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We've been hearing rumors about the second season of HBO's surprise hit True Detective since around the time season one wrapped.

Weeks ago we heard Colin Farrell had been cast as the lead. Neither side has denied it yet, so it's a safe bet that that's a done deal.

Yesterday, we received word that Vince Vaughn would join True Detective season two as the show's "main antagonist." Again, no comment from anyone involved, but given how quickly producers shot down rumors that Jessica Chastain would star, silence is basically verification.

  • Colin Farrell Picture
  • Vince Vaughn Picture

Today, we have a full-blown barrage of new information regarding the rest of the cast and the predictably bleak storyline of season two.

Naturally, spoilers lie ahead:

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Just when you thought you'd seen everything when it comes to reality shows and parenting fails, something comes along that makes you question humanity.

A mom finds herself in the hot seat this week after she decided, somehow, to dress up her four-year-old daughter in a homemade Hooters waitress outfit.

Her little girl's got talent, she says, and she hopes to find success in the pageant world. Makes even Dance Moms and Toddlers and Tiaras seem classy ...

4-Year-Old Hooters Waitress

In the U.K. documentary Blinging Up Baby, viewers meet Liane, an unemployed 33-year-old mom who has high hopes for daughters Bessie-Sue and Scarlett.

"They are very talented little girls," she tells the crew, explaining the outfit.

"You do try and be original, so something you have not seen before."

In addition to making a Hooters outfit for Scarlett, Liane also teaches her youngest daughter a dance routine that features the splits and pelvic thrusts.

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Even though we were advised against it by a team of therapists, we watched Bachelor in Paradise on ABC. And we've got the recap for you here.

With 13 former contestants from The Bachelor and Bachelorette headed to Tulum, Mexico to find love, you know what they'll truly discover is drama.

Seven women, six men you barely remember from the original shows, even if you're a major fan of the reality franchise. It's a match made in ... paradise.

With Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray engaged, happy and done with the show, the lucky contestants looking for love and 15 minutes of fame are:

  • Robert Graham (Desiree's season)
  • Ben Scott (Desiree's season)
  • Graham Bunn (DeAnna's season) 
  • Marquel Martin (Andi's season)
  • Marcus Grodd (Andi's season)
  • Dylan Petitt (Andi's season)
  • Michelle Kujawa (Jake's season) 
  • Clare Crawley (Juan Pablo's season)
  • Elise Mosca (Juan Pablo's season)
  • Lacy Faddoul (Juan Pablo's season)
  • Sarah Herron (Sean's season)
  • AshLee Frazier (Sean's season)
  • Daniella McBride (Sean's season)

However, later in the episode, in walked Michelle Money from Brad Womack‘s season, looking to join the fray and ruffle as many feathers as possible.

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On The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 16, Bali was beautiful but the atmosphere was anything but tranquil for Tamra and Lizzie.

"I'm hoping Bali is the peaceful, spiritual, cleansing moment we all need for our relationships," said Heather Dubrow, as if that were even remotely possible.

The ladies did enjoy kayaking, cocktails and riding elephants, on which Tamra remarked, "That's the biggest wiener I've ever seen! Look how it swings!"

Classic Tamra Barney quotes aside, the fun pretty much stopped there as the latest Season 9 installment turned catty and testy in an awfully big hurry.

The incident at Lizzie Rovsek's birthday and who blew it off and who said what or didn't say this or that or the other thing made it hard for her to relax.

"You didn't come, you didn't call, it was totally rude," said Rovsek.

The target of that comment was, of course, Tamra Barney, who protested, reading texts the two had shared to prove her point. Rovsek said, "I'm over it."

As. If.

This, of course, is the episode that prompted Tamra to slam Bravo on Facebook, accusing the network of editing her poorly to start up fake drama.

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A few weeks ago, word got out that Colin Farrell was in talks to star in True Detective season 2.

