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Grand Theft Auto has long held the stigma of being "that game where you shoot everyone and run over hookers" but it appears they are trying to class up their act with Grand Theft Auto V.

Yes, we can discuss how there's three main characters now instead of just the one. Sure, it'd be easy to focus on 'voyeur' aspect included with those three characters. 

However, I'd rather take a moment and talk about the leisure aspects in this new Grand Theft Auto ...

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For a Potterhead like myself, the world seemed to come to a slight screeching halt when the last movie came out. What were we going to do? What did we have to look forward to?

Thankfully Pottermore was announced in 2011, and the magical anticipation was renewed. Then this past year, Playstation got in the game and Sony brought Pottermore to Playstation Home.

You can walk through Diagon Alley and unlike the Google Maps Harry Potter Universe, this is all interactive. Go have your wand choose you in Olivanders and visit the Weasley twins in their shop. 

You can ride the Hogwarts Express, visit the Great Hall, and after you've linked your Pottermore account, you can even hang out in your House's Great Room.

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Oh, NCAA Football, why do I continue to get drawn in to your web?

Every year I tell myself, I will not buy this game again and yet every year, here I am - day of launch and my fingers itching to play. 

One of the biggest selling points of NCAA Football 14 is better control over the option. Georgia Tech and Navy fans rejoice! The rest of us? Meh.

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Video game journalist and podcaster Ryan Davis, known for his devout fan following in the tight-knit community, died last week at the age of 34.

Giant Bomb, the news gaming site he co-founded, confirmed Davis' death.

Ryan Davis Image

Davis had a visible online presence through the popular podcast "the Giant Bombcast" he hosted every week to discuss industry news and review games.

A former editor at GameSpot, he co-founded Giant Bomb in 2008. Three years later, Time magazine named it one of the top 50 websites of the year.

The cause of Ryan Davis' death was not immediately given by Giant Bomb.

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What would happen if you took part of Anchorman's story and translated it into a classic game like Earthbound?


I dare you to not watch this multiple times in a row. There's just something about the NES feel and the stay classy story that draws you in and comforts you.

While not true 8-bit, 60% of the time it gives a nostalgic feel, every time.

Need more Action News crew in your day? Check out this Anchorman 2 trailer!

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Ever wondered what Super Mario Bros. would look like if it were recreated with food? If so ... you probably smoke more pot than Justin Bieber and should cool it.

If not, behold, a Vine user has brought this concept to fruition!

Hunter Harrison used Vine to reenact the 8-bit NES classic, making a red fruit snack Mario sprints through a delicious land of graham crackers and Cheez-Its.

In a follow-up video, Mario deftly dodges a Koopa Troopa shell, ascends the Cheez-It wall and leaps to grap the flagpole and reach the Chex castle at last.

Hopefully for his next video, Hunter makes one with healthy recipes. But for now, this is another testament to the greatness of the web. And a stocked pantry.

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Justin Carter, a Texas teenager, was arrested over a sarcastic Facebook comment and is now on suicide watch, according to multiple news outlets.

Justin Carter Photo

Carter, 19, was taken into custody in February after an argument he had on the social network regarding the online video game League of Legends.

"[S]omeone had said something to the effect of 'Oh you're insane, you're crazy, you're messed up in the head,’" his father Jack recalled to an ABC.

"To which [Justin] replied 'Oh yeah, I'm real messed up in the head, I'm going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still, beating hearts.'"

The next two lines were "lol" and "jk" - but not everyone found it funny.

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Imagine playing Pac-Man, but instead of the overhead view, the game was a first-person, 3-D experience where you had no clue where the ghosts were.

Now you can play this, thanks to Kongregate and Tom Davies, who created FPS-Man, a revamped, first-person edition to the classic arcade game.

As you can see in the demonstration below, the first-person player must eat up the pac-dots as usual, just with no idea what's lurking ahead of you.

This makes for more strategic and scary gameplay:

Pac-Man in First-Person

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The wildly popular iPhone app game Candy Crush Saga is making headlines lately because its creator, King, hopes to take his company public.

Not surprising, given its insane, infuriatingly addictive nature.

Candy Crush Saga

If you've never tried Candy Crush Saga, we recommend either turning back now or conducting a thorough assessment of your life before you kiss it goodbye.

Why do we say that? There are so many reasons ...

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Fun fact: Michael Bay has only had two films reach above a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

But when it comes to giant action flicks, there's nobody....not better...what's the word I'm looking for?

Let's go with "Explodier."

That's why Bay is working with Ubisoft and Warner Bros. to develop a movie adaptation of the Ghost Recon video game.

Ghost Recon Image

The director, who is currently working on Transformers 4, may or may not direct the film. That all depends on what direction the screenwriter--yet to be found--decides to go with the project.

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