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ABC will air four fewer episodes of Scandal Season 3 than originally planned, and the speculation is that Kerry Washington's pregnancy is the reason.

The network on Friday didn't say why it will broadcast 18 instead of 22 episodes of the third season of the hit drama, but the writing is on the wall here.

The decision follows the news star Kerry Washington and her new husband, football player Nnamdi Asomugha are expecting their first child together.

Accommodating Washington is the only logical explanation for the early end to production of the current season of the series, one of ABC's most successful.

After next Thursday's episode, the 10th of the season, Scandal will take a break and then return in late February with the final episodes of Season 3.

There are still nine more installments of the show this season in all, and it will surely be back in the fall four a fourth full season, so all hope is not lost.

To see all of them to date, follow the link to watch Scandal online!

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Sunday on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 10, viewers saw that Patrick Jane has been held in a Federal detention facility for the past three months.

That all changes when Abel Schneiderman, a federal banking analyst, disappears and the FBI wants Jane to run point. So what does he say to that?

He agrees, with one condition: Lisbon flies in from Washington State to help.

Back in business, Jane figures out that Abel's wife is a former gypsy who gave up the life for him ... and eludes the FBI. So how did it play out from there?

Watch The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 10, "Green Thumb," below ...

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Family Guy Season 12 Episode 7, the FOX series' first installment since the shocking death of Brian, left little doubt that the beloved canine is gone for good.

Brian was even replaced in the opening credits. Gasp.

Family Guy Season 12 Episode 7 opened with Peter and Lois playing the show’s theme song in their living room, along with Chris, Meg and Stewie.

The Griffins' new dog, Vinny, then joined them.

By and large, this installment took on a much lighter tone than the previous one, as Peter and Quagmire became a successful musical duo ... obviously.

Click to watch Family Guy online below!

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The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 7 went back to a familiar well this week, as Bart tried to clean up his act and shape up. Been there, done that, right?

Yes, but this time his efforts took place aboard a submarine at least.

Similarly, Krusty experienced financial problems once again, though this time he tried to rectify the situation by licensing his series to foreign markets.

This led to the show skewering of other actual shows that did so, which was vintage Simpsons, and shows you why the show has lasted 25 seasons.

Watch The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 7 below ...

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With the 2013 winter finale looming next Sunday, Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 10 left us with more questions than answers last night on ABC.

Would you have expected anything less from the fantasy drama?

Coming back from Neverland, the Storybrooke crew celebrated Henry's return ... with a caveat. Meanwhile, Snow realized she was ruining her own happiness.

Fortunately, she defeated Medusa in Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 10, and in another twist, we also learned that Pan was after the original curse.

What else happened and how will things play out next weekend when the show bids adieu to 2013? Follow the link below to watch the full episode now!

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 9 marked the show's return from a three-week hiatus, and set up what is sure to be a memorable winter finale next Sunday.

"Surrender" reminded us that Emily's revengenda is about to come to fruition, as long as she, Aiden, and Nolan can keep the master plan from unraveling.

Lydia's return did not make that task easier. Her rising from the "dead" with her own desire for payback as a focal point of Revenge Season 3 Episode 9.

As the wedding of the century between Emily and Daniel fast approaches, can Ems keep all the pieces in place as Victoria gets more and more desperate?

What's Lydia's endgame? How will Daniel's relationship with Sara play into it, and what major surprise did Aiden have in store at the end of last night?

Watch the episode from start to finish below!

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Four continents, nine countries and more than 35,000 miles later, we finally have the winners of the 23rd (!) season of CBS' The Amazing Race

On Sunday night, our final four teams booked it to the finish line one last time in hopes of snagging the glory and the coveted one million dollar prize.

So who got it done?

Jason Case and Amy Diaz!

In an all out sprint across an Alaskan glacier, the dating couple from Boston defeated Tim and Marie and Nicole and Travis to be crowned the winners!

Co-creator and executive producer Elise Doganieri tells E! that the final leg of the Race is designed to "drain" the contestants as much as possible:

"After 12 legs of the race, we really test the contestants mentally, physically and even emotionally. We really drained them of every strip of confidence."

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Bonnie & Clyde began its two-night premiere on Lifetime, A&E and the History channel last night, and did its best to introduce the 1967 film to new audiences.

While by no means an attempt to upstage Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway‘s classic, it tried to rewrite the hit film with modern settings and viewers in mind.

Did it succeed?

Emile Hirsch starred as Clyde Barrow, mixing boyish charm with criminal ruthlessness in a character whom viewers could root against or become sympathetic to.

British actress Holliday Grainger, as Bonnie Parker, is fiery, fearless, and compelling as his partner in crime, whose chemistry with him was palpable.

Holly Hunter, William Hurt, Elizabeth Reaser and Sarah Hyland also turned in strong performances when the gun-toting duo wasn’t raising hell.

In order to enjoy Bonnie & Clyde, you basically had to not compare it to the original, a difficult task. But on its own merit, it was pretty good, right?

Part 2 continues the saga tonight. What do you think so far?


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The Sound of Music on NBC is over.

But the sounds of critics across the online universe continue to grow louder.

Following a live stage performance of this iconic musical Thursday night, Carrie Underwood took Twitter on Friday and responded to those who have lashed out over her portrayal of Maria.

"Plain and simple: Mean people need Jesus," the former American Idol champ wrote.

"They will be in my prayers tonight...1 Peter 2:1-25."

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It was El and Peter’s anniversary last night on White Collar Season 5 Episode 7.

All did not go as planned, however, thanks to Peter’s ex from Quantico, Jill.

After she crashed the celebration, Peter got pulled into an important (and mysterious) case, while El was on alert and very suspicious of their relationship.

Meanwhile, Neal and Mozzie continued to press Rebecca for more details regarding the codex, and in the process, may have made a crucial, historic find.

Watch White Collar Season 5 Episode 7, "Quantico Closure," below ...