the championship yesterday.

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You've never seen Pac-Man and Donkey Kong quite like this before.

A guy with a lot of love for old school arcade games (and evidently time on his hands) hit up a local office supply store for a few thousand Post-it notes.

He then spent who knows how long recreating scenes from the aforementioned games using the colorful note-takers and stop-motion video technique.

The result is tribute to 8-bit glory ... and it's pretty freaking cool::

In other DK news ... check out this hacked Donkey Kong edition!

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You win again, Internet. Let us pause and bow down.

An awesome YouTube user has inserted Nicolas Cage's face into the Nintendo 64 classic The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and it's as hilarious as it is elaborate.

Cage's face appears on Link's shield. In the form of fairies. On countless, random creatures. This is more entertaining than watching Ghost Rider 2 by a mile.

Behold, The Legend of Cage ...

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