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Pretty Little Liars once again delivered a major shocker and once again waited until the closing moments of an episode to do so.

Yes, PLLers, Alison is back!

Is she a victim? Is she behind all the games, manipulations and frightful adventures over the years? These are the questions the Liars - and us viewers, of course - are now left to deal with.

Aside from building this mystery, though, Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 16 delved nicely into the characters themselves.

Spencer continued to keep herself isolated, blowing up at everyone from Emily to Toby. She simply won't let that whole putting-her-in-Radley thing go, especially when it comes to her dad.

Why does he keep protecting Jessica DiLaurentis? It's unclear. But Spencer's way of attacking him isn't getting her closer to the answer.

It's no shock that Spencer thinks Alison is trying to divide the group and doesn't trust her. But, ironically, Spencer arguing with Emily over their returning pal's intentions is making that exact development take place.

Is this really Ali's main game?

Then, of course, there's Ezra. Could he be any creepier?!? And who was that blonde woman we saw him yelling at? Can you believe he tried to sabotage Jake's equipment? There's a feeling of anxiety any time Aria is along with the guy.

Finally… Hanna and Travis?!? Really?!? We really hope you aren't reading this right now, Caleb. Sorry, bud.

What did everyone else think of the latest installment? Watch Pretty Little Liars online now and sound off!

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This week on Dance Moms, tension was on the rise with the start of open auditions. Payton is injured. Cathy is confident. Abby is intense, even by Abby standards.

What drama unfolded between Abby, Cathy and the young charges?

You can watch Dance Moms online to find out for yourself if you don't wish to be spoiled here, but below are some of the key points from this episode ...

  • Abby Lee Miller tells the group that their collective routine is "The Witches of East Canton." Maddie will be the "Good Witch"; the rest evil.
  • In Ohio, Cathy and special team featuring two new kids (a boy and girl), the Morales, will be performing "Wild Party," a jazz number.
  • Kendall and Chloe are being evil rock stars; their moms argue about rehearsal time. Holly tries to maintain peace, but Jill gets upset.
  • You can cut the tension with a knife when Abby talks to the girls about replacement and makes it clear she will win at all costs, and any costs.
  • In Roanoke, Abby and the team are cheered, and when it comes to Cathy, Abby tells them to stay squarely focused about the performance.

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Teen Mom 2 is back on MTV, and with it, a host of revelations about the fab four's lives since we last saw them ... which was a long time ago. On TV at least.

The Season 5 premiere documented major events that took place about a year ago, and in Jenelle Evans years, that's like a lifetime. Case in point:

She aborted Courtland Rogers' baby. She has since moved on with Nathan Griffith and is pregnant again at this moment. No abortion is planned.

Come along for THG's +/- recap to see how Jenelle's abortion played out along with Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry's drama ...

We'll start things off with Jenelle, because she's the reason for the show. She explains that it wouldn’t be fair to her son, Jace, to have another baby.

Minus 150, because she doesn't even have custody of him, and Minus 50 more because it's not stopping her right now ... though maybe things changed?

The Teen Mom 2 trailer strongly hinted that she would abort this pregnancy, but rather than misleading us, the promo barely scratched the surface.

She saved all the drama for the Season 5 premiere, as viewers got to watch her mom Barbara Evans drive her to the clinic to get the abortion pill.

Wow. Plus 200 for not sugar-coating this at least.

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Who proposed? Who took up karate? And who broke down in tears over her dog and her father?

The answers to all these questions and many more await! Scroll down now for the THG Reality TV Rundown from a very busy Monday...

Scott Disick Karate GIF

On KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS, the above scene happened. Scott Disick learned karate, Khloe Kardashian heard from Lamar's angry father and Kris Jenner hung out with Ben Flajnik.

For real! Watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online for more:

On THE BACHELOR, Juan Pablo Galavis and company took to the field pitch in order to play with balls. Soccer balls, people! Come on now.

There were individual dates. There were roses handed out. And, naturally, there were tears. From whom and for what reason? Watch The Bachelor online now:

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Alison Sweeney is moving on from fake television drama to real-life drama at home.

The actress and Biggest Loser host announced during a taping of Ellen (which airs today) that she is leaving Days of Our Lives after 21 years as Samantha Brady.

Sweeney emphasizes her love for Sami and Salem and the job and her fans… but told the host she hasn't had more than a two-week vacation in decades and also has two adorable reasons to bid farewell at this time of her life.

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Alexandra Daddario's instantly-infamous nude scene in Sunday night's episode of HBO's True Detective "just sort of happened," according to the actress.

A lot of people had no idea who Alexandra Daddario was until the episode.

The scene in question changed all that, as she's become a trending topic across the web ... and these extremely NSFW GIFs will make it obvious why.

Speaking with MTV about the scene with Woody Harrelson, she said:

Alexandra Daddario Photo

"I think one thing about this role for me was that it was a huge challenge for me, and I saw it as a good challenge. I saw it as an interesting challenge."

“I really wanted to be part of the show, and I understood why the nudity was required of the character. The character is really different from anything that I’ve done before."

"The nudity was just part of that.”

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Jimmy Fallon will kick off his stint as host of The Tonight Show with one of the world's biggest movie stars and one of its most popular music acts.

The comedian - who teamed with Bruce Springsteen last week to mock Chris Christie's bridge scandal - announced yesterday that Will Smith and U2 will be featured on his February 17 debut.

  • Jimmy Fallon in a Tux
  • Will Smith Shot

NBC will replace Jay Leno with Fallon at midnight following the Winter Olympics.

He will then slide into his regular time slot a week later, with Seth Meyers taking over Late Night.

At least we assume this will happen. It's the plan. But you really never know when it comes to NBC, talk shows and Leno.

Are you excited for Fallon to host The Tonight Show?


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The more things changed on The Following Season 2 premiere, the more they stayed very much the same.

Yes, we jumped ahead a year in the life of Ryan Hardy and, yes, he seemed to be doing a lot better as a professor no longer affiliated with the FBI.

But we quickly saw that he's still haunted by Joe Carroll and still looking into the serial killer's acolytes at night.

And we also learned that there are plenty of them to look into.

The scariest new characters, by far, are both played by Sam Underwood. Twins Mark and Luke feel like a different entity from the cult members we met last year, with one of them dancing around and talking to a dead girl.

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The truth is set to come out on Suits Season 3.

USA has come out with a new promo in anticipation of the show's March 6 return and it features Louis confronting Mike with th following threat:

“I’m onto to you and I’m going to expose you for the lying piece of filth that you are.”

Oh boy. That can't bode well.

We also see Stephen Macht guest-starring opposite his son, along with Rachel and Mike taking off their clothes.

Watch Suits online if you need to catch up prior to the return and then view this teaser:

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Our thoughts are with Michelle Hurst today.

The actress, best known for her role as Miss Claudette on Orange is the New Black, is slowly recovering from a very serious car accident, one that left her in a medically-induced coma for 16 days.

Michelle Hurst on Orange is the New Black

Hurst's co-stars have gathered to raise funds for her treatment on and a statement on that site has provided an update of the actress' condition. It reads:

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