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A long time ago, we used to be friends with a young private detective named Veronica Mars...

... and on March 14, we'll reunite with this amazing Kristen Bell character on the big screen.

In anticipation of this Kickstarter-funded film, the first two minutes from the Veronica Mars movie have been released online.

The footage catches us up with Veronica and Logan, informing viewers of why this relationship fell apart and where things stand now.

"A teenage private eye, I know how dumb that sounds..." Mars says in the opening voiceover, something veterans fans know now to be true at all.

Watch now:

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A long time ago, we used to be frinds with Veronica Mars.

And that relationship will be rekindled on March 14 when the Veronica Mars movie hits theaters!

In anticipation of this big screen adventure, we've got your first look at the film's poster, which features star Kristen Bell and the tag line "She thought she was out."

It's a reference to Veronica moving across the country and becoming a lawyer... only to get a call from Logan at the outset of the film that changes everything. He needs her help - and you know she can't say no, right?

Veronica Mars Movie: First Poster

Watch Veronica Mars online now in order to prepare for the movie version of this great series.

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Veronica Mars is nearly back in our lives.

Big screen style!

Just one year after raising a windfall of money via Kickstarter, the Veronica Mars movie will open on March 14 - and you can feast your eyes on the first full-length trailer below.

It takes us nine years into the future, with Veronica in New York and Logan in California... and also in trouble. What brings this lawyer (?!?) back to her native town and into her former line of work?

And who does she punch out in the preview? Watch now and find out:

Looking to catch up before the film opens? Watch Veronica Mars online at TV Fanatic.

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She was an adored teen detective whose tenure ended too soon for her Marshmallows. Thanks to Kickstarter and a dedicated fan base, the Veronica Mars movie is set to debut in theaters nationwide in March 2014, just one year after raising $5.7 million dollars in 24 hours.

We've got your first look at the flick here.

Veronica Mars will return to her hometown of Neptune, California 10 years after she said goodbye. The reason? A high school reunion.

And her former boyfriend Logan has gotten himself into a bit of a predicament. He's been accused of killing his pop star girlfriend.

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A new, extended sneak peek at the Veronica Mars movie has hit the Internet.

And love is very much in the air.

In a special trailer that takes us behind the scenes with Kristen Bell and company and which also depicts a number of developments from the wildly anticipated film, we learn just who Veronica is dating when the action picks up.

But then we also learn that the pull of Logan is "too much" for this amateur detective, as she's drawn back into her former world and into her former's boyfriend's embrace.

What brings Veronica back to Neptune? Check out the first Veronica Mars trailer and then discover even more about the project now:

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It's finally happening... and it's finally here.

During its panel discussion at Comic-Con yesterday, those behind the Veronica Mars movie gave fans a sneak peek at the film created by Kickstarter.

Along with Kristen Bell and company thanking fans for making this flick into a reality, we get an actual look at what Veronica has been up to.

So sit back, click Play and sing along with us: A long time ago, we used to be friends...

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Leighton Meester will not reprise her role as Carrie Bishop in the highly anticipated Veronica Mars movie. Her character has been re-cast, reports say.

Meester in Marie Claire

Creator Rob Thomas announced that Andrea Estella, the lead singer of the band Twin Sister, will take over the role due to scheduling conflicts.

"Sadly, Leighton was doing a different movie at the same time on the wrong coast," Thomas wrote to his Kickstarter backers. "In the end, she was unavailable."

Estella scored the role because Thomas is a fan of Twin Sister and will be using some of their songs as Carrie Bishop shows off some vocal skills.

Explained Thomas:

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Sit down, take a deep breath and put down any heavy machinery, Veronica Mars fans.

This picture will shock you.

Snapped on the set of the upcoming film, it depicts Kristen Bell as Veronica, Chris Lowell as Piz - and the two holding hands!!!

Veronica Mars Movie Pic

Is a reunion between these lovers on tap for when this beloved ex-series hits the big screen? It sure appears that way.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Martin Starr would appear in the film, while Mac is also coming back.

That's great and all... but Veronica and Piz?!?

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Party Down, Veronica Mars fans! Two alums of this beloved comedy are heading to the Kickstarter project that will hit theaters in 2014.

First, creator Rob Thomas has confirmed that Martin Starr will come on board as a new character, Lou “Cobb” Cobbler, a 09’er returning for his 10-year reunion.

Martin Starr Pic

Second, Ken Marino will reprise his role as Veronica's occasional rival, private investigator Vinnie Van Lowe.

Other returning stars booked for the Veronica Mars movie include Tina Majorino as Mac; Daran Norris as Cliff McCormack and Amanda Noret as Madison Sinclair.

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The B is back!

Returning to her first big role, Krysten Ritter will play Gia Goodman in the upcoming crowd-funded Veronica Mars movie, the actress confirmed.

Krysten Ritter Image

"G-G-G-Gia!!!! I'm thrilled to be reprising my role of Gia Goodman in the Veronica Mars movie!!! It's gonna be very juicy Marshmallows!" she wrote.

"Veronica Mars has a special place in my heart because it was my first big acting job and one of the most lovely on-set experiences you could ever ask for."

"This will truly be an awesome shoot, not only because we all get to be reunited (can't WAIT!) but because of the revolutionary way this all was able to come to life!"

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