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Is Dr. Richard Webber, a mainstay played by James Pickens, Jr., since the inception of Grey's Anatomy way back in the spring of 2005, alive or dead?

It's perhaps the most pressing question on the minds of fans heading into next week's Season 10 premiere, and a new sneak preview clip gets right to it.

Well, the uncertainty at last. First, Richard must be found ...

The task of establishing his whereabouts is delegated to Shane Ross by Miranda Bailey in the two-hour event. At least the task was Shane's originally.

In the sneak preview clip above, we learn which staff member tracks Webber down, only to join him in what appears to be a very unconscious state.

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 premieres next Thursday.

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The winner of Big Brother 15 has been crowned at last. Did Andy Herren, GinaMarie Zimmerman or Spencer Clawson walk away with the top prize?

Let's find out how this controversial season ended ...

We joined the final Head of Household battle in Round 1, where Spencer Clawson was out pretty quickly and Andy Herren went out shortly thereafter.

GinaMarie Zimmerman had the upper hand heading into Round 2, but Andy eventually won the final Head of Household and faces a tough debate.

He felt GinaMarie deserved to be in the finals (and vice versa), but bringing Spencer to the finals would guarantee victory. Because it's Spencer Clawson.

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This week on Duck Dynasty, Willie's son John Luke got his wisdom teeth taken out and the aftermath felt like a viral video playing out before our eyes.

Going on a trip and not gracing us with his presence this week (beyond a parting pearl of wisdom that a man "can't have too many snacks"), Si was MIA.

Fortunately, John Luke stepped into the role of comic relief provider. Here's what happened after he woke up from surgery, still under heavy anesthesia:

He discussed his "eagle powers," suggested "hungry fella" to his mother, repeatedly sang "Bumble Bee tuna," and wondered, "Where's the Chapstik?"

He even told someone to bend over. It was pretty awkward/funny.

No doubt, this was inspired by the viral video of the spaced-out kid in the backseat of his dad's minivan on the way home from the dentist's office.

The viral was titled simply "David After Dentist," while this Duck Dynasty episode was called "John Luke After Dentist." Clearly the producers were fans.

John Luke also brought back visions of this guy from last week:

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Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia are officially in.

Following rumors that these two ladies would be joining Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, E! News has now confirmed the casting.

Giraud (a Puerto Rican model/actress and runner-up for the 1998 Miss Universe crown) and Gebbia (a British designer and former soap opera star) will debut on the show's November 4th premiere.

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Supernatural returns for its ninth season on Tuesday, October 8.

The first promo showed us Dean concerned over the state of his brother, expressing shock to a doctor who claims that Sam's life is "in God's hands."

Here, we see more footage - and unanswered questions.

Can the fallen angel Ezekiel help Sam recover from the injuries he suffered after failing to complete the third trial at the end of Supernatural Season 8?

What will happen when Castiel is hunted by a group of very pissed off angels? And is that a familiar face - and sight for sore eyes - making his return?

Watch the Supernatural Season 9 trailer now and see:

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On the New Girl Season 3 premiere, we learned some important things from new lovebirds Nick and Jess, along with roommates Schmidt and Winston:

  • Running away from your problems doesn't make them go away.
  • A hilariously absurd comedy can be also be heartwarming.
  • Puzzles are so hard.

When Jess and Nick are the healthiest, most normal-seeming people around (even after they ran off to Mexico on a whim) that sums up this crew.

Compared to Schmidt and his two girlfriends and Winston's apathetic, color-blind, seemingly painkiller-induced daze (which was never really addressed)?

Nick and Jess seem like straight shooters.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiered tonight on Fox, introducing Andy Samberg to the television universe as a goofy/cocky detective and Andre Braugher as his stern, non-nonsense new captain.

Did the comedy come out shooting blanks? Or were its jokes on target?

Thanks to a couple of perfectly-cast leads, as well as creators also responsible for Parks and Recreation, most critics have pegged Brooklyn Nine-Nine as the best new comedy of the fall TV season - and it's easy to see why.

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Dads premiered tonight on Fox and this is the best thing you can say about the Seth MacFarlane-produced sitcom:

It depicts equal opportunity racism!

Well, mostly. The series has come under fire (yes, already) for dressing a lead Asian character up as a school girl in order to impress investors and for having a character scream out: “The Chinese are a lovely and honorable people, but you can’t trust them! There’s a reason Shanghai is a verb!”

There's also a quip about Asian men having small penises. So it does go pretty hard after one ethnic group in particular.

But, hey, there's also a joke about Latina women being maids!

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"What does the fox say?" It's a time-honored age-old (or at least week-old) question.

One Fox broadcasting has set out to answer in an awesome new fall promo! Look:

Jane Lynch and Darren Criss of Glee, Zooey Deschanel of New Girl and many other Fox stars collaborate on a tribute to the Ylvis' hit "The Fox."

Like the original, the surreal promo calls into question what sounds a Fox actually makes, while the actors make sounds foxes definitely do not.

If you somehow missed the video from the Norwegian comedians and talk show hosts who record under the name "Ylvis," you can watch it here:

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Mad Men Season 7 is making like another AMC hit, Breaking Bad.

The iconic show's final season will kick off in the spring, air seven episodes, then take a long break before returning with seven more to end its run for good.

Mad Men Cast Photo

Breaking Bad Season 5 "attracted nearly double the viewers to its second half premiere than had watched any previous episode,” said Charlie Collier, AMC President.

“We are determined to bring Mad Men a similar showcase."

"In an era where high-end content is savored and analyzed, and catch-up time is used well to drive back to live events, we believe this is the best way."

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