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As evidenced many years ago in the Kim Kardashian sex tape, this reality star knows a thing or two about making money off video.

But not even the profits made off Ray J pounding his then-girlfriend compare to the amount of cash Kim has banked from Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the freemium app in which users climb up the A-list alongside Kim Kardashian as they emulate her nauseating lifestyle.

According to the Quarter 3 earnings report from Glu Mobile - the company that developed the game - Kim Kardashian: Hollywood made $43.4 million in the last quarter alone. 

Kim Kardashian Video Game Still

This figure accounts for more than was made off the 10 other top-selling Glu Mobile–owned app games combined, including such hits as Deer Hunter and Amazing Battle Creatures.

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The idea of Minecraft and Lego joining forces is not new, but it's about to be launched officially. Check out these leaked photos from Russian store Mir Kubikovan:

Lego + Minecraft!
Cross promotional marketing at its best. Look for these Minecraft Legos in stores soon, thanks to these leaked photos.

The new Minecraft Lego sets (translated, according to Gizmodo, as Cave, Dragon Edge, Farm, First Night, and Workbench) are reportedly set to hit stores this fall.

The chain of franchise Lego stores in Russia has placed the new Minecraft sets in their online store, despite the fact that they aren't being rolled out until November.

Before then, you can scroll through the gallery above to see the fun images of these new Minecraft sets and figures, which look very ... Lego. And Minecraft.

Safe to say this is gonna work.

Let's hear it for cross-promotional marketing among corporate behemoths as we fire up the digital version we'll have to be content with for a few more weeks.

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His films, his stand-up routines and his talk show appearances will all live forever.

And now Robin Williams will also live forever in the world of video games. In the world of World of Warcraft, to be specific.

Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind this insanely popular franchise, announced on Thursday that a Williams character will be added to an upcoming version of its game.

“It will most likely be a character inspired by him or some of his favorite roles of the past,” said lead game designer Ion Hazzikostas.

The move comes days after Williams killed himself via hanging at the age of 63.

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Kim Kardashian sat across from Matt Lauer this morning on Today, confirming that North West has grown, that she's in a "mama's girl" phase and that, yes, she'll have a second child at some point.

Kim also talked in detail about her video game, following complaints that kids are spending too much money trying to emulate her expensive lifestyle online.

Author Ayelet Waldman especially took Kim and her family to task, referring to the Kardashians as "evil" and "vile" after her son spent hundreds of dollars playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

Kim Kardashian Today Show Appearance

"You just have to make sure that your parental controls are all set,” Kim told Lauer. “I think you just have to be responsible, and don’t have your credit card linked to where your kid can just spend if they want to, or ask permission."

Okay. That's actually perfectly reasonable.

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As previously/depressingly reported, the Kim Kardashian video game stands to make its featured star $85 million this year.

And Ayelet Waldman is here to tell you why: Because it scams children out of their money!

The author (who is married to best-selling novelist Michae Chabon) WENT OFF on the Kardashians yesterday via Twitter, slamming the family for how Kim Kardashian: Hollywood reaps its crazy profits.

The Kim Kardashian Video Game
Congratulations! You're Kim Kardashian! Minus 200.

"Evil, vile Kardashian Hollywood tricked my 11 yr old into spending $120 in 2 days,” Waldman wrote. “He’s crying hysterically. Pox on those f*ckers."

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The country’s Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Water created mass confusion online last night w”hen it labeled itself a “C-list celebrity" in the mobile Kim Kardashian video game.

From the @EPAwater account, the bizarre message read:

"I’m now a C-List celebrity in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Come join me and become famous too by playing on iPhone!"

EPA Tweet

Was the organization's account hacked? Was someone there playing a prank?

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Think the Kim Kardashian sex tape made this reality star into one of the richest women in Hollywood?

We're hope you're sitting down for the following news, THGers:

Insiders tell TMZ that the talent-free A-Lister is set to bank $85 million off the iPhone video game app that bears her name and likeness.

Yes, $85 million. That's more than all of Kim's other business ventures put together.

The Kim Kardashian Video Game
Congratulations! You're Kim Kardashian! Minus 200.

The Kim Kardashian video game (“Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”) will gross over $200 million this year. Expenses to create it did not exceed $10 million and Kim receives 45% of net profits.

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How do you turn this on? How do you play this thing? You call these graphics?!?

In their latest video, Los Angeles-based filmmakers Benny and Rafi Fine gathered a bunch of kids (ages six through 13) to examine a Nintendo Game Boy, the portable video game player that shot to popularity over 25 years ago.

As you might expect, the youngsters were confused by the antique, unsure how it worked or why anyone would ever purchase such an ancient machine.

But many were actually grateful for the device, aware that it paved the way for the far more advanced technology these kids enjoy today.

Except seven-year old Evan, that is. "It's kind of boring," he says in the following footage. "I kind of feel sad for the people in the past."

The Fine brothers have also recently asked kids to react to rotary phones and also to a Walkman.

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Sometimes parents humiliate their kids.

Other times, however, parents totally come through for their kids. We're pretty sure the following fits into this category.

For their child's recent birthday, a mother and father gifted him with the video game Minecraft. And when he opened it, the tears flew, the yells emanated and all-out hysteria commenced for a solid minute.

In the description of this video online, the parents said their son's reaction went "above and beyond" what they expected. To that, we say... YA THINK?!?

We haven't seen anyone this excited since this dad sang Let It Go.

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Kim Kardashian video game really is in the works.

The reality star has been teasing this absurd project on Instagram for days, at first posing a logo for it... then adding a picture of herself in a recording studio... and now unveiling the first official trailer.

Titled “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” the game launches in the App Store and Google Play next week.

By the looks of this teaser, it appears as if one earns points for hitting the club; for flirting; for making the A-List; and for other important life missions.

Watch now, but be sure to turn down the volume, lest you get blasted with Kim's annoying voice:

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