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New season of The Walking Dead. New showrunner. New Rick.

Same thrills.

Yes, The Walking Dead Season 4 got underway on AMC last night with Rick trying his hand at farming and with relative peace inside the prison. But we all knew that wouldn't last, didn't we?

Let's take a look at what went down on the return installment of cable's most-watched series:

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And then there were 16.

The final 16, that is, as The X Factor has spent the last two weeks narrowing its Season 3 field down to four sets of four acts each. Who stands the best chance at winning it all?

Let's break it down group by group, shall we?


  • Ellona Santiago Picture
  • Danielle Geimer Picture
  • Khaya Cohen Picture
  • Rion Page Pic

Rion Page has to be the front-runner here. She's only 13. She has overcome a disability - and she can really sing! She's one of the top contenders overall.

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Glee paid very emotional tribute to Cory Monteith last night, airing an episode that laid the character of Finn Hudson to rest.

It featured heartbreaking songs by the Glee cast as a whole and real-life girlfriend Lea Michele in particular, who somehow managed to belt out a version of "Make You Feel My Love."

Throughout the installment and soon afterward, various show stars and other celebrities reacted to the episode on Twitter, telling readers how to contribute to charity and also expressing their love for the late actor.

Here is a rundown of those famous Tweets:

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Glee aired an episode unlike any in television history last night.

A few months after the tragic death of Cory Monteith via drug overdose, the series also killed off his character of Finn Hudson and dedicated an installment to both this fictional quarterback and the real-life actor behind him.

It was a moving tribute to both men.

And two songs in particular stand out from "The Quarterback." First, the cast opened the hour with "Seasons of Love" from Rent; then, later on, Lea Michele somehow summoned the courage to sing "Make You Feel My Life" in memory of her late ex.

Listen to both tracks above and visit our friends at TV Fanatic to download all Glee music from the episode.

Profits from these song sales will go to Monteith’s favorite charity, Project Limelight.

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The final 16 are set. The real competition can now begin on The X Factor Season 3.

Following episodes that revealed the top four over-25 contestants... top four girls... and top four boys, this Fox series finalized its remaining contestants last night by announced the final four groups.

Did you agree with the selections? And which has the best shot at winning it all?

Restless Road sang “Somebody Like You” and caused us to wonder: is there really a market for a country-themed One Direction? Probably, considering the crowd response. Still, the vocals here weren't exactly top notch.

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Freshman year is off to a rough start for Caroline Forbes and Elena Gilbert.

Their boyfriends are either MIA or lying about their brother getting expelled. Their new professor might be at the center of a college-wide conspiracy and not even the sight of a tied-up, shirtless Damon Salvatore is cause for celebration.

But Caroline and Elena weren't the only Vampire Diaries characters to have a rough go of it on "True Lies" this week. Let's breakdown the episode below, question by question...

What the heck are Gypsies Travelers?!? They clearly don't get along well with Silas, except for one of them who admittedly has her own agenda.

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After news broke this summer that Cory Monteith had diedGlee fans began to wonder just how the show would go on in his absence.

RIP, Cory Monteith

Tonight, Glee paid tribute to the late star and his character in what might be one of the most emotional episodes of television we've seen in quite a long time. Here's a recap of the tragic action:

  • The episode takes place three weeks after Finn Hudson's funeral as the glee club gathers to say their own goodbyes. There was no mention of how Finn Hudson died, only that he had. 
  • In true Glee fashion, characters paid tribute to Finn in song. Amber Riley's vocals are sorely missed around the McKinley choir room.
  • Tina still can't get a reasonably story line. 
  • Burt and Carole were heartbreaking. (It was all heartbreaking.)
  • Without Finn around to tell him he's a good person, Puck has decided to join the Air Force. Santana plans never to return to McKinley. 
  • Considering the circumstances, everyone in the cast was amazing, especially Lea Michele as Rachel.

What did you think of tonight's Glee tribute to Cory Monteith? Be sure to head over to our Glee review for a more in-depth discussion of "The Quarterback."


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Goodbye, Nazis and aliens and insane asylums.

Hello, witches and gang rapes and slave torturing.

American Horror Story kicked off its third installment last night, taking FX viewers to New Orleans and setting up a series of very mysterious events in modern times.

However, before we were transported to The French Quarter and Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies - run by Jessica Lange's Supreme witch - the hour opened with one of the more disturbing scenes in recent television history.

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The X Factor was back at it last night.

A week after announcing the final four over-25s and final four girls, the Fox competition turned its focus to the young men hoping to bring home a million grand prize dollar.

Do any of the quartet who advanced to the next round stand a chance of standing alone at the end? Scroll down for their identities and vote below...

Carlos Guevara sang “Ain’t No Sunshine” and the 16-year old may have included too many runs in the rendition. But the emotion came through and he put a nice twist on the ballad.

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"As rednecks, we have the right to eat beef jerky." So speaketh Jason Robertson, and another episode of A&E's hilarious Duck Dynasty hath been born.

When Willie receives a package of Biltong, a South African form of beef jerky (because we all get that in the mail), he doesn't want to share it with the crew.  

A jerk about beef jerky, you could say.

This sets off the usual barrage of complaints in the duck call room, which prompts Si to set up an actual complaint box. There are just so darn many, jack!

Among them? There is no unlimited supply of coffee, or iced tea dispenser, or sofa for napping. Also, the toilet paper is like John Wayne ... it don't take crap off nobody!

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