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NFL Super Bowl XLVIII was a major letdown for two segments of the population:

  1. Seinfeld fans.
  2. Denver Broncos fans.

But while we can't add humor in any way to the disappointing Seinfeld reunion fail, we can at least put the big game in perspective.

Thanks to a text message exchange between Shaun Phillips and his son.

The lineman posted the following back-and-forth on Twitter this morning, apologizing to supporters for letting them down, but saying "messages like this [are the one thing] that make me feel better."

It's easy to see why, isn't it?

Shaun Phillips Text Exchange

Of course, the Super Bowl wasn't a total loss, despite the final spread of 35 points.

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The news that Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away sent a wave of sadness through Hollywood and the countless stars who admired him and his work.

It is believed that an overdose left Philip Seymour Hoffman dead at the age of 46. Whatever the official cause, the industry has lost a true giant.

A star of film, TV and stage, he left behind an impressive body of work, including his Oscar-winning turn in Capote and so many other great roles.

Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014)

As details continue to emerge about the tragic loss, celebrities throughout the entertainment world have flooded Twitter to pay their respects to Hoffman.

Below are some of the many notable Tweets from his peers and fans:

Aaron Paul: We lost one of the greats today. Philip Seymour Hoffman RIP my friend. You will be missed always and forever.

Jim Carrey: Dear Philip, a beautiful beautiful soul. For the most sensitive among us the noise can be too much. Bless your heart. ;^{

Ricky Gervais: Such shocking & sad news. RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman. One of the greatest actors of a generation and a sweet, funny & humble man.

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With news of Justin Bieber's arrest on charges of DUI and drag racing making the online rounds, reaction is coming quickly and furiously from a number of celebrities.

And no one had a more pointed response to the incident than Seth Rogen.

"All jokes aside," the actor Tweeted. "Justin Bieber is a piece of s**t."

Justin Bieber in Court

Harsh words? Or accurate words?

Bieber reportedly blew a .04, which - based on Florida law - should result in an automatic license suspension.

His bail was set at $2,500 today after he was pulled over at 4 a.m. with Chantel Jeffries in the passenger seat. He was reportedly going 50 in a 30 mph zone and cursed off police officers when they first approached his car.

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An Instagram photo of two gay fathers, Kordale and Kaleb, has gone viral for a number of reasons, some of which you might not expect at first glance.

Kordale and Kaleb, who have three kids and a sizable social media, have been receiving homophobic and racist backlash after sharing the image below:

Kordale and Kaleb Photo
Kordale and Kaleb are two gay dads who have become a lightning rod for conversation due to their Instagram account and family photos.

The idea of two gay black men raising kids, it seems, is just too much for Twitter to take. Even some positive responses are more like backhanded compliments.

Many of the more overtly racist, homophobic Tweets have been removed, but the ones like "finally a black gay couple" are equally as problematic to the duo.

Most of the positive feedback hit on two key points:

  1. That Kordale and Kaleb are a black gay couple, in general
  2. That it was nice to see black men taking care of children

Indeed, the controversy surrounding this photo raises many broad cultural questions. Kordale and Kaleb responded to them in a statement to the Huffington Post:

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Haters, you better recognize: Gabourey Sidibe is totally awesome.

Following her red carpet appearance at Sunday's Golden Globes, some morons took to Twitter and took issue with how the actress looked in her Michael Costello dress.

But did the former Oscar nominee and American Horror Story star let the weight bigots get to her? Of course not.

She brushed them away with the early favorite for Comeback Tweet of the Year.

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Demi Lovato won Favorite Female Artist and Favorite Music Fan Following at the 2014 People's Choice Awards last night.

So it should have been an evening of celebration for the singer, right? Not quite.

The singer Tweeted that she signed on and was taken aback to see some fans being "really mean." They were peeved because Lovato was not at the event to accept her trophies.

Demi Lovato Jingle Ball Pic

“I’m not at the PCA’s because as I have stated before, I’m taking as much time off this month as possible," Lovato wrote. “I haven’t taken a substantial amount of time off in a long time and now I am. Thank you for those who voted and understand why I am away."

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To those who have been living under a rock for the past few days... we hope it's a really warm rock.

But this just in: it's cold outside. Really cold. Downright freezing, in fact, due to a weather phenomenon known as a Polar Vortex.

What is that, exactly? Watch the following video for details, but all that really matters is this: it's pretty much the exact opposite of Kate Upton.

How are celebrities handling such weather, which is affecting nearly every region of the country? Let's find out, Twitter style...

Joan Rivers: It is so cold here in New York, this morning while my dog was licking himself, his tongue froze to his crotch.

Jimmy Kimmel: A #PolarVortex sounds like something Mr. Freeze would use to destroy Gotham City… or a new flavor of Powerade.

Steve Martin: I'd like to apologize for calling Polar Vortex winter. It's actually more of a spring.

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Tragedy struck today in Aspen, Colorado.

And it was witnessed by a pair of celebrities.

According to FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer, a twin-engine jet crashed at the local airport earlier today, with Twitter photos depicting the plane upside on the runway.

Aspen Plane Crash Pic

"So sad! Horrible plane crash we just saw happen at the Aspen airport," LeAnn Rimes Tweeted from Aspen, with comedian Kevin Nealon adding:

"Horrible plane crash here at Aspen airport. Exploded into flames as it was landing. I think it was a private jet. Fire truck and ambulances were on the scene within minutes."

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Of all the things you don't want to say publicly on social media ... Justine Sacco wins. But talking about how you to get it in with your "hot" cousin is up there.

On Christmas night, Twitter user Mobute, a contributor for Deadspin, Esquire and other sites, discovered that these thoughts were a recurring theme.

He started re-tweeting them all, and the results are ... interesting.

Around the holidays, we often see relatives who aren't in our immediate families, and it's understandable to observe that one's cousins are attractive humans.

This goes beyond that, though. The words "crush," "date" and "f--k" were frequently used. There was a lot of family holiday party sexual tension apparently.

Kate Upton Sexy Photo

Unless your cousin looks like Kate Upton, there's no need for ... you know what, it would still be weird to be related to her and think about sleeping with her.

Right? Not to these people around the country, evidently.

Some choice hot cousin Tweets from earlier this week:

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Social media has led to a social gaffe for Steve Martin, but he's taking full responsibility for his racist tweet and explaining in detail how it came about.

The actor, writer and former Oscar host, 68, was quipping with fans on Twitter when he apparently went too far when the topic turned to grammar.

Asked by a fan, "Is this how you spell lasonia?" Martin said: "It depends. Are you in an African-American neighborhood or at an Italian restaurant?"

Steve Martin Image

Quickly realizing the line might offend, Martin deleted the tweet and apologized. In the face of criticism that ensued, he offered a longer explanation.

"I was riffing on Twitter, inviting people to ask me grammar questions," the funnyman wrote. "I replied with what I hoped were funny answers."

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