Season 10 of America’s Got Talent came to an end this week, with a field of 10 finalists being reduced to five over the course of a two-part finale.

With a Top 5 of mentalist Oz Pearlman, comedian Drew Lynch, regurgitator Stevie Starr, musical duo The CraigLewis Band and ventriloquist Paul Zerdin, Nick Cannon counted down the results until one act remained.

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Multiple co-hosts on The View showed their ignorance and their idiocy on Tuesday by making fun of Kelly Johnson during a particularly unfunny segment.

Johnson represented Colorado at this year's Miss America Pageant.

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Break out the sequins, strike up the band and welcome the latest crop of Z-listers: Dancing with the Stars is back for a 21st season on ABC!

Who shone brightest and who fizzled in the face of stiff competition in their debuts? Let's just say the judges weren't impressed too often ...