The November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris outraged the world and united leaders in their efforts to degrade and destroy ISIS.

But while armed forces from several nations wage war in the Middle East, the hacker group Anonymous is using less traditional weapons to undermine ISIS's online recruitment and propaganda campaigns. Yes, the world's most powerful terrorist organization is now experiencing the power of the RickRoll:

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David Justice, Halle Berry’s first ex-husband, has a thing or two to say about Berry’s other (and newer) ex-husband.

On Monday, the former professional baseball player took to Twitter to defend himself, claiming he was never abusive toward Berry.

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A former stripper named Aziah King has captured the attention of millions of social media users - but not by taking off her clothes.

King - better known by her stagename Zola - recently tweeted a wild tale of money, mayhem and "hoeism" that was so bonkers it's reportedly landed her a movie deal. And it all started when she crossed paths with "white b-tch" named Jess at Hooters.

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TOTAL FAIL ALERT! The Twitter users behind these messages should just stop, drop and roll away from their computer screens for awhile. They need a break from life.
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