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Miley Cyrus wants her fans to know something: it's not you. It's me.

The superstar is taking another break from Twitter, though she isn't going to the extreme lengths she went to in 2009 and axing her account. So, what's going on? Why the relative silence since sending out the Halloween photo below?

"Sorry I havent been tweeting as much!" Cyrus wrote on Friday. "I deleted the twitter ap off of my phone. Just taking some "ME" time! =] love yall."

Miley Cyrus Halloween Outfit

Miley has suffered through a love/hate relationship with the social network over the years, once telling followers she would no longer be using it because boyfriend Liam Hemsworth made the request. But then she returned, explaining:

"I'm not gonna lie. I came back to twitter for 2 reasons. My fans and to follow @charliesheen #winning."

The latest move actually seems symbolic of Miley's new maturity, though. It's a healthy sign when someone realizes that not every thought and emotion is meant to be shared with the world. Yes, Kim Kardashian, even if this means you make a few million less each year.

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Comedian Louis C.K. is never at a loss for words, and that includes regarding Twitter ... on which he only has an account so he can tell people how to give him money.

That's a direct quote from his recent sit-down on Conan, and it wasn't his last - the Louie star basically said that people squandering their lives thanks to social media.

Between Tweeting and taking photos of events just to bomb them out using social media outlets, are we directly missing real-world experiences? Louis C.K. says yes.

What would it take for humanity to put its phones down? The end of the world? The second coming of the Messiah. As Conan put it, "Jesus is trending right now!"

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Halloween was less than happy for Rihanna (and her Swedish fans) as she was forced cancel a concert because of the flu. We hope she recovers quickly and fully.

"Sorry Malmo!!! #LOUDtour," Rihanna tweeted, along with a photo of herself hooked up to an IV drip in a hospital in Sweden ... in case we didn't believe her.

"I am sorry to everyone who was coming out to my show in Malmo, Sweden."

  • Rihanna, Flu
  • Rihanna Cleave

Rihanna had to go on an IV last night. Poor thing.

"I was so excited to perform for you. It would have been a great time, so much better than being sick with the flu, ugh! I'm really disappointed I can't be there."

According to the singer's website, Live Nation is hoping to reschedule the performance with details to follow in the next few days. Cross your fingers, Malmo!

In more positive news regarding Rihanna, she's just released her "We Found Love" music video, starring short-term boyfriend Dudley O'Shaughnessy. Hot!

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This has been a heck of a week for Dancing With the Stars controversy.

First, Maksim Chmerkovskiy lashed out at the judges for what he felt were unfair, personal critiques of his partner (a sentiment echoed by Chaz Bono).

Now, a fake tweet sent out by Kim Kardashian sent out to help her brother Rob on Monday night has come to light, and infuriated other contestants.

On Monday she wrote to her 10.7 million followers:

Kim Kardashian Cheating Tweet

By writing “OMG I have @JustinBieber’s phone#!!!! 800 8684302! CALL HIM! He’s taking calls for the next hour!!!” she was actually pushing votes to Rob.

Funny? Harmless? Maybe, but her own fans turned on her, calling her “lame” and accusing her of cheating, while the DWTS cast too isn't pleased either.

“It is totally unfair that Kim did that,” one cast member said. “The other celebs on the show don’t send out fake information to trick people into voting.”

It's obviously unclear how many people called that number thinking they were actually dialing Justin Bieber, or if Rob had anything at all to do with it.

Still, “some of the contestants think Rob should actually be disqualified,” an insider said. What do you think? Should Rob be eliminated for this?


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A 31-year-old woman was killed when she fell from a fairground ride set up right outside Dublin's O2 arena after a Britney Spears concert there Monday.

The singer took the news particularly hard.

"I was saddened to hear of the tragic accident in Dublin. My heart goes out to the family. - Britney," Spears personally tweeted after the incident.

Britney Spears, Hair

"We can't say [what happened], it all happened so quick," Kenneth McFadden, owner of fair operator McFadden Entertainment, told Dublin's Independent.

"We are just in bits at the moment, we are just devastated."

The woman was identified as Siobhan Healy. She reportedly fell off of a ride called the Tip Top. The National Police Service is investigating Healy's death.

Earlier in the night, fans waiting to get into the show were caught in a heavy downpour that prompted severe weather warnings to be issued countywide.

Britney Spears performed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Tuesday and will play two shows in London this weekend as her Femme Fatale tour rolls through Europe.

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Hey, when you're pregnant, you have go use the facilities a lot.

Possibly buck naked.

Along with a Tweet that read, "Short girl problems," Jessica Simpson posted a strange pic Tuesday of a pair of bare feet a few inches off the ground.

A pair of bare feet dangling a few inches above the bathroom floor, attached to a woman apparently wearing no pants and sitting on the toilet, that is.

