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Former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi, who introduced the world to Super Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong, died this morning of pneumonia in Japan.

The video game pioneer was 85 years old.

Yamauchi was president of the company from 1949 (seriously) until 2002. He first introduced the Nintendo Entertainment System to America in 1985.

At the time of Nintendo's inception, it was a playing card company, but needless to say, it changed with the times to become the behemoth it is today.

Hiroshi left the company in 2002, and reportedly declined to accept a pension of $9-14 million annually, claiming Nintendo could put it to better use.

With an estimated net worth of over $2 billion, Hiroshi Yamauchi was the 13th richest man in Japan. He is survived by his wife and three adult children.

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Ben Affleck being cast as Batman didn't bring down Twitter.

And, despite Charlie Hunnam landing the lead in Fifty Shades of Grey, this social network is still standing.

But now there's a new challenge to the existence of Twitter: Grand Theft Auto V, the wildly popular video game that went on sale today and is expected to surpass a record by selling 25 million copies over the next year.

Users have purchased the game and then taken to their online accounts to express their pleasure... take selfies within the game... and/or bid farewell forever to their social lives.

Watch the following video to get an idea of just how crazy Twitter has gone in the wake of this release and be glad you aren't a digitalized hooker right about now:

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Note to everyone who called in sick this morning to work:

Happy Madden Release Day!

Yes, the most popular video game ever invented celebrates its 25th anniversary today, with Madden NFL 25 now on the shelves and millions of men around the country now on their sofas.

At this point, there's not much difference between versions, though creators have clearly made an effort to recognize the impact of such players as Colin Kaepnerick and Robert Griffin III in the league.

To wit: the San Francisco 49ers and Washington Redskins feature the Pistol formation with several Read Option plays.

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The Iron Man 3 DVD/Blu-Ray is set to hit stores next month but that hasn't stopped people from wanting more Tony Stark in their lives right now.

That's why the people over at MovieClips put together this Iron Man 3 16-Bit video game.

All the classic video game sound effects, the great attempts at recreating pictures with 16-bits, even the Black Sabbath nod there at the end... awesome.

Check it out below!

Of course the biggest question raised by this video is this: Would Iron Man really need to take the elevator?

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Dead Rising 3 is coming to the XBox One! The next chapter in the popular zombie killing series has been long awaited since Dead Rising 2 was released in September of 2010. 

Now the wait is almost over... check out the Dead Rising 3 trailer below!

While not quite as impressive as the new Witcher 3 trailer, the CG work in this new trailer is still pretty. Well as pretty as killing zombies with a chainsaw is going to get.

Dead Rising 3 hits stores sometime in November of this year.

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Eminem is back with "Survival," a song to be featured on the forthcoming game Call of Duty: Ghosts. That would be noteworthy enough, but his collaborator is adding to the buzz.

Liz Rodrigues, an unfamiliar but luring vocalist, sings the hook:

"This is survival of the fittest / This is do or die."

Liz Rodrigues is a member of the New Royales, an up-and-coming group that has also worked with 50 Cent, Jay Electronica, Slaughterhouse, Pitbull and the Clipse.

Dr. Dre has reportedly  deemed the New Royales "the new crack," and they haven't even put out their first mixtape, Freedom's For the Brave, yet.

How long until the music world gets hooked? And what do you think of Rodrigues' collaboration with Eminem for Call of Duty: Ghosts? Comment below!

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It appears as if The Witcher 3 would like to be in the Best Video Game Intros conversation.

Check out this new The Witcher 3 trailer below!

With this "Killing Monsters" trailer, the animators are giving a masterclass on how far CG has come in recent years. The facial expressions, especially of the girl and the dude spitting, are incredible. 

Not to mention Garalt's movements as he kills with ease. So beautiful.

The Witcher 3 is scheduled to be released sometime in 2014. Hopefully soon they'll announce a firm date!

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Are you one of those gamers that spends the entire opening button mashing so you can just skip ahead to the action? 

Well you are missing out my friend because video game intros can, at times, be some of the best parts of the game. Whether it be our first look at the main character or a return visit and we finally get a chance to see what they've been up to between games.

Check out the top ten best video game intros below!

Obviously this list stuck to consoles only because otherwise the lack of Blizzard cinematics would be criminal. 

But what about games like Hitman? Or my personal favorite, Fable 3, with the ill-fated badass chicken?

What are your favorite video game intros? Let us know down in the comments!

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Rayman Legends was on my Top Ten Summer Games list for good reasons. It's a side-scroller that isn't dumb, the characters are entertaining, and it's just fun to play.

Now there's even more reason to check out Rayman Legends if you have a Wii U.

It's Mario and Luigi! 

Obviously these are exclusive to the Wii U which is a bummer for other console owners. However, there's no reason to stay blue because Rayman Legends is coming in less than a month! It will be released on September 3rd.

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Whether you are a XBox or Playstation fan, there's no denying that the new consoles are exciting in their own right. True, there are pros and cons to either side but the fact that it's next generation time is still exhilarating!

There hasn't been an "official" PS4 unboxing as of yet but today Major Nelson took to his blog to show us the Day 1 Edition of the XBox One.

Outside of the controller additions (the Day 1 logo and the chrome d-pad) it doesn't appear that there is much different from this version than the regularly purchased editions. 

An updated Kinect, with a wider range so you can use it in any room, better voice control capabilities, 500GB hard drive... all good things. The USB on the side is a little odd but I suppose that isn't a make or break thing.

Plus, a sticker!!!

Your move Sony.

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