David Justice, Halle Berry’s first ex-husband, has a thing or two to say about Berry’s other (and newer) ex-husband.

On Monday, the former professional baseball player took to Twitter to defend himself, claiming he was never abusive toward Berry.

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A former stripper named Aziah King has captured the attention of millions of social media users - but not by taking off her clothes.

King - better known by her stagename Zola - recently tweeted a wild tale of money, mayhem and "hoeism" that was so bonkers it's reportedly landed her a movie deal. And it all started when she crossed paths with "white b-tch" named Jess at Hooters.

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TOTAL FAIL ALERT! The Twitter users behind these messages should just stop, drop and roll away from their computer screens for awhile. They need a break from life.
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Fuck Michael sam.


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