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At one point on the Breaking Bad series finale, Walter White breaks into his estranged wife's new home and tells her he's there for a "proper goodbye."

Which, of course, begs the question:

Did the program many consider to be the best in television history send itself off this week with a proper goodbye?

In our opinion? Yes, if you were looking for a finale that represented what made the drama so terrific in the first place; no, if you were seeking a jaw-dropping twist or bombshell of some kind.

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With a new season of red Sharpie marks and haute coutoure dresses, Revenge season 3 is back! New to the show this season? Justin Hartley.

Just what drama will another summer in the Hamptons bring? Read our recap below to find out! (And be sure to check out the Revenge review for a more in-depth discussion of the premiere.)

Victoria and Son
  • Time to Swim: In the opening sequence, Emily, in a wedding dress, drinking champagne, gets shot twice in the stomach and falls into the ocean. And then she wakes up poolside in New York City. Dream? Flash-forward? Who knows? Not me.
  • The Prodigal Son: While everyone else has been everywhere else, Victoria spent the hiatus in the Hamptons with her long lost son Patrick. They rode horses. She played piano. Charlotte called her Lady Chatterly and Oedipus jokes abound.

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How will it end for Walter White on the Breaking Bad finale? Regardless, he will go down as one of the best TV characters on one of the best shows of all time.

Since its unheralded inception in 2008, the AMC drama has arguably been the best drama ever, and unlike its protagonist Walt, it's only gotten better with age.

Tonight's swan song has become a wildly anticipated TV event in part because we've known for so long that the end is near for the drama, and for Walt.

Creator Vince Gilligan set out with the premise of turning Mr. Chips into Scarface, and that vision has been unyielding through five seasons and 61 episodes.

There have been few, if any, convoluted tangents, plot holes or unneeded melodramatic twists. Just one riveting, ongoing and impeccably produced journey.

We saw Bryan Cranston's Walt at the beginning of that vision, and after his rapid rise and fall from meth lord grace, tonight we will see him at its end.

The only thing left to do is fill in the blanks. Does Walt die? And how?

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The X Factor can name all the new judges it wants, but the success of this competition will come down to one thing on Season 3:

Its level of talent.

And through two weeks, contestants have definitely impressed on stage, partly for their voices, and also for their backstories.

There's Victoria Carriger, a mother of eight and lover of Kelly Clarkson; Ashly Williams, who dedicated a Whitney Houston track to her late mother; and Rion Page, 13-year old who has overcome a major disability.

Click through an assortment of the top performances below and then vote on your favorite member of the Top 40:

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The Glee Season 5 premiere paid tribute to The Beatles, as numerous songs by this iconic band were covered by Kurt, Blaine and company.

It also featured a proposal… two characters coupling up… Santana getting a new job and a lot more. Read our Glee preview review for a full rundown.

But in two weeks, emotions are sure to run especially high as the series honors the late Cory Monteith. This star passed away on July 13 from a heroin overdose.

Creator Ryan Murphy has said his character of Finn will also be killed off, though it's unclear in what manner. It's bound to be a tear-filled, sentimental, unique hour of television and Murphy just released the first promotional photo in anticipation of the installment.

Check it out here:

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Teresa Giudice is desperate to get in.

And Caroline Manzo just got out.

With Giudice hoping to sign a new deal with Bravo and play a major role on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6, multiple outlets confirm that Manzo will NOT be returning to the franchise that made her famous.

This mother of three was an original cast member then RHONJ debuted in 2009, but her departure from the flagship does not mean viewers have seen the last of Caroline Manzo. Far from it.

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Grey’s Anatomy returned for its 10th season with a two-hour premiere last night, and for fans who have stuck with the show, it was all they could hope for.

Make-ups. Break-ups. Lighter moments and tragic ones. And probably the most intense first 15-20 minutes of any episode in Grey's Anatomy history.

We start off with Bailey, the baby, and everybody fawning over him and his cute parents. That little baby MerDer has the fans swooning from the start.

But the levity is short-lived. Callie lets everyone know that Arizona cheated on her, and she is not happy. Richard is missing and Shane is sent to find her.

Then tragedy strikes. Shane pawns the task off on Heather, who discovers a semi-conscious Webber, but is electrocuted and dies herself on the spot.

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In what was a much anticipated return, Glee kicked off season 5 with a tribute to the Beatles! And just in case we didn't get enough of the Beatles, we'll have even more Beatles next week!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. For the full Glee review, head over to TV Fanatic, but here's the rundown on what's been happening in the halls of McKinley since we last saw our New Directions.

  • Funny Girl: Rachel didn't get the role of Fanny Bryce. Or maybe she did. After overhearing the producers talking about how she was "too green" (Rachel. Green. See what I did there?) Rachel assumed she didn't get the part and wandered the streets of NYC singing "Yesterday." While the song was about Rachel's past and her quest for fame on the bright lights of Broadway, the song felt very much about the late Cory Monteith. 
  • Here Kitty Kitty: Kitty and Artie are an item. And Kitty's...nice? At first she wants to keep it a secret to protect her street cred since there's a new Cheerio on the pyramid, but when Tina calls her out for being emotionally abusive, Kitty says she's ready to let the world know that she and "Arthur" are a thing. Oddest pairing ever.

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Attention, Vampire Diaries fans:

Nina Dobrev is dating Derek Hough! Paul Wesley is dating Phoebe Tonkin! Ian Somerhalder is still single!

Got it? Got your fill of these stars' personal lives? Good. Because it attention will return to their professional lives in one week, as The Vampire Diaries Season 5 kicks off with "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

Is Stefan still locked in a sunken safe? Is Delena alive and well? What the heck is the deal with Bonnie? Just how will a resurrected Jeremy be accepted at school?

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Remember at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego?

When Bryan Cranston proved just how awesome he is by walking around the downtown convention center in a Heisenberg mask? Making attendees believe he was just a dedicated Breaking Bad fan?

That rubber mask - signed by Cranston - is now on sale at eBay and, as of last night, it was fetching $23,400!

Bidding closes at 8 p.m. EST Sunday, one hour before Walter White's journey comes to an end on the Breaking Bad finale.

So we have to ask: How much would you pay for Bryan Cranston's Heisenberg mask?



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