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Arrow broke our hearts and shocked our senses on Arrow Season 2 Episode 1.

It got our hopes up for an Oliver and Felicity date... only to them send them crashing down to earth when Ollie realized he can't ever live a normal life.

It introduced us to Brandon Routh as Roy Palmer, a shady businessman who wants to take over Queen Consolidated.

And, of course, the premiere killed off Sara Lance. She was struck in the heart by arrows from an unknown assailant and subsequently plummeted off a building to her death.

How will this CW hit follow-up such a gut-wrenching premiere? Via Arrow Season 3 Episode 2, an installment aptly titled "Sara." Get an early look at the action here:

Fans fan expect Colin Donnel to return (via flashback) next Wednesday night, while Matt Ward guest stars as an archer named Simon Lacroix. He goes by the code name Komodo.

That name should be a familiar one to comic book fans.

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American Horror Story: Freak Show is off and running scaring.

On American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 1, viewers were introduced to Jessica Lange as Elsa Mars, the German woman in charge of a carnival of... abnormal individuals.

We learned a great deal about Elsa on the premiere and we also met a bearded lady (played by Kathy Bates), conjoined twins (played by Sarah Paulson) and a disfigured biker (played by Evan Peter).

But plenty more freaks are on the way, from a fortune teller to a strong man to a hermaphrodite with three breasts.

Explained creator Ryan Murphy to Entertainment Weekly:

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Viewers were introduced to Kate Callahan on Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 1, a premiere that spent a lot of time on the addition of Jennifer Love Hewitt to the show's cast.

But Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 2 honed in on a veteran member of the BAU squad, Garcia was clearly having a tough time dealing with the fact that she shot Greg Bailer... even though he was trying to kill her and Spencer in the hospital and all.

She's been having recurring nightmares about the incident.

In order to move on, Garcia wanted to actually visit the man and clear her conscious, though Morgan tells her to write him a letter instead.

She responds that she’s tried writing him in prison, but it hasn’t helped. She needs the in-person sit-down. Morgan doesn’t approve in any way, however, saying Bailer is a killer and doesn’t deserve any of her energy.

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Last night's Modern Family Season 6 Episode 3, "The Cold" began a bit slowly but came together cohesively by the end in a solid, if not stellar, installment.

Ostensibly, if you watch Modern Family online this week, what you'll see is an episode framed around a family health epidemic, something we've all experienced.

Beneath the surface, however, are a group of people trying to put on a good front and look tougher, stronger, and better than ever for the sake of ... who knows.

We all want to appear to be our best selves, especially around family, and no matter how open and honest we are with each other, it's a tough act to pull off.

Phil had done Mitchell and Cam a solid and gotten a friend to shoot the video at their wedding, though he uncovered a scary detail while editing:

He was Patient Zero, the man who started it all.

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On last night's Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 5, we got to see how the rest of the cast reacted to the reveal of Evel Dick Donato's HIV positive diagnosis.

Having told this secretly to Dr. Jenn last week, the Big Brother great struggled with whether to also tell the others on Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 5.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jenn enlisted the services of interrogation and body language expert Janine Driver to figure out who was there for the right reasons.

If that sounds like a plot from The Bachelorette, it's not far off. Remember on Andi Dorfman's season, how the guys had to take a polygraph test as well?

Driver, the human lie detector, made this uncomfortable for sure. But nothing like when Stephanie and Evel Dick agreed that he had to come clean.

In a group session, he shared his secret about having HIV with the group, and everyone was pretty shaken up, perhaps most notably Juan Pablo Galavis.

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South Park brought the funny and also the profound, in a way, on South Park Season 18 Episode 3.

We started with Cartman putting a pink bow on his head telling the principal that he’s a “trans-ginger.” See, he’s really a girl, though he “lives a life of torture and confusion because society sees him as a boy.”

When he makes girls feel uncomfortable in their own bathroom, Principal Victoria has no choice but to clear out the janitor’s closet and gives Cartman his own bathroom.

He proceeds to deck it out with string lights, lace, and a Clapper, totally going Fifty Shades of Grey up on in it.

The following day, Wendy arrives at school dressed in a jean vest, hair cut short and her name changed to "Wendell."

Principal Victoria tells Cartman (now going by “Erica") that he must share the bathroom with Wendell. You can imagine his reaction to this news, can't you?

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On Wednesday night's Survivor Season 29 Episode 3, the first shocker of the young season came in the form of an elimination no one saw coming.

If you haven't seen the events unfold yet, turn back now ...

Still smarting over their loved ones being the first two players voted out this fall, Jeremy and Natalie sought revenge on Survivor Season 29 Episode 3.

The target of their vengeance: John Rocker.

Rocker is a former Major League Baseball star known as much - probably more - for his comments on race and homosexuality than for his athletic abilities.

As such, the angle was clear: Expose him.

After Hunahpu captured its third consecutive immunity challenge, Rocker's infamous identity and history were revealed and all hell broke loose.

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Oh, Arrow. How many times can you mess with our heart?

On Arrow Season 3 Episode 1, Oliver was actually happy. For a little while at least.

This is partly because his team totally has this crime-fighting down to a science, as evidenced by the high-paced opening action scene: Felicity is aptly monitoring communications... Diggle is in charge of securing a shipment of black market weapons... and Oliver and Roy Arsenel are all over the bad guys.

Who said being a superhero had to be tough?

But when we see a new drug dealer take over a crime group and become Starling City’s new Count Vertigo. His first act is to kill Oliver Queen.

We also later meet Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer, who bond with Felicity at her electronic retail store over his desire to purchase a satellite frequency communicator.

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Season 5 of the smash MTV series may be in the books, but what did we learn about the Fab Four on this Wednesday's Teen Mom 2 special episode?

In this case, we're focusing on the Fab Two. Jenelle Evans may get most of the headlines, but she and Kailyn Lowry will be in the hot seat next week.

Last night, Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska fielded questions about the past season and if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, what's happened since then ...

Dr. Drew Pinsky asked both stars what they regret most about the season. In Chelsea's case, it's talking about her ex, Adam Lind, in front of their daughter.

When she watches the show she hasn't seen the final cut either, so seeing Aubree so upset by the comments she made was eye-opening for her.

Of course, Adam Lind is still Adam Lind. Both Dr. Drew and Chelsea grilled him about his multiple arrests and his lack of effort of being there for Aubree.

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WARNING: Killer clowns ahead.

FX kicked off its latest installment of the award-winning American Horror Story last night, but this Freak Show-based version of the anthology got off to a different start than we expected.

Did we meet a few freaks? Oh yes.

The tiniest woman in the world is in the cast. As is Kathy Bates as a bearded woman... Evan Peters as a motorcycle rider with deformed hands (which allow him to easily pleasure a woman)... and Sarah Paulson as conjoined twins Dot and Bette.

The latter is a visual stunner, a character unlike any you've ever seen before and someone who should automatically win Paulson every Emmy.

These misplaced "monsters" have a home and a family in the carnival run by Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange), although their circus is struggling with attendance.

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