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It's been simmering forever, but the rivalry between Firehouse 51 and Firehouse 105 finally hit a boiling point on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 3.

Within the opening few moments, our heroes were out on a call when they spotted Lt. Welch’s truck racing to the scene as well. Because we know the first team to arrive is in charge Cruz hit the accelerator, only for Casey to talk him down.

Could this guy get any more perfect?!?

Just then… BAM! The other truck slams #81, flipping it over and leaving Mouch a bloody mess. (He ends up with a corneal abrasion and a pretty cool eye patch.)

Most members of Firehouse 51 are intact, however, though the same can’t be said for Firehouse 105. Its driver (Molina) is taken from the accident scene unconscious and with a broken leg.

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Tuesday's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 32 unofficially marked the end of an era, and the relocation of Abby Lee Miller and her Dance Company to L.A.

Oh yes. Like Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, the signs were there from the onset, but Abby officially turned to the Dark Side last night.

This isn't to say that L.A. is a morally bankrupt place by definition, but that Abby has bought into her own hype, and her ego has swollen beyond repair.

The City of Angels was just a fitting place to complete the transition.

As we saw in the first half of the season finale last week, Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 32 saw Abby grow more and more invested in her own image.

Dance instructing? Being a leader? Setting a positive example?

Who needs it when there's PR and buzz to generate. Besides, the ALDC obviously bested Cathy's Candy Apple's Dance Center anyway. SERVED!

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Tuesday on TLC, we were introduced to a family of ministers in the Heart of Dixie on the aptly-titled new series Preaching Alabama Season 1 Episode 1.

What did the charismatic Speegles have in store for viewers?

The series follows the Allen and Janice Speegle as they leave an established Florida congregation to open a brand-new church in small-town Madison, Ala.

They felt a deep calling, they say, to spread God's word there, where they have family ties, despite calling central Florida home for more than 20 years.

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Last week on Kim of Queens, we saw Kim Gravel, the titular Kim who trains beauty queens, deal with the return of Angie, whom she fired not long ago.

Quite an awkward circumstance, to put it as mildly as one can.

Following that development, where did things go on Kim of Queens Season 2 Episode 4? There were a number of twists and turns to follow, undoubtedly.

Addison, not by her choosing at all, had to train with Rayven.

The impetus behind that was an upcoming interview pageant this week, and suffice it to say, you could cut the tension with a knife with those two together.

Meanwhile, the newly-resurfaced Angie lashed out at Marah.

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Things lightened up a bit on Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 3.

No, this series won't ever be mistaken for The Big Bang Theory, but "Wingman" gave us a look at Reese figuring out how to work the police system... Fusco out on the dating scene... and The Machine learing how to give Finch a lot of money and guns while not sounding Samaritan's alarms.

This wasn’t an hour grounded in heavy mythology. Instead, it featured various members of the team actually getting some fun stuff to do.

There was Finch having to pretend that he was a legendary, tough-as-nails mercenary, actually uttering the awesome line:” I only have two modes: calm and furious.”

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Last night on 19 Kids and Counting, Jim Bob and Michelle celebrated their 30th anniversary, while Ben and Jessa decided to try their hand at parenting.

In a manner of speaking, of course. Their motives weren't what you think.

If you watch 19 Kids and Counting online or on TV, or know anything about the Duggars at all, you know they have some VERY strict rules for dating.

No touching between young couples except side hugs until marriage. It's pretty tough for a couple of hotties like Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald.

So what are they gonna do about it? Their approach is twofold ...

  1. Get engaged ASAP and get married VERY soon after;
  2. In the meantime, surround themselves with rugrats!

Never fails, and meets the family courtship standards too!

On 19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 11, to help distract themselves from physical attraction, Jessa and Ben take the “little” Duggars to the arcade.

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It took only 12 seasons, but NCIS finally delved into Ducky’s past on NCIS Season 12 Episode 3.

On an hour titled “So It Goes,” viewers watched as a body was found in a car registered to Ducky's old best friend.

Fortunately, the victim did NOT end up being this former pal. But, with his friend missing, Ducky ventured back to England as the team attempted to figure what happened.

This helped us get to know Ducky even better than before, as we flashback to a younger version of the character (played impressively by lookalike Adam Campbell) and learned that Ducky and this former friend, Angus, had a falling out over a girl.

In present day, the victim turns out to be one of Angus' employees, prompting the NCIS unit to wonder if he was bringing files to Ducky since the car's navigation system had the Navy Yard programmed into it.

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Jess tried to prove a point to the guys on New Girl Season 4 Episode 4, which is a recipe for comedic gold nine times out of 10 with this FOX comedy.

Her goal? To prove that women are, collectively, less shallow than men.

Her proof? She will date a less-than-perfect guy and she will love it!

The problem? Said guy has a "micro" penis and is a general d-bag!

When New Girl Season 4 Episode 4 kicks off, Jess gets annoyed at the guys, who are having a graphic and hilarious conversation about boobs at the bar.

Her claims that she is not as shallow as they are quickly laughed off, then forgotten about as Nick points out her wonky knee. That is not structurally sound.

Fleeing her friends, Jess meets a hunk named Matt, who seems like he would be the perfect guy until he reveals his "Micro" penis. It's REALLY small.

The guys, and likely more than a few people who watch New Girl online, immediately research what that means, and the jokes follow in rapid succession.

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Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 1, the premiere of Bad Girls Club: Redemption, reassembled nine familiar faces from previous seasons of the hit show.

You can only imagine how that turned out. Totally drama-free (not).

No, Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 1 served as a fitting premiere to a season Oxygen has billed as “the best of the bad." So bad, it can only be good.

The cast members have been assembled to learn under the tutelage of Life Coach Laura, in a bid to control their tempers and reach their full potential.

The BGC cast: Alyssa “Redd” Carswell, Camilla Poindexter, Danni Victor, Jada Looney, Judi Jackson, Julie Ofcharsky, Natalie Nunn, Sarah Oliver and Rocky Santiago.

You can watch Bad Girls Club online to check out all their shenanigans, which we can't really do justice to, but here's a brief rundown on the premiere ...

Camilla wants to change for the better. Julie reflects how she was known on her season as the villain, but this time hopes to make lifelong friends.

Judi just wants to get her DRANK on.

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We kicked off Supernatural Season 10 Episode 1 with Sam torturing a demon in order to learn the location of Crowley and Dean. Upon slicing her throat, Sam was told:

"Whatever soul you had, whatever Boy Scout code you cuddled up to at night, it’s all gone."

So... yeah. It was a nice and bright opening few moments.

Cut to four weeks later and Sam still has no idea where to find his brother. Neither does Castiel who admits to missing Dean and wonders: is the real Dean even still out there? Or has the demon taken over completely?

We then do finally see Dean, as he’s enjoying some karaoke, not caring one bit that everyone’s booing him.

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