Well, we may have to admit we were wrong on this one, but we certainly won't be alone. When Amanda Bynes announced that she's engaged, pretty much no one believed her.

But Amanda is back on Twitter now and one of her first orders of business on rejoining the site was to proves that she's 1. Still a hardcore stoner, and 2. Totally engaged!!! Or at least, rocking an engagement ring:

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It's been over seven years since the publication of the last Harry Potter book, and fans desire for more of The Boy Who Lived seems to only grow stronger with the passage of time.

Sure, J.K. Rowling brought Harry back in a brief (and somewhat depressing) short story in which we saw him as a downtrodden 34-year-old shuffling to his seat at a quidditch match, but that only whet readers' appetites for a return to form for the hero of Hogwarts.

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