CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful introduced viewers to its first transgender character this week, a reveal that took the soap opera's fans by total surprise.

After 28 years on the air, the twist was one of the long-running show's most unexpected, especially considering who this character ended up being ...

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Unless you were exiled to a distant land after your family was defeated in Robert's Rebellion, then you're probably aware that Game of Thrones season 5 will soon be upon us.

We've received a few crumbs of information, such as the reveal that season 5 contains some "shocking deaths" (Doesn't every season?), but for the most part producers have been so tight-lipped about the plot that a session in Ramsay Bolton's Dreadfort couldn't get them to squeal.

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Last night, Empire Season 1 Episode 11 and 12 both ended the Fox hit's freshman campaign with an epic finale and deftly laid the groundwork for Season 2.

Murder, pregnancy, betrayal, prison and much more were promised, and the hottest series on TV delivered with a vengeance in this two-hour installment.

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