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On last night's Duck Dynasty, employee Martin revealed that he had a date, which the Robertsons naturally had to step in and offer their two cents on.

Jase, Korie and Jessica gave him a mini-makeover, and the true dating Ace in the Hole, Uncle Si, gave him a crash course in dating etiquette.

Who better than Silas Robertson to handle that task?

“Even when you’re eating, don’t let the conversation die," Si advised him ... making parents of young children everywhere die just a little inside.

In a confessional later, Si also dropped great suggestions of "lines that women love," including the gem "Can I have directions ... to your heart?”

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The TLC show My 40-Year-Old Child documents a rare and mysterious ailment that stunts development in children, leaving adults looking like kids.

Pam Brink, a mom from Marco Island, Fla., has a son who's 29, but has the body of a 10-year-old and the mental development of a child even younger:

Brink said her son Jeffrey was diagnosed after she noticed he wasn't aging the way he was supposed to and was suffering from severe handicaps.

"It was hard because there's a lot of challenges with taking care of a baby, which is what Jeffrey really is," she told the Huffington Post in an interview.

"He's probably between eight and 12 months as far as needing to be taken care of."

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James Franco has somehow found time in his schedule for yet another new gig.

The actor/poet/graduate school student/Rif Raff wannabe announced this morning that he will soon host a series titled James Franco Presents on Ovation... which apparently is a network and everything!

In classic James Franco fashion, this is how he confirmed the program: artistic Instagram style!

James Franco Presents Teaser

Franco will also serve as executive producer on what is billed via press release as “an unprecedented look at the fascinating projects and real-life adventures of Mr. Franco."

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Fox has released the first poster for The X Factor Season 3.

And it looks like Simon Cowell better take cover.

The fun image features this show's creator surrounded by his three female colleagues, with Demi Lovato playfully choking Simon around the neck and new judges Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio making their presence felt over his shoulder.

"Simon thinks he's in charge," the poster reads. "He'd better think again."

The X Factor Season 3 Poster

Will you tune in for The X Factor Season 3?


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We all fell in love with Cory and Topanga as they fell in love with each other.

Will we do the same with her daughter Riley and her newly-cast crush?

Peyton Meyer on Girl Meets World

Peyton Meyer has been cast on the Boy Meets World spinoff as Tristan Friar, the classmate and first love interest of Cory and Topanga's child.

He can be seen above with Riley, played by Rowan Blanchard.

Elsewhere, August Maturo will portray Riley's five-year old brother, Louis, on Girl Meets World, which will debut on The Disney Channel in 2014.

Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel will reprise their roles from the original series, this time as the parents and mentors of the young protagonist.

Are you excited for the Boy Meets World spinoff?


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Rizzoli & Isles aired its first new episode last night since the tragic suicide of Lee Thompson Young over the weekend.

The TNT drama has since halted production as its cast and crew members deal with the sudden passing of the man behind Detective Barry Frost - and it paid tribute to the 29-year old star at the close of the installment via a title card that read “In Loving Memory of Lee Thompson Young 1984-2013.”

It also included a pair of silent shots of Young from the series. Watch the montage here:

Young did not leave a suicide note and many close to the actor are confounded by why he took his own life.

Some believe a long battle with depression and even a rekindled interest in religion may have played a role.

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Catapult Entertainment catapulted itself to the top of the America's Got Talent leaderboard last night, thanks to a routine that was both awe-inspiring and tear-inducing.

The unusual dance group - which combines the art of illusion and body magic - performed a routine set to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December.

It used a screen and silhouettes to tell a moving story and earned high praise from Heidi Klum and company.

“You guys are on a different level of imagination. It is so beautiful to watch what you guys do behind that screen,” Klum said afterward, “This is the best act of tonight. I love it.”

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Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam is the latest star to be rumored as a potential lead in Fifty Shades of Grey. But will (or should) that come to fruition?

Rumors began swirling Tuesday that the 33-year-old British actor had emerged as "the producers' choice" to play the male lead in the new movie.

Charlie Hunnam Pic

The rumor originated from a report on Twitchfilm, linking Hunnam to the role and citing industry insiders claiming he was being sought after.

Sources close to Hunnam, however, say that no casting decisions have been made on the project ... so not a definite no, but clearly not a yes.

Fantasy casting of tormented billionaire Christian Grey and his plaything Ana Steele in the adaptation of E.L. James' bestseller is an online pastime.

For years, it seems. What do you think of this latest speculation? Would Charlie Hunnam make a good Christian Grey? Vote in THG's survey!


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Lucas Cruikshank is the latest celebrity to come out as gay.

The young actor - best known for roles on Nickelodeon and in a series of viral videos in which he stars as a character named "Fred" - made the announcement today alongside friend and Disney Channel star Jennifer Veal.

"How come you didn't have to make a video saying you're straight?" Cruikshank asks his pal at one point.

Watch now to listen as the 19-year old explains that his friends and family already know about his sexuality and tells us why he has chosen now to come out to the rest of the world:

Over the past several weeks, a number of prominent names have revealed themselves to be gay.

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NBC's Today Show kicked off its new book club this morning with The Bone Season, a debut novel by 21-year-old author Samantha Shannon.

  • Samantha Shannon Photo
  • The Bone Season Cover

The first in a projected seven-part dystopian series, it seems impossible to talk about the book without calling her "the next J.K. Rowling."

Or the next anything and everything. The expectations are that high.

Buzz for the series has been circulating since last fall when the film rights were sold, with Shannon retaining "consultation rights and veto power.

With the announcement that The Bone Season was the first pick of Today's first-ever book club, retailers have doubled their orders of the novel.

So what is the book, which is on sale as of today, and is it any good?

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