Jessica Simpson Twitpic

The presumed shot of the pregnant Jessica Simpson was taken while she was using the ladies room at the very high-end Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan.

NOTE: If you're walking around NYC and really have to go, Bergdorf has some nice bathrooms. Nude, pregnant Jessica Simpson not included (probably).

Maybe it's not even her (someone check the security tapes!) - after all, who abandons their shoes, underwear, leggings and boots just to relieve one's self?

Also, who would take the photo? It's all very weird.

If this is Jessica Simpson, however, setting up the camera and staging this odd, sexy pic might be the first thing she's done in years that's required talent.

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The death of Moammar Gadhafi set off a string of celebrations throughout Libya, concerns among the international community ... and absurd comments on Twitter.

An instant, harmless classic: “Lunch with Gadhafi, cancelled.” - Steve Martin.

On Saturday, though, actor Orlando Jones went in a different direction:

“Libyan Rebels kill Gaddafi, if American liberals want respect they better stop listening to Aretha & kill Sarah Palin (:” wrote the star ... drawing a harsh rebuke.

  • Orlando Jones Pic
  • Sarah Palin Gets Fired Up!

Palin has not responded on Twitter to Jones’ remarks, but supporters have.

An account called Tennessee4Palin (@TN4P) wrote, “Why does @TheOrlandoJones think it’s funny to call for Sarah Palin to be murdered? #palin #liberaltolerance”

Jones' response, “No I don’t. I think it’s funny you are so upset about my inane tweet.”

Another user then tweeted at him, “You are obviously a big fat moron. How about someone talked about killing your mother or sister. Is that Funny-ha, ha?”

Jones' response to that one: “Yay! Name calling. I’m a moron that’s working on the big and fat part. Maybe you could buy me food & complete the trifecta (:”

What do you think? Did Orlando Jones go too far?

He admits he was "inane," yes, but telling people to KILL her? Really? And likening Palin to Gadhafi ... is that any different than Hank Williams' Obama-Hitler comparison?

Tell us what you think by commenting and voting below ...

Whose side are you on?


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Taylor Armstrong will gladly go into detail about her late husband allegedly beating her, but the reality star only has one sentence to say about rumors that she's getting it on with Most Eligible Dallas star Matt Nordgren.

"I am NOT dating anyone from anywhere! Stop the rumors! I am trying to heal with my daughter," Armstrong Tweeted yesterday.

We are very sorry, Taylor. When reporting you might be with Nordgren, we should have considered your five-year old child. By the way: when is your next primetime interview scheduled where you slam the heck out of your five-year old child's father?

Photograph of Taylor Armstrong

Both Nordgren and Armstrong admit they attended a ball together in Dallas, but merely as friends.

Taylor, meanwhile, recently said she may have "subconsciously" signed up for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because she was getting beaten and this allowed her "problems to be in the public eye to some extent... it was my saving grace."

Dina Lohan, take note: THIS is how you exploit a family tragedy for personal gain.

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Singer Adam Levine instigated a full scale Twitter war with Fox News after asking that the "evil f-cking channel" no longer play his songs last night.

It's unclear at what point Fox featured his songs and which one(s), but he apparently didn't take kindly to it, firing off this scathing Tweet Wednesday.

And then all social media hell broke loose.

Several of the network's anchors, surprisingly, hit back: "Dear Adam Levine, don't make crappy f-cking music again," Andy Levy wrote. "Thank you."

Adam Levine Live

Redeye host Greg Gutfeld then took aim at the Maroon 5 frontman: "Why did Maroon 5 cross the road?" he asked. "Because crappy music is legal there!"

Gutfeld then retweeted some of Levine's musings and added some sarcastic commentary. Sample tweet, with his response preceding Adam's original:

Names that sound alike: Maroon 5 and crap. @adamlevine Names that sound alike: @kelseygrammer and @chelseahandler.

Levine has never shied away from stirring up controversy on Twitter, but this is taking it to new heights. From an entertainment standpoint, keep it up!


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Just two days after suffering a pair of seizures, Rick Ross is alive, healing well and eating chicken wings with friends.

The rapper was spotted yesterday at the grand opening of his Wing Stop restaurant in Memphis, as pal DJ Khaled posted the following photo of the event, along with the message: "My brother ROZAY!!IS GOOD!!!"

Rick Ross Twit Pic

This was the outing that originally prompted Ross to board multiple flights on Friday from Fort Lauderdale, both of which were forced to make emergency landings after the artist passed out.

Ross is next scheduled to perform October 21 at the Tabernacle in Atlanta and sources say he'll take a bus to that concert. Probably a good idea.

Twitter Quotes

Fuck Michael sam.


I'm already tired of hearing about Michael sam's lust for dick.

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