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We love Creedence Clearwater Revival.

But we don't love what the use of one of that group's biggest hits portends for Rick Grimes and company on The Walking Dead Season 4.

AMC has released a new trailer in anticipation of the series coming back on February 9 and it teases a very bad moon rising up ahead. Gulp...

The network has also come out with an official synopsis of what viewers can expect.

Go watch The Walking Dead online to catch up now and scroll down for a glance ahead...

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There was mud. There were mullets. There was pooting. And there was sex talk based around cereal.

Yes, folks, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo kicked off Season 3 in style last night.

The opening episode centered around Sugar Bear needing his own space, especially when talked to maxi pads and when Pumpkin turned the house into her own beauty parlor.

Enter The Manper.

This monstrosity was parked in the driveway, much to June Shannon's outrage, as the woman who "wears the stretch pants" in the family insisted she'd force her now-husband to get rid of it.

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It's early, but American Idol Season 13 already has a big problem:

These judges are way too likable. They're funny, they're relaxed, they share great chemistry, they can be honest when need be.

Where the Nicki and Mariah-like feuding? The Randy-ish repetitiveness? How are we able to be snark when the show has actually been pretty entertaining throughout two audition episodes?

American Idol in San Francisco

This week, Idol finished off its Austin showcase and then took off for San Francisco, where the panelists listened to A LOT of White Guys With Guitars.

And where Harry Connick Jr. continued to be awesome.

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Olivier Martinez will soon be out for Revenge.

The lucky husband of Halle Berry will recur on the ABC drama as Pascal LeMarchal, the media magnate father of Karine Vanasse Margaux.

O. Martinez

Look for the character to show up some time this spring and to share a competitive history with Conrad.

Along with a complicated one with Victoria, according to Deadline. Intriguing!

The role will mark Martinez's first regular foray into U.S. television and comes as his wife has actually agreed to the same: Berry will headline Extant on CBS this summer.

Looking to catch up on Revenge? You can watch Revenge online at TV Fanatic before a new episode airs this Sunday.

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They both introduced new characters, they were both heavily promoted... and they both tanked in the ratings.

American Idol and Duck Dynasty returned to the airwaves last night, but the returns weren't especially triumphant.

Idol, for example, garnered 15 million total viewers, but only a 4.5 rating among 18-49-year olds, which set a record low for the series. This, despite America falling in love with Harry Connick, Jr.

Duck Dynasty Season 5, meanwhile, introduced viewers to Rebecca Robertson.

But the opener was down 3.5 million total households from its Season 4 premiere a year ago. Among the aforementioned key demographic, ratings fell by 33 percent.

Could fans have been turned off by the Phil Robertson controversy? It's possible.

Watch Duck Dynasty online now if you failed to catch either of the return episodes last night.

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The Coven will soon reach its conclusion.

So with Season 3 of his FX smash winding down, creator Ryan Murphy is starting to turn his attention to the fourth incantation of this unique television franchise.

And Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive scoop!

American Horror Story: Coven Trio

Murphy told that magazine this week that Season 4 will be "set in 1950," adding of what the theme/topic will be:

“If you look historically what happened in the year 1950, there’s some more clues in that year. It’s a period piece. We try and do the opposite of what we’ve done before. Jessica Lange has already started practicing her German accent so I’m very excited!”

Ooh, German accent! Intriguing! And a tad confusing.

To what do you think Murphy is referring? And how will Season 4 possibly top Season 3? Watch American Horror Story online at TV Fanatic now and let's hear your theories!

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Duck Dynasty kicked off Season 5 with back-to-back episodes last night... and nary a word about the Phil Robertson gay controversy.

Nope. It was business as usual for this family, which welcomed back a loved one and which held a few totally insane (read: awesome) conversations.

Viewers met Rebecca (and her five suitcases) early in the opener. Willie and Korie’s exchange-student-turned-daughter, she spent the last two years interning in the fashion industry way out in Los Angeles.

We were taken into her welcome home party, but couldn't focus on anything aside from Si watching Air Bud (because he was sick) and taking a stance more controversial than anything Phil said about homosexual or teen marriage:

Air Bud is superior to Jason Bourne.

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American Idol is a singing show that comes down to its contestants.

That's what we're told year after year by producers, but we came away from last night's Season 13 premiere with one thoughts:


The new judge was harsh and honest when he needed to be. But also a total jokester throughout, most notable when he cradled Munfarid Zaidi in his arms (below) during the hopeful's audition.

Ah yes, there were plenty of auditions.

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Pretty Little Liars reminded viewers of its title this week,

Yes, it's called Pretty Little Liars for a reason, most notably because these pretty young girls lie to nearly everyone around them... including each other.

We can start with Ali in "Love ShAck, Baby," whose diary was "creative nonfiction with pseudonyms," as Spencer rightly explained it. How could the girls decode this writing?

By investigating the stories, of course, such as a poem about a bumblebee that lead them to The Busy Bee, a bed and breakfast where… Ali was hiding out? Not quite.

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