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Britney Spears' fans are pushing a major Twitter campaign to get the star to appear on Modern Family after the singer mentioned her affinity for the ABC comedy.

The hashtag #GetBritneyOnModernFamily trended worldwide yesterday.

It started when Brit, who had a cameo on Glee and a guest role on How I Met Your Mother, wrote, "I know everybody's excited about the Super Bowl, but I personally can’t wait to see the next episode of Modern Family! Funniest show on TV."

Britney Spears Cameltoe

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara retweeted her message. Spears' manager Adam Leber asked fans on the site for their input on a possible Spears cameo:

"BritneySpears on Modern Family? What do you guys think?”

Twitter users jumped on the bandwagon. "I bet if Britney was on Modern Family, she would give the show its highest ratings to date!" one tweet said.

Spears took a screen shot of the trending hash tag and posted it to Facebook. "You all are at it again - look what's trending!" the 30-year-old said.

Responding to fans, she said: "Ahhhh I would love to be on it!"

What do you think? Should Britney appear on Modern Family?


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What is this, 2009?

Spencer Pratt tried to make amends with Lauren Conrad on her 26th birthday via Twitter Wednesday, but the fashion designer and former Hills star isn't listening.

"Lauren has moved past all the drama," a source close to LC says. "She's focusing on her career and barely has time to interact with the people she actually likes."

"Why would she want to back in touch with Spencer Pratt?"

A fair point. Why would anyone really?

  • Conrad, Lauren K.
  • Crystal Meth Head

The source close to Conrad adds that "in this case, like others, she's going to continue to do what works best with Spencer and that's obviously to ignore him."

The world has apparently followed suit in the past year and a half.

Pratt, meanwhile, is broke and living at home, but says he doesn't "have a hatchet to bury" with his former co-star, who he frequently butted heads with.

"We had our differences, but the fact is that Lauren was a part of our lives, both personally and professionally," Spencer Pratt tells Us, as if anyone cares.

"After all this time, what point would there be in being angry? All I wanted to do was wish her nothing but the best in everything she does."

Sadly, that totally heartfelt sentiment fell upon a deaf Twitter account.


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Justin Bieber is hard at work on his next album. It will be titled "Believe" and come out later this year.

But even a hard-working artist such as this 17-year old needs a break sometimes, and he took one yesterday with another major name in the business.

"Good time in the studio last night. back at it tonight. oh yeah…and big bro came thru," Justin Tweeted, adding for clarification: "and when i say big bro i mean @LilTunechi . #BELIEVE IT #family."

The Biebs then included the following photos, making it unclear whether Lil Wayne was helping with the CD or just helping his pal relax via a bit of skateboarding:

  • Lil Justin, Lil Wayne
  • Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne

Bieber did, however, confirm at least one producer on the record, according to yet another social networking message:

"in the studio with @timbaland and the crew. #creating... got a lot of things i want to write about. ready to make music."

And, have no doubt, JB, your fans are ready to listen to it.

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Pregnant Jessica Simpson's belly isn't the only thing ballooning.

"Woke up looking like the lip injection fairy visited me in the night!" the 31-year-old star tweeted Sunday. "Is this how pregnancy face begins? Yikes!"

Pregnancy face is also known as Angelina Jolie face:

Jessica Simpson Lips

The alleged singer still has some time before welcoming her first child with Eric Johnson, but she appears to be looking forward to that day on multiple levels.

Jess also tweeted that she's "looking forward to getting back into Daisy Duke shape with Mike Alexander. I forget what having a waistline feels like!"

She's also supposedly signed a deal with Weight Watchers.

For now, though, Jess is indulging in her favorite foods - "Kraft Mac n' Cheese, Pop Tarts, Cap'n Crunch. Everything's filled with sugar" - with aplomb.

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Heidi Klum has broken her silence since she and Seal announced their separation last week, Tweeting thanks to her supporters in the wake of her surprise split.

The supermodel who hadn't Tweeted since January 15, acknowledged those who've helped her so far through the split from her husband of over six years.

"Hi everyone, I want to thank u for all your support & kind words," Klum wrote. "[It] really means so much. Thanks again to the best fans in the world! xoHeidi"

Klum and Seal

Seal, meanwhile, has given several interviews, and has described how he and Klum broke the news of their split to their children, while promoting his new album.

The singer also recently said on CNN that a reconciliation may happen.

Klum and Seal decided to part ways "after much soul-searching," they said in a statement. "We have had the deepest respect for one another throughout our relationship and we will continue to love each other very much, but we have grown apart."

A holiday trip in December was said to be the final straw for the couple.


