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The men of Teen Mom 3 are not impressing us so far.

The second episode of the young season featured Joey Maes blowing up at Katie Yeager. Last night? It was Matt McCann losing it on Alex Sekella.

Anger issues, guys. Time to get a handle on them.

Come along for THG's official +/- TM3 recap ...

Matt McCann, Alex Sekella

Alex, like all the other 16 & Pregnant turned Teen Mom 3 stars, has been forced to grow up fast, but her relationship with toxic Matt is holding her back.

She caught Matt texting another girl. Minus 50.

Alex blew up at him, which was understandable but just made matters worse. Minus 50 because you can't change people like this. Just yourself.

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The Real Housewives of Miami are "A Cause for Concern" as the sequined Cuban mafia snubs a children's charity. We run down the bitching and bullying in THG's +/- review.

A Girl's Best Friend

It's the war of the divas in Miami as Lea Black prepares for her annual charity gala. Too bad the Cuban mafia has it out for her.

Marysol, Ana, Lauren and Adriana all decide to ditch the event to watch gay polo. Minus 18.

What are the odds they at least sent a check to support the charity? Probably not very good.

Lea's counting on Alexia and Herman coming to the event. They said they would. As Lea says, she loves Herman. He "always has a drink too many and spends a dollar too much."

Plus 25. That's a fundraisers dream guest.

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Miley Cyrus has proven once again: All publicity is good publicity.

The singer - who continues to receive criticism for a possibly racist VMA performance, and who performed over the weekend with Twerking dwarfs in Germany - will host the second episode of Saturday Night Live's upcoming new season.

She will also serve as musical host on the October 5th edition.

Miley Cyrus Tabloid Shot

Cyrus also hosted the show in March 2011, mocking Justin Bieber, Fergie and Lindsay Lohan in what was generally considered a strong performance.

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Holy. Crap.

Go ahead and take a deep breath, Breaking Bad fans. We know you've been holding yours in for hours now.

In the latest, ridiculously suspenseful episode of what has been the most ridiculously suspenseful run of episodes in television history, Breaking Bad may have said goodbye to a pair of central characters last night.

After Jesse and Hank put a brilliant plan into motion that involved lying to Huell about Walt and to Walt about a van GPS, the show's protagonist antagonist was convinced that his former protege was seeking revenge by burning all his money.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey came up with "Zen Things I Hate About You." Just how long will this retreat last? We recap the zen and broken glass in our THG +/- review.

Melissa's Birthday Surprise

How long has this group been in Arizona?

Honestly, if I had paid big bucks to stay at this spa and had to put up with Richie and the double Joes by the pool I'd be pretty ticked off. Minus 15.

But that's nothing compared to watching Joe Gorga suck on his wife's toes for her birthday.

Minus 30. I'm not sure which was more disturbing, that or having Teresa Giudice give Melissa Gorga black lace peace sign panties for her birthday.

I doubt any amount of meditation will wipe that from my mind.

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Grey's Anatomy left fans hanging in May, and this explosive new promo for the two-hour Season 10 premiere promises to pick up right where we left off.

The storm. Isn't. Over.

Ominously titled "Seal Our Fate," the episode is previewed below in a TV spot hastagged #whowillsurvive and jam packed with drama. Watch the promo:

Teases of destruction and possible deaths to come - someone actually calls time of death at one point, but we don't know for who of course - are abundant.

Oh, Shonda Rhimes. You always leave us wanting more.

Bailey pleads with Cristina to help save a patient, urging her, "He's going to die if we don't do anything!" The reply: "I own this hospital. You work for me."

Wow. Also, Meredith is in the dark as far as what happened while she had her baby, and the faces of the surgeons suggest this may be the end for Richard.

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 kicks off September 26.

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The Robertson family, stars of A&E's mega-hit reality sitcom Duck Dynasty, are devout Christians who often preach at their local church in W. Monroe, La.

A ministry assistant at White's Ferry Road Church of Christ says that family patriarch Phil Robertson and his family have been active there for 30 years.

Phil regularly gives passionate sermons, and last weekend, the entire family joined in on Duck Commander Sunday, which is an actual annual tradition.

Duck Commander Sunday existed long before the A&E TV show that made the family famous, and despite the abundance of camo, it's not some stunt.

These guys are sincere in their faith. Check out the video above.

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Typically, we recap Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in our patented +/- style, handing out or taking away points based on ridiculous/entertaining developments within an episode.

But most of last night's Season 2 finale was focused on June Shannon in the bathroom, pooping out her stress on the day prior to her commitment ceremony.

Were we grossed out enough to stick a -1,000 on the installment and call it a day? Yes. But then Sugar Bear summed up the appeal of this family in one quote, captured in the following photo, which reversed our decision entirely...

... that's sweet in its own, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo way, no?

So 1,000 points all around and a rundown of the top best quotes from the finale below!

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This was nacho average episode of Top Chef Masters.

First, Jennifer actually returned to the competition after overcoming Sue in a unique Battle of the Sous Chef.

Second, former Heroes actress Ali Larter stopped by the kitchen for the Quickfire Challenge, causing a distraction for David and tasking the contestants to come up with their own take on the universally beloved nachos.

Ali Larter on Top Chef Masters

For the Elimination Challenge, meanwhile, the teams were forced to whip up a hot and cold seafood dish, shopping for the non-fish ingredients without even know what the protein would end up being.

Whose crudo style was his downfall? It's a good question. And it's answered in this Top Chef Masters review from our friends at Food Fanatic.

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Jase Robertson established himself as the worst houseguest ever this week on Duck Dynasty, which is alright because it was as hilarious as you'd expect.

On another of their "breaks," which is meant to imply that they do work at some point during the day, the guys were engaging in a series of "gentlemen's bets."

After we learn if Si can pitch or hit a baseball (not so much), they decide to see if Jase and Willie can survive a weekend of living together at Willie's place.

Jase proves troublesome at best, throwing every scripted trick in the book at his brother in hopes of ... we don't know. Making us laugh? If so, well played!

Over the course of the weekend, Jase ...

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