Here's something you need to know about working in Hollywood: If Judd Apatow likes you, he'll apparently keep casting on you in his projects.

That's been pretty true for several members of the now-famous director's short-lived cult hit Freaks and Geeks​, which debuted 15 years ago.

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On Parenthood Season 6 Episode 1, Sarah and Zeek headed to Las Vegas for his birthday, while there were plenty of other things going on in California.

The show's final season promises an emotional ride for the Bravermans, and the premiere certainly set the stage in fitting fashion for the acclaimed drama.

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Brennan visited Booth behind bars on Bones Season 10 Episode 1 premiere, which made for an interesting start to the Fox drama's latest and possibly final run.

The episode ended, however, with a tragic twist NO ONE saw coming.

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