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So, Once Upon a Time fans, do you believe in magic yet?

The latest trailer for Once Upon a Time Season 4 begins with Emma telling her son he has to believe and then takes viewers back over the past few years, recounting the presence of everyone from Peter Pan to Mulan to The Wicked Witch on the ABC drama.

And it all leads up to this fall's anticipated arrival: Queen Elsa of Frozen fame!

She'll be portrayed by Georgina Haig and she'll introduce herself to a very skeptical Regina, according to the following footage.

How will Emma and Hook react to Elsa's surprise appearance? Check out the extended promo now and let the countdown begin: Once Upon a Time returns on Sunday, September 28.

Need to catch up before then? No problem: go watch Once Upon a Time online TV Fanatic.

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Tori Spelling and Jenni Garth reunited on the small screen? It sounded like a match made in heaven (or at least ABC Family), but it looks to be short lived.

Mystery Girls will not be renewed for a second season, according to reports.

Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth: Mystery Girls!

Did you even know Mystery Girls was a thing and they were on it? Exactly.

Although reps have yet to officially confirm that it's been canceled, insiders say the little-watched show will not be returning for a sophomore campaign.

Mystery Girls debuted on June 25 to a little more than 750,000 viewers.

The show continued to tank in ratings and only brought in 500,000 viewers for its season finale on August 27. Not exactly a sign of building momentum.

Reality shows aside, this was Tori’s first sitcom lead in seven years. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your view), she has A LOT of reality shows.

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Last night, on Jersey Belle Season 1 Episode 6, viewers of the new Bravo hit saw the Belles take a trip back home - to the great state of New Jersey.

As you'll see if you watch Jersey Belle online, Arden and Jaime’s friend Tracey (from N.J.) don’t get along and this causes some anxiety for Jaime.

Danielle isn’t sure what to pack, which means the stereotypes hit viewers fast and furious, with references to The Sopranos and Jersey Shore.

In Jersey, Jaime Primak Sullivan is in her element, telling off drivers with sass and getting ready for a booze-fueled party with her friends back home.

Who says you can't go home again?

The Jersey girls seem to think Arden is cold, or at least reserved; Arden's just feeling a little out of the comfort zone in a place The Situation would frequent.

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On part three of the three-part Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion specual, the cast members exchanged parting shots as we bid farewell to an explosive season.

If you watch Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta online or read any gossip items on a regular basis, you know that one storyline dominated much of the season:

The Mimi Faust sex tape, co-starring Nikko Smith and one industrial-grade shower rod, sparked more online chatter and buzz than ever before.

Nikko, the consensus seems to be, is a liar and manipulator who can't be trusted. The story about his secret marriage certainly boosts this theory.

He sticks to his story that he did not leak the tape, but if anyone's buying what he's selling (and we don't mean the shower sex video) ... it's lost on us.

Meanwhile, Karlie Redd admitted to recording a tape with Young Joc, but said she wouldn't leak the tape for money ... only out of spiteful revenge.

Alright then. Later we catch up with Stevie J, Joseline, Benzino and Althea - separately - one week after the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion fight.

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Rick Grimes has some troubling news for his son in the following trailer for The Walking Dead Season 5.

Featuring footage of our heroes and heroines at Terminus to kick off new episodes, the video depicts serious trouble for Glenn and company, as they are bound, gagged and threatened by the rumored cannibals at this location.

We see many guns, a lot of blood and quite a few of zombies, making it little wonder that Rick passes along a simple message to Carl toward the end of the preview:

You are not safe.

Yes, the truth can hurt. But it can also safe your life.

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 Episode 7 marked the finale for the inaugural trip to Paradise - but you can rest assured, ABC has already green lit Season 2.

How did the first one end? Who found love, who left disappointed and what epic twists awaited for the cast members who made it this far on the series?

Follow the link to watch Bachelor in Paradise online, then continue on as we recap the shenanigans from start to finish below ... and there were plenty:

No more date cards, no more new arrivals, and no more rose ceremonies. It's all about the relationships and it is ultimatum time. The duos have a choice:

Commit to a real relationship, or pack up and GTFO.

Certainly changes the nature of the game, doesn't it. So who's out and who's all in? Let's break down the six couples who came into the finale together ...

Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd: Engaged!

Marcus professed his love for Lacy several weeks ago, and she finally follows suit in the finale, telling him she's all in ... and then he does her one better.

They're about to do the final exchange of roses when Marcus asks for a minute alone with Lacy. He gets down and asks, "So, Lacy, will you marry me?"

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Jeremy is drinking. Caroline and Alaric are bonding. Elena is feeding (on humans). And Stefan is kissing... someone!

The CW has unveiled an extended promo for The Vampire Diaries Season 6 and it features plenty of intriguing footage, from Elena reacting in a very dark way to Damon's (presumed) death to the reminder that Mystic Falls is now "humans only."

Stefan, meanwhile, is apparently trying to leave his former life behind, as he's skipped town and gotten into bed with a mystery woman.

"Tell me something I don’t know about you,” this new girlfriend says at one point, to which Stefan responds: “I’m a vampire.”

Quiet, man! That's a secret!

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Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn are destined to fail as a couple, according to someone who should know: Michelle Money.

  • Michelle Money, Graham Bunn
  • AshLee F

If you watch Bachelor in Paradise (or Bachelor Pad, or even The Bachelor when she was on that), you know Michelle isn't perfect, but she is very real.

Down to earth, kind and incredibly loyal for a hot girl who would appear on any or all of the above shows, she's a breath of fresh air every season.

That's why her opinion of the romance enjoyed by Paradise co-stars AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn - who had a thing with Money as well - carries weight.

AshLee and Graham's "connection" has somewhat befuddled many viewers since the moment the show premiered, and rightfully so if you ask us.

Already revealed as a clinger from Sean Lowe's season, Frazier basically admitted she went on the show to stalk Graham after she fell in love with his Instagram account.

In a recent interview, Michelle Money offered a candid assessment of the duo:

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Bachelor in Paradise is returning to ABC, and also to paradise, come summer 2015.

ABC has ordered a second season of the spinoff series that finds The Bachelor and The Bachelorette alumni living together in a tropical setting.

As they look for love, drama and utter nonsense ensues. But darned if it's not fun!

Bachelor in Paradise Crew

Paradise is something of a replacement for Bachelor Pad, the summer competition spinoff that aired for three seasons (2010-12) before getting axed.

The Pad was all about Big Brother-style games and trying to win money, whereas Paradise is all about love (though confusing rules apply to both throughout).

The news comes on the heels of confirmation that the network named Chris Soules The Bachelor for its 19th (yes, 19th) season, kicking off in January.

And just as ABC renewed Bachelor in Paradise, its inaugural finale airs tonight.

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This past weekend, THE Ohio State University lost by two touchdowns to Virginia Tech in football, but at least the Buckeyes' marching band was a big winner.

Known for their elaborate and incredible performances, the students lived up to expectations with a tribute to many TV favorites through the years.

See how many references you can spot in the following video ...

The band honored everything from The Simpsons and The Addams Family to Batman (remember when that was a show?) and the M*A*S*H series finale.

Blending music with visuals, their creativity is boundless.

They even got creative with I Dream of Jeannie (smoke included) and Dunder Mifflin was representing as well in a picture perfect The Office logo.

What really got the crowd going, though?

The Game of Thrones theme song.

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