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Enjoy Demi Lovato on Twitter while you can, folks. It's unclear how long we'll have her here.

About a week after the singer announced a break from the social network, she returned on January 27 in order to answer a few fans questions via Seventeen magazine. (She also dispelled a rumor that she had relapsed into rehab, Tweeting to not "believe the hype" and saying "All is well!")

Demi Lovato: The People's Choice

Among the topics covered in Demi's Twitter-based interview:

The next single from her album will be "Give Your Heart a Break."

Her favorite role models include Kelly Clarkson, Eva Longoria and Rosario Dawson.

She likes most about her fans the fact that they "stick by [her] through everything.

Her biggest life lesson has been to never lose oneself.

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David Hasselhoff of Baywatch/AGT/YouTube fame popped the question to his gorgeous girlfriend Hayley Roberts yesterday. Did she accept?

That we don't know.

But, based on the Twitter pics he shared below, taken on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the 59-year-old got down on one knee, and ...

  • David Hasselhoff, Hayley Roberts
  • David Hasselhoff Engaged?

... they kissed afterward! So that's something!

In the first Twitter picture, we see Hasselhoff on bended knee proposing to the Welsh stunner, 32, and in the second one, we see the couple kissing.

The cute couple has dated for nearly a year after meeting when Roberts asked for his autograph at Britain's Got Talent auditions in Cardiff, Wales.

If they are in fact getting hitched, this would be the Hoff’s third marriage.

He was previously married to actress Catherine Hickland from 1984-1989. The same year he divorced Hickland, Hasselhoff married actress Pamela Bach, with whom he has two daughters, Taylor and Hayley, but divorced in January 2006.

Congratulations, we're sort of guessing!

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Is Twitter about to start widely censoring and withholding Tweets for content? That's the implication of a new blog post - by the social network giant itself.

Twitter claims it will "reactively withhold content from users in a specific country - while keeping it available in the rest of the world. We have also built in a way to communicate transparently to users when content is withheld, and why."

With those words earlier today, in a blog posting titled "Tweets still must flow" the management of Twitter may be heading down a slippery slope indeed.

Twitter Dead

Twitter's management believes that there is value in being able to filter in this way, but the problems with this course of action are too numerous to list.

  • Will filtering software be able to detect irony and sarcasm, for instance?
  • How will they decide when it should be employed and when to let it slide?
  • Doesn't it cause legal issues? By essentially taking on a newfound editorial responsibility and therefore become a lightning rod for lawsuits?
  • Twitter is cool because it serves all of humanity equally in real time. By allowing politics to triumph over freedom of speech, it loses relevance.

In response to negative news coverage, Twitter said in a statement to Forbes:

Continue Reading...

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Poor John Lucas III.

LeBron James' drunk over him was so insane in the first quarter of the Miami Heat's win over the Chicago Bulls Sunday that the defender became an instant trend in the Twitter-verse. He may end up on a poster someday, too ... though not in a good way.

In one of the most ridiculous alley-oops you will ever see - no small feat for the human highlight reel - Dwyane Wade threw a lob to LeBron, who literally JUMPED OVER LUCAS, throwing it down with relative ease no less.

Watch the gravity (and comprehension) defying clip below:

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Cher is not dead. Not even a little bit.

The music legend, 65, became the latest notable name to fall victim to an Internet death hoax when “RIP Cher” became a Twitter trend late Thursday night.

The rumor apparently started when a user by the name @Lorraine_Star posted a BS tweet which was made to look like a re-tweet from CNN’s real account.

Plenty of regular people and idiot stars alike bought it.

Cher Pic

The message, likely concocted just so people will re-tweet it, read: “RT @CNN: American recording artist Cher dies at 65 years old. Found dead in Malibu home.”

“Did I just hear Cher has passed away? Is this real? OMG,” Kim Kardashian tweeted, never one to sit back and not insert herself into anything trending.

Terrible matchmaker Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker fame was also quick to weigh in: “Is this for real? I don't see it anywhere. Can't be!”

Idiot Kim Tweet

Kim Kardashian is never one to refrain from Tweeting. Or use spellcheck.

While it's true that Cher hasn’t been active on her Twitter since January 22, her good friend, jewelry designer Loree Rodkin, set the record straight:

“Whoever started that stupid rumor needs to have their face dragged across concrete. It’s a hoax. She’s fine. She's so NOT dead. She's just a busy girl.”

Here's welcoming Cher - along with recent death hoax survivors Jackie Chan, Justin Bieber, Will Smith, Jim Carrey and Jon Bon Jovi - back from the fake dead!

Twitter Quotes

Fuck Michael sam.


I'm already tired of hearing about Michael sam's lust for dick.

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