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Kelly Clarkson may have been joking around in her critique of the MTV Video Music Awards as including too many pitchy strippers, but The Parents Television Council does not see this as a laughing matter.

In a scathing rebuke of the network and the event, the PTC released a statement today that focused on a rating that somehow claimed the show was appropriate for kids as young as 14.

  • Miley Cyrus VMA Dance
  • Lady Gaga VMA GIF

“MTV has once again succeeded in marketing sexually charged messages to young children using former child stars and condom commercials - while falsely rating this program as appropriate for kids as young as 14. This is unacceptable,” wrote PTC Director of Public Policy Dan Isett.

“This much is absolutely clear: MTV marketed adults-only material to children while falsely manipulating the content rating to make parents think the content was safe for their children."

As you might expect, the main subjects of the PTC's outage were Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga.

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The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards - an awards show honoring music videos the network doesn't even air - were handed out Sunday night in Brooklyn.

Irony aside, without the VMAs, celebs wouldn't have this much-needed, late-summer excuse to wear crazy $h!t, make absurd speeches and trend on Twitter.

Taylor Swift at the VMAs

We kid ... sort of. Arbitrary as it may be, the MTV event marks what has often been the year's craziest night in music, and this year was no exception.

There was Miley Cyrus Twerking. There was the Divergent trailer. There was an N SYNC reunion! And a whole lot more we can't wait to get to on THG.

There were also a whole mess of accolades doled out to the biggest stars in music. So follow the jump for a full list of winners from the 2013 MTV VMAs!

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We know he can bite, but we'll soon find out if he can really sing.

NBC has announced that we won't need to wait until True Blood Season 7 to next see Stephen Moyer on our small screens, as the British actor has been cast opposite Carrie Underwood on the network's upcoming adaption of The Sound of Music.

Stephen Moyer Red Carpet Pic

Moyer, who worked in the London theater many years ago and appeared in a Hollywood Bowl production of Chicago, will portray Captain Georg Von Trapp in the iconic story, a single father and World War I hero.

The three-hour production will be based on the original 1959 Broadway production and air on December 5. It will feature Moyer totally falling for Underwood's Maria.

Not that we can blame him, of course.

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A new TV series based on the 1994 Reality Bites is coming to NBC, with Ben Stiller himself helming the project, according to multiple media reports.

Reality Bites Photo

Stiller, who directed and starred in the film, is revisiting it as a show and will executive produce; original screenwriter Helen Childress will pen the script.

No word if Lisa Loeb will re-record "Stay" for the opening credits. Fingers crossed.

Much like the original, the NBC series will reportedly take place in the early ’90s and center on a novice filmmaker and her slacker friends in Houston.

While no casting was announced, it’s safe to say Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, Stiller, Janeane Garofalo and Steve Zahn will not be reprising their roles.

It remains to be seen how effectively the humor and struggles of 1990s college graduates will translate to a 2013 audience, but you tell us, THGers:

Would you watch a Reality Bites TV show?


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Modern Dads, which premiered last night after another highly-rated episode of Duck Dynasty on A&E, is like its lead-in in many respects.

It's obviously family-oriented, comedic but heartwarming, relatable but slightly over the top, and in the gray area between scripted and reality.

But does that make it a watchable show?

The four guys take good care of their children, to be sure, and don't recoil in abject terror at the sight of things like dirty diapers, a la bad sitcoms.

There are tons of moments on Modern Dads, like in life, where all you can do is shake your head, laugh or nod in a "been there" kind of way.

Yet one can't help but wonder if it would be better as an actual reality show, not just a comedic insight into the lives of men taking on "mom" roles.

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John Rambo may soon be invading your living room.

According to a press release sent out by Entertainment One and Nu Image, the companies have joined forces to create/produce a television series based on Sylvester Stallone's beloved film franchise.

It is being shopped to outlets both domestic and international.

Stallone as Rambo

"Rambo fans cover all demographics and we're confident that we'll quickly find this series a home," said eOne Television CEO John Moraynis, while Nu Image's Avi Lerner adds:

"I'm excited by the prospect of collaborating again with my good friend Sly for an encore in this next phase of the Rambo legacy."

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Ghost Shark tries to follow up on Sharknado's surprising and incredible success for Syfy tonight. Only it doesn't quite turn out that way. At all.

Some movies are so bad they're great, if they're self-aware, are original and strike just the right balance between drama and unintentional comedy.

Other movies are so bad they're just bad.

People still get eaten by sharks in Ghost Shark, the title of which alone surely got some people to tune in, but that's about all that's worth saying.

Incredible as it is to be compared negatively to Sharknado (seriously, check out our Sharknado review, it was great), we have little choice here.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is ripping another case straight from the headlines, and there has never been a more controversial one than this subject:

Trayvon Martin.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Cast

The NBC procedural, now in its 15th season, is currently filming an episode that looks to be inspired by one of the biggest legal stories in recent memory.

According to reports, Cybill Shepard has been tasked to play a vigilante-like character who is charged with murdering a black teenager named Mehcad.

Arrested Development's Jeffrey Tambor plays her lawyer, and a scene filmed yesterday involved a protest not unlike those seen during George Zimmerman's trial.

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The eight remaining contestants on Top Chef Masters got busy this week... Busy Philipps, that is!

Yes, the Cougar Town actress stopped by this Bravo reality competition and tasked the two teams with coming up with a Los Angeles-themed restaurant.

Busy Philipps on Top Chef Masters

The Blue side called theirs "72 and Sunny," featuring the diversity of the local food scene there; while the Red squad went with "Artisan" and focused on recreating some classic dishes.

Which side came out on top? How did a Strip Loin play a key role in the restaurant wars? And how can brownies ever be too sweet?!?

All of these questions and many more are answered in this detailed Top Chef Masters review by our friends at Food Fanatic. Check it out now - and watch Cougar Town this fall!

It's hilarious.

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The new season of Survivor pits loved ones against each other. Thus the subtitle, Blood vs. Water! What other twists lie in store? And who's been cast?

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Cast

Starting September 29, the season will be comprised of 39-and-a-half days, kicking off with "Day Zero," where 10 pairs of loved ones will be sent off.

"The whole idea was to try and get them thinking and maybe believing that they would play as a pair,” Jeff Probst teases of the season's angle.

The loved ones will then be split into two tribes, with returning players on Galang and their "partners" on Tadhana. That should be a fun twist.

Redemption Island will make its return after three seasons, with contestants permitted to swap places with their loved ones following duels.

As for the actual Survivor: Blood vs. Water cast members? They are ...

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