When we first learned that Nicki Minaj would be producing and starring in a television series, we immediately pictured an anime-style seizure inducing day-glo cartoon in which Nicki plays a badass Barbie that comes to life to settle her beef with Miley Cyrus by shooting lasers out of her eyes.

Sadly, it seems the actual project is a bit more traditional, but we're sure it'll be cool, nonetheless:

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What the heck just happened on Castle Season 8 Episode 2?!?

Viewers finally learned this week about the Bracken-based conspiracy and how it took the lives of five D.C. colleagues of Kate, while leading the Senator himself dead and placing many other people in harm’s way.

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The blind auditions continued Monday night as The Voice Season 9 is off and running, and there was no shortage of memorable moments!

Do all the singers who got Adam, Gwen, Blake and/or Pharrell to turn their chairs around have what it takes to make a deep run this season?

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