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There are plenty of acceptable reasons for dialing 911.

Perhaps someone has poisoned you with Ricin. Maybe you're teetering on the verge of death as the result of a meth overdose.

But here's a reason NOT to bother the authorities: because you're cable goes out in the middle of a Breaking Bad episode.

Sadly, a handful of Connecticut residents reacted in a panic when just such an incident befell them during Sunday night's broadcast of what many consider to the best show in the history of television.

You can actually listen to one woman's hilarious/disturbing 911 call in the following video:

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Gladiators, assemble!

ABC has unveiled the very first poster for Scandal Season 3.

It's a basic shot of Kerry Washington's lead character looking down and looking sullen, for a very good reason: The Season 2 finale concluded with Olivia being outed as the President's mistress, an event that will send shock waves throughout the country this fall.

The fake country, that is. Although, let's face it: the real country is heaving invested in this Shonda Rhimes-produced drama as well.

It returned with new episodes on October 3. Get excited for what's on tap via the following teasing photo now:

Scandal Poster

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The television world was officially introduced to The Man with the 132-lb. Scrotum last night, as TLC aired a special about Wesley Warren Jr.

The 49-year old Las Vegas resident suffers from a condition known as Scrotal Lymphedema, which leaves one with an especially large private part.

It's both a sad and rather gross story and it's the sort of thing we're paid the big bucks to watch. So scroll down for the highlights and lowlights from a difficult hour of TV to get through...

  • Due to his condition, Warren wears extra large hooded sweatshirts upside down as pants.
  • He still hopes to find love, telling the camera: “There are so-called ‘chubby chasers’ out there, I suppose. Maybe I’ll meet somebody that’s blind.”
  • Warren reacted to numerous false news reports, such as one claiming he only has one testicle and another that accused him of having a fame addition, including with it the line: He is addicted to the fame his giant nut sack brings.
  • He must use a poo bucket at times.

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We have an update on the death of Lee Thompson Young.

A day after the body of this 29-year old actor was found inside his Los Angles home by his landlord, sources confirm to TMZ that Young did not leave a suicide note.

Lee Thompson Young as Detective Frost

Moreover, because he was last seen on Saturday, authorities believe he may have taken his own life (via gunshot) over the weekend, though the results of an autopsy ought to help settle the issue of approximately when he died.

On the professional side, producers have halted production on Rizzoli & Isles Season 4.

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Quite the man of mystery, J.J. Abrams and his production company, Bad Robot, have released a trailer for... well, we don't know what for.

But it's titled "Stranger" and you can view it for yourself below!

Absolutely no other information came along with the trailer. No indication if it is for another TV show, one of the many films that Bad Robot and Abrams are involved in, something completely different... nothing.

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Here is some fun news to distract fans from that rumored Demi Lovato nude scandal:

The singer/actress is nearing a deal to appear on multiple episode of Glee Season 5, with TV Line reporting she will play a struggling artist who is based in New York and who interacts often with Rachel and Santana.

She'll also share numerous (musical!) scenes with Adam Lambert, who is also set to recur in an unknown role.

Demi Smiling

Look for Lovato to debut on October 3rd and for Fox to cross-promote the heck out of her as an X Factor judge and a major Glee guest star.

The role will mark Demi's first major acting gig since the Disney Channel canceled Sonny with a Chance two years ago. She has also appeared in episodes of Prison Break and Grey’s Anatomy.

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Rebeca Seitz took to her blog to slam ABC for a Betrayal promo airing during Good Morning America, a clip she said was akin to "softcore porn."

"[GMA] went to commercial," Seitz blogged. "And then, wham. Confusion. Disbelief. Did that just flash on my TV screen? In front of 8-year-old Andy?!"

Watching Betrayal Promo

The Florida mom's Thursday began like any other lazy summer morning as she and her children sleepily ate their breakfast while watching GMA.

Then the day took an unexpected turn when the Betrayal trailer came on.

Her photo of the upcoming drama's scene in question says it all, really.

Seitz was infuriated by this especially given the time in which it aired:

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SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading right now if you are yet to watch last night's True Blood Season 6 finale.

On the concluding episode of this HBO drama, Sookie once again struck up a relationship with Alcide... Jason killed Warlow and enjoyed his role as a sex slave... Hep V-infected vampires made like characters on The Walking Dead and...

... Who are we kidding? Alexander Skarsgard got naked! Totally, completely, full-frontal-style naked! What else from the finale matters?!?

The scene was less erotic than it sounds, considering it teases the True Death for Skarsgard's character of Eric Northman, who thought he was safe to suntan in the buff, unaware of events back home that affected his heretofore UV-proof skin.

Watch the incredibly, literally hot scene unfold now:

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ABC made it official last night:

Revenge Season 3 will start off with a bang.

In the first promo featuring new footage from the suspense-filled drama, we see Emily Thorne standing on a boat - on her wedding day! - and apologizing to someone... when multiple shots are fired into her beautiful body.

We then see Emily plummet into the ocean... and fall to her death? We somehow doubt it.

But all this action takes place in the premiere's opening 60 seconds, which has us rather excited for the show's September 29 return. Watch the teaser now: