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Everyone got a chance to check out the Mad Max gameplay trailer that was missing gameplay, but only those lucky enough to be in San Diego have the opportunity to grab one of these Mad Max posters, available at Warner Bros booth at Comic-Con.

 Mad Max Comic-Con Poster

From artist Shane Davis, it looks pretty awesome!

Of course that clenched fist might be more evidence to the theory that Mad Max will rely heavily on melee in its gameplay but that double barrel is nothing to sneeze at, for sure.

Mad Max will be released in 2014.

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That's right, Firefly is back!

Well, sort of. With this Firefly Online announcement trailer we get a little glimpse of the new game being released next summer.

Players are ship captains that find a crew and then find a job. Easy as that. 

This is an MMO so you'll be playing against millions of other captains and their crews. Whether or not there will be different classes of captains, like characters in other MMO's, or even other characters beyond just the captain of the ship, remains to be seen.

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I can not tell you how many times I've seen a bird fly off into space, not hitting anything or anypig, while playing Angry Birds Star Wars and thought to myself, "man, I really wish I could miss that box of TNT while playing on this on my XBox."

Well it appears as if Rovio and Activision have heard my bitter mutterings as they are bringing Angry Birds Star Wars to all consoles, including hand-helds!

According to the press release, in addition to the levels already in the mobile game, there will be an additional 20 levels of Angry Birds Star Wars.

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It's time for a new Injustice DLC and this time it's the alien from Mars himself, Martian Manhunter!

In a great gameplay trailer (unlike the Mad Max gameplay trailer), we get a chance to see Martian Manhunter fight John Stewart, member of the Green Lantern Corps which is a Green Lantern skin available as well in the DLC.

Looks pretty good right? I'm particularly a fan of the "blink and John Stewart looks around confused" move. 

No word yet on when this DLC will drop.

Need more video games news today? How about checking out this story on Desert Bus, the worst game ever!

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On the opposite end of the spectrum where my Top 10 Summer Video Games sit on one end, the mid-90s gem Desert Bus sits on the other. 

Simon Parkin of the New Yorker recently wrote an article on just how boring Desert Bus is and I thought to myself, "really? Can it be that bad?"

Well 99 cents and fifteen minutes later... yes, yes it can.

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We are in the midst of summer and while the fall and holiday times are the more traditional big video game release times, summer has some gems as well. So I present - My Top Ten Summer Games!!! 

And the crowd goes wild!!!

Okay, let's do this.

10. NHL14 -- September 10th

Had you told me yesterday that NHL14 would even come close to a "most anticipated" list, I would have laughed in your face. Now? Well thanks to the NHL94 Anniversary mode trailer this quickly became a most wanted.

9. Payday 2 -- August 13th

I really enjoyed the first Payday and this sequel would be higher up on the list if I didn't already play the stealth mission based, Hitman. That and I just can not get past the fact that you are able to still hold a gun with two hands while carrying a body.

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So apparently everything that was old is now new again. Yesterday I laughed about returning to 1982 with this Rambo video game trailer but now we are heading back to 1994.

With this "NHL 94 Anniversary Mode" trailer, as part of NHL 14!

Before this moment, NHL 14 wasn't even a blip on my radar. I'm still playing NHL 08 and haven't felt the need to upgrade. Until today. 

NHL 94 was one of the greatest old school games ever. Eh-ver.

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After the awfulness that was the Rambo video game trailer, we get a good look at one of my most anticipated new games with the Assassin's Creed 4 trailer.

The Assassin's Creed franchise has always excelled at beautiful art and it looks like AC4 is no different. Not only that but what an upgrade we get in this newest game.

From a horse to now Captain of a ship? Yes, please.

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When I woke up this morning my first thought was, "man I really wish there was a new Rambo game I could play and relive all those fabulous 80s era memories" and like manna from heaven... here it is! 

Check out the Rambo game trailer below!

Admittedly, I have not kept up (read: watched anything beyond the first twenty minutes of the first movie) with the Rambo franchise so I really couldn't tell you which movie this game was based on, if any at all.

However, I can say that Stallone has never looked better. His skin is so smooth with just the right amount of stubble. Well done. Truly.

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