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Bring It Season 1 Episode 22 was a fun installment that took Miss D and the Dancing Dolls on a road trip as we drew closer to the season finale.

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Oh yes, Bring It Season 1 Episode 22 was a monumental installment, but a quality one with the stakes rising. The goal of the aforementioned road trip?

To bring their majorette style of dance across the United States.

The Dancing Dolls aspire to serve as role models to others seeking a career in this profession, a noble mission, albeit one that may be an uphill battle.

Meanwhile, Kayla, Camryn, Crystianna and Sunjai threw down.

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Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 1 premiered last night on WE tv, and given the intense tabloid scrutiny of her marriage, we basically knew the plot going in.

That didn't make it any less fascinating to watch play out, however.

Somewhat uniquely, even nowadays, the background leading up to Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 1 was vital to the experience as the installment itself.

The scandalous fling Kendra Wilkinson's husband Hank Baskett enjoyed with Ava London felt to many like a grab at ratings, a la Lifetime's True Tori.

This feeling was only bolstered when the teaser trailer for the new season came out, playing up the scandal and looking almost hilariously scripted.

So what's the verdict on the actual season premiere? You'll have to watch Kendra on Top online to draw your own conclusion, but here's our take:

We begin with Jessica Hall, Kendra's Playboy model best friend, arriving at Wilkinson's house to console her. Boy, did she need a friend right then.

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Friday night on Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 2, we knew Danny’s brother Matt would play a major role. The big question was how, and why.

He seems to be intricately involved in why Danny is being targeted for money, for one reason or another, but who is this week's mystery man, Marco?

After apparently breaking into Danny's home, Marco has been taken into custody, where he Danny that his brother, Matt, owes him over $18 million.

Danny informs Marco that it has been at least three years since he saw or spoke to his brother and does not know a thing about any of the cash.

Not pleased with this answer one bit, Marco tells him that he had better find the money and pay him back, or else. Or else what? Danny is unfazed.

At least on the surface. He throws him in jail.

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Next Thursday on How to Get Away With Murder Season 1 Episode 3, Ana Ortiz guest stars as Paula Murphy, a suburban soccer mom rung up on misdemeanor charges.

Annalise helps her get sprung from jail, only to watch her get arrested a second time as she's about to walk free ... and that second charge is murder.

It's a good thing she knows how to ... well, you can figure that out:

Obviously, Annalise and her students will be tasked with proving her innocence in the case, with a lot riding on the testimony from another suspect.

Meanwhile, Annalise is also approached to represent Griffin O' Reilly, the star Middleton quarterback who has also been linked to Lila's disappearance.

Is Sam involved? Her decision to take the case will hinge on that.

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Maggie Pierce brought the thunder on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 2.

This week's installment of the long-running ABC smash turned its focus squarely to Meredith's half-sister, as we watched Maggie deal with a pretty terrible, pretty horrible, generally no good, VERY bad day.

But she made the best of it by the hour's end and grew inspired enough to actually tell Meredith about their connection... much to Maggie's immediate chagrin.

Meredith accused Maggie of either being a liar or of simply having bad information. But the truth has to come out at some point, doesn't it?

And will that point be next week, on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 3? It seems like it, based on the following ABC teaser. Check it out now:

Fans can also look forward to Owen taking Callie to a veterans hospital in the hope that her research/expertise can help wounded warriors there live more full lives.

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So... Jeremy is playing many video games. Matt is training to protect Mystic Falls. Elena is on drugs. Stefan is in Savannah. Tyler is angry. Alaric hates being a vampire.

And Bonnie and Damon are merrily eating pancakes every morning... somewhere.

That's what viewers learned on The Vampire Diaries Season Season 6 Episode 1, which focused a great deal on how everyone is coping with the presumed loss of two key characters.

Looking ahead to The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 2, we can expect the return of Enzo (HOORAY!) and for him to go on a road trip with Caroline, only for them to accidentally run into Stefan.

Elsewhere, as teased in the following preview, Alaric will work to erase Damon from Elena's memory, while Bonnie and Damon will come to a realization that they're making like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Wait... what?!?

See what we mean here:

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So... who did it?

This is the question Fox hopes viewers ask themselves over the next 10 weeks, as it kicked off a special limited series event last night with Gracepoint Season 1 Episode 1.

The series, a remake of the British drama Broadchurch, brings back David Tennant as Emmet Carver, the same role he played in the overseas original version. He’s a closed-off detective who just arrived in this idyllic seaside town and is instantly thrust into a murder case:

The body of a 12-year old boy has been found on the beach.

This is a wildly sad and unexpected event for the town's citizens, who generally live in peace and happiness and have never really had to deal with such a serious case.

Former Breaking Bad star Anna Gunn is on board as Ellie Miller, a detective whose son was best friends with the deceased and who just got passed over for a promotion… that went to Carver.

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Viewers were treated to new suitors, new spectres and new struggles on Reign Season 2 Episode 1, as the Plague caused some pretty big problems for Mary and company.

Such fatal diseases often have this unfortunate side effect.

The exciting premiere centered on Mary and Nostradamus tricking Catherine into believing she actually has The Black Death, as they aimed to prevent her from murdering an innocent man.

Elsewhere, Narcisse - the man who asked for the killing - ended up killing Leith’s girlfriend Yvette by accident; while Francis met his distant cousin Conde and then decided to bring Lola and their son with him back to Court.

Finally, Pascal (the child Kenna and Bash had been caring for) passed away from the Plague. Tough break.

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The group stayed in a hostel on its first night in Brooklyn this week on Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 3, then made its way to Times Square.

Not surprisingly, Brooklyn is intimidating to sheltered Amish kids.

The place would scare the daylights out of plenty of middle-class suburban kids from New Jersey, so you can imagine the culture shock experienced here.

So how did they cope on Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 3?

Well, Matt and Bates bought a few cases of beers, for starters.

That will break the ice, for sure, as the more of those cold ones are consumed, the more the inhibitions are lowered. It's not the worst thing in a sense.

Unless you're Vonda, who was very much uncomfortable with it.

Nervous about drinking with two guys she didn't know, you can't blame her for keeping her guard up, though she also missed out a little at the same time.

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We hope you're sitting in a comfortable seat, THGers.

Because How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 2 followed up an impressive premiere with an hour that cycled through a great deal of plot. Ready for the next lesson in Professor Annalise Keating's dangerous classroom?

We start by going forward, getting a glimpse of Connor, Laurel and Michaela in the woods. But where is Wes? He’s keeping his friends waiting - and Michaela worrying, saying she trusts Wes, but not “her," adding: "It’s all her fault."

And there's our first mystery of the night? Her who?!?

It appears as if the the woman in question is Rebecca, Wes’ neighbor. After Wes comes back to his friends and they stop to get lighter fluid to burn Sam’s corpse, Wes uses a burner phone to inform whoever is on the other end of the line that "we’re gonna protect you."

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