Neither Farrell nor HBO has come forward to deny the rumor, so at this point we can pretty much assume it's a done deal.

The only question remaining, then, is who will take on the role of Farrell's inevitably boozy, brooding partner in crime (solving)?

Well, if you guessed Vince Vaughn, then clearly time really is a flat circle and you've been through this before, because that pretty much would've been out last guess.

Vince Vaughn UK 'The Break Up' premiere

Sure, Vaughn has taken on dramatic roles in the past (with mixed results), but he's hardly the first name that springs to mind when you think of subject matter as relentlessly dark as True Detective's.

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Along with co-stars Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco held out on her Big Bang Theory contract recently, forcing CBS and Warner Bros' to delay the start of filming for TV's number one sitcom.

Well, it turns out the Key Three's stubbornness paid off as they all now stand to cash in big time from the show's final seasons.

Big Bang Theory Cast

Cuoco, Galecki, and Parsons have reportedly all signed contracts that could be worth over $90 million over the course of the next three years.

The trio will receive about $1 million for 72 more episodes, as well as roughly 1% of series' annual profits.  

Not bad for a girl who was never a household name until she dated Henry Cavill last year. 

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It was all about the TGIF on July 25 when Jodie Sweetin and Christine Lakin reminisced about the good ol' days.

Once upon a time they ruled Friday night television as Stephanie Tanner and Al Lambert on Full House and Step by Step and while they didn't play friends on TV, they seem to have remained close in real life.

What should've been a Throwback Thursday photo appeared on Lakin's Instagram feed alongside the caption "Meant to post this yesterday - come on, we just get better with age right? Or at lease our outfits do :) @joditweetin."

Jodi Sweetin, Christine Lakin Photo

Yeah, these outfits are better. Much.

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So, let us get this straight...

On True Blood Season 7 Episode 7, Sookie called in a doctor to examine Bill. She got scared of Sookie's bloodline... which prompted Sookie to call in her fairy godfather... who ate some spaghetti... who promised to help Sookie... who then told her he could NOT help her... which inspired Sookie to jump back into bed with Bill.

While many viewers may be celebrating the naked reunion of Bookie, a great many others may be sharing in our consternation over just how boring and filler-filled True Blood Season 7 has become.

Bill with Jessica

Does a single person out there care about Bill's pointless flashbacks? Is there any doubt the writers are using these each week because they literally just need time to fill?

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Episode 4 saw the new stars get in on the action like never before, proving they can hold their own.

In the borderline insanity department.

The setting was a first-responders-themed costume party, and the incident was Nicole Napolitano coming at Amber Marchese about salacious rumors.

Marchese, allegedly, had been spreading talk about her being a home-wrecker. Napolitano's twin, Teresa Aprea, got all up in her face regarding this.

Amber followed with "Let's go!" and Napolitano snapped, "I'm not your dog." They went at it like a couple of caged animals after that, dogs or not.

Even as her hair was being yanked, Marchese was still getting in digs at Napolitano, referring to her boyfriend Bobby as she screamed:

"That's why he won't marry your ass!"

"Nicole was my friend," said a distraught Amber, who added that Melissa instigated this by telling Nicole things that she said to her in confidence.

"I hope you're happy, Melissa!"

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On Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 16, the big vacation in Thailand finally came to a close, with major life issues still weighing on Khloe.

Meanwhile, a group of orphaned children left quite an impression on the wealthy family, while Brody helped fend off someone creeping on his sibling.

Which one?

Taking a brief break from fretting about their own, mostly-minor problems, the group decided to visit an orphanage where local kids live and work.

Not something you'd expect to see when you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online, but it was refreshing, for the family and their fans.

Said Kim Kardashian: “I grew up with a family that had such a strong bond and connection. It makes me so sad that these kids don’t have this connection.”

Well said. As was this line by Kendall Jenner: “These kids have almost nothing and can still be happy, and I think my family can learn from them.”

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