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Breaking Bad took viewers to New Hampshire this week - and it also showcased a new side to Walter White.

He's emaciated, he's no longer in control and, for the first time in ages, he's simply... defeated.

Yes, in the wake of the craziest episode ever, AMC aired one of the quietest, as fans spent a lot of time with a Walter White we hardly recognized.

The pork pie hat? Nothing but wall decoration. The money meant to represent his one-time fortune? Used as a bribe for mere companionship. The bald head? The menacing goatee? Gone and gone.

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It seems like only yesterday we fell in love with a serial killer named Dexter Morgan and now we've watched those sensuous opening credits roll for a final time.

Ahhh. Dexter Morgan. The smirk. The pink shirts. The biceps. What a SKILF. 

I mean. Wait. What was I doing again? Oh, right. The Dexter finale. We're recapping it here, but be sure to head over to TV Fanatic for the full Dexter series finale review.

Dex and Hannah
  • He Said, She Said: On the ride to the hospital, Deb tells Quinn she's done some pretty bad things. He says that by being a cop, she gets to do good things to make up for whatever it is she did. She says she needs to save a busload of nuns. He thinks back to his schoolboy days and says "don't save 'em."
  • Terminal: When Hannah gets stranded in the bathroom at the airport, Dexter plants a suspicious bag and blames it on Elway. Elway gets taken for questioning and Hannah can escape the loo, but Dexter's plan grounds their flight.

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It was a night of surprises (Jeff Daniels?!?) and repeats (Modern Family), and tributes.

It was a night of Jimmy Fallon tap dancing and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler proving that they should host every awards show until the end of time.

It was the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Here is a list of the top winners from 2013:

Outstanding Reality Competition Program: The Voice
Writing in a Variety, Music Or Comedy Series: The Colbert Report
Directing in a Variety, Music Or Comedy Series: Saturday Night Live
Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Series: The Colbert Report
Directing in a Miniseries or Movie: Behind the Candelabra

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The final stab is nearly upon us.

Dexter will wrap up a (mostly) terrific run tonight, as the Season 8 finale brings this beloved series to a close and answers the question: Who will Dexter choose? Hannah or Deb?

It doesn't appear as if the torn serial killer can have both, not when one must flee to Argentina and the other is suffering from a gunshot would in Miami.

But before we find out where Dexter's future will take him, let's go for a walk down Murderous Memory Lane, shall we? Showtime has released a retrospective that puts viewers into the Kill Room of this blood spatter specialist.

Watch him practice his deadly trade now and then vote in the following poll:

Who is your all-time favorite Dexter villain?


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Fox's extended trailer for Glee Season 5, kicking off this coming Thursday night, predicts an event filled with Beatles Mania! Just ask star Darren Criss.

The actor makes it clear that his character Blaine has certain, long-term intentions for Kurt, while also talking up the "evil' Sue Sylvester we'll see this fall.

Also on tap? An opportunity for a New Directions dynasty. Will the group win yet another Nationals title? How will Cory Monteith's death be addressed?

Multiple Beatles-themed episodes will air long before we find out the answer to the former, and many tears will no doubt be shed when it comes to the latter.

Watch the Glee Season 5 preview now:

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Pity Paul Atkinson, THGers.

On a Wheel of Fortune episode this week, the contestant landed on the $1 million wedge and was only a few steps away from winning the show's grandest prize.

First, however, he had to solve the puzzle, which appeared pretty darn easy because only one letter was missing from "Corner Curio Cabinet."

But Atkinson mispronounced one of the words… Pat Sajak could not accept his response… and the next player answered properly, leaving Atkinson full of regret and frustration, as you can see here:

“I was nervous! I’ve got Pat freaking Sajak to my immediate right... I’ve got lights and cameras in my face," Atkinson told ABC News. "I knew I messed up. I knew something awesome could've happened, but I totally goofed it."

At least Atkinson has game show snafu company:

Just last month, a 12-year old Jeopardy contestant lost out in the final round because he misspelled Emancipation Proclamation.

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It's make or break time for Emily Thorne on Revenge, which returns for an explosive third season Sunday, September 29, and is teased by a new ABC promo.

This preview makes it abundantly clear that after an uneven second season, "friends will turn," "enemies will fall" and "new threats will rise." All awesome!

What does it mean specifically? Aiden teams up with Victoria (?!) and Jack issues a threat to Emily, who plans the "Wedding of the Century" with Daniel.

The reasons, schemes and ulterior motives are unclear, of course, as are the circumstances that lead to one main character - spoiler alert - being shot.

Check out the extended promo for Revenge Season 3 below:

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Is Dr. Richard Webber, a mainstay played by James Pickens, Jr., since the inception of Grey's Anatomy way back in the spring of 2005, alive or dead?

It's perhaps the most pressing question on the minds of fans heading into next week's Season 10 premiere, and a new sneak preview clip gets right to it.

Well, the uncertainty at last. First, Richard must be found ...

The task of establishing his whereabouts is delegated to Shane Ross by Miranda Bailey in the two-hour event. At least the task was Shane's originally.

In the sneak preview clip above, we learn which staff member tracks Webber down, only to join him in what appears to be a very unconscious state.

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 premieres next Thursday.

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The winner of Big Brother 15 has been crowned at last. Did Andy Herren, GinaMarie Zimmerman or Spencer Clawson walk away with the top prize?

Let's find out how this controversial season ended ...

We joined the final Head of Household battle in Round 1, where Spencer Clawson was out pretty quickly and Andy Herren went out shortly thereafter.

GinaMarie Zimmerman had the upper hand heading into Round 2, but Andy eventually won the final Head of Household and faces a tough debate.

He felt GinaMarie deserved to be in the finals (and vice versa), but bringing Spencer to the finals would guarantee victory. Because it's Spencer Clawson.

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This week on Duck Dynasty, Willie's son John Luke got his wisdom teeth taken out and the aftermath felt like a viral video playing out before our eyes.

Going on a trip and not gracing us with his presence this week (beyond a parting pearl of wisdom that a man "can't have too many snacks"), Si was MIA.

Fortunately, John Luke stepped into the role of comic relief provider. Here's what happened after he woke up from surgery, still under heavy anesthesia:

He discussed his "eagle powers," suggested "hungry fella" to his mother, repeatedly sang "Bumble Bee tuna," and wondered, "Where's the Chapstik?"

He even told someone to bend over. It was pretty awkward/funny.

No doubt, this was inspired by the viral video of the spaced-out kid in the backseat of his dad's minivan on the way home from the dentist's office.

The viral was titled simply "David After Dentist," while this Duck Dynasty episode was called "John Luke After Dentist." Clearly the producers were fans.

John Luke also brought back visions of this guy from last week